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flirt with me boutique

Flirt A Unique Boutique's top competitors are King James Big Or Tall, Specialty Trade Shows and Klassykidz. See Flirt A Unique Boutique's revenue, employees, . “It had a real sense of history about it for me.” Lefevre is a Crystal necklace, $98, By Malene Birger at Boutique Flirt, Pointe Claire. Black lamé. Welcome to Flirt Boutique, welcome to fashion. Flirt Boutique is a trend-setting women's clothing store founded in We are on the cutting edge of fashion.

She can never have enough of these in her wardrobe.

flirt with me boutique

Sporting the perfect look based on the occasion she goes to is an essential thing and a wide variety of clothes ranging from ethnic wear to western and sleepwear and winter wear, are all available online right here from some of the most sought after brands including Vero Moda, Levis, Forever New, Aurelia, global desi, W and so many more. Be it designer sarees, cotton sarees or georgette sarees, they are not only comfortable to wear but also bring out your most attractive self.

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Buy sarees online from a broad-ranging variety of materials, patterns and designs. Pair your favorite white saree or blue saree with some beautiful accessories including earrings, bracelets, anklets and high heels for the feet and a nice clutch to complete the look. You also have comfortable leggings available online in different hues and designs that you can choose to pair with your kurtas.

flirt with me boutique

Brands like W, Aurelia, Soch are quite popular among the masses and they assure great looks and great quality of fabric. Lehenga and salwar kameez have been with us since we can remember. We have been wearing them since childhood and have also seen our elders also wear this at home.

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However, these have taken different forms and alterations over the years and have presented themselves with all new looks each time. The friendly sales associates are happy to help you find the perfect sweet-smelling perfume, incense, and candle to awaken your senses.

flirt with me boutique

Step inside, and a sophisticated selection of clothes are on display, each with their own touch of individuality. Be sure to catch up to the Roman trends with an ensemble from this reliable haunt. Via del Corso, — Via del Babuino, 55 Other locations: If you are looking for unique objects or clothes, this is the right place for you: Giancarlo and Daniel, with their refined taste and sense of style, offer a selected quantity of items for their customers.


From Italian handmade jewelry and clothes to selected original brands they discover travelling around the world, you will surely find something magical that will fit your style. Or custom made clothing and Bags?

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Their handmade leather clutch is a favorite. Sartorial skills extend beyond timeless leather bags and into an astutely curated space where visitors explore the home and travel decor as apart of the purchase experience.

flirt with me boutique

Refined leather and artisanal production win here. Expansive and varied, both men and women can indulge in the large selection of national and international brands, and choose from denim, shoes, shirts, dresses, and some funky accessories.

flirt with me boutique

For starters, the shoes funky clogs, boots and sandals in the window are a real head-turner.