For vendetta and evey relationship counseling

ENG Studies in the Graphic Novel (Fall ): V for Vendetta: The Antihero Gone Wrong

for vendetta and evey relationship counseling

V for Vendetta directed by James McTeigue presents a negative view of Evey is introduced in the film as a young woman who works at British. It's not surprising that a film like V For Vendetta would have an abundance of A young woman named Evey (a fantastic Natalie Portman) gets caught up in V's . V's relationships with other characters also differs in the film, with Finch's .. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. And the biggest problem with the film is that the relationship with Evey and V is framed as a romantic one, something that doesn't make much.

Not to be shallow, but the explosion sequences that open and close the film are incredibly satisfying. The combination of visual and music is exhilirating. This is a case where the film does something that a book cannot. I saw this on a huge IMAX screen, and was literally rocked by the sound of the explosions. The best sequence in the film was the torture sequence with Evey.

for vendetta and evey relationship counseling

This sequence worked on a number of levels. My favorite part was the Valerie story, which was wonderfully drawn right from Moore's text. It's a heartbreaking story, and the moment when V shows Evey the "Salt Flats" poster is the emotional peak of the movie.

The contrast of the beauty of Valerie's life and the horror of what Evey was going through was very powerful. In the first few scenes, V seemed goofy, the speaking out of the mask seemed weird and the ridiculous speech of a thousand V words didn't help much. However, as things progressed, you got used to him, and even goofy stuff like V in the apron worked pretty well. The fight scenes, even if they were a bit gratuitous, were very cool and had a unique impact.

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You could feel the hits the characters took, and the scenes of V cutting up the soldiers effectively showed the attractiveness and brutality of violence. The acting was quite strong throughout. Natalie Portman went through a big transformation and pulled it off well. Hugo Weaving made V more than just a mask, you could sense the person underneath. My favorite supporting performance was Stephen Fry as Gordon, making a real relationship with Evey in a minimum of screentime.

V For Vendetta - Evey Reborn

Comparing it to the book, the biggest improvement was the stuff with Gordon. It never made much sense that Evey is lucky enough to run into the one guy who would take her in and treat her kindly. Having a previous connection makes it less random. As there was only one chance at capturing this moment the scene had to be filmed in one take, with director James McTeigue setting up three cameras to capture the event.

Speaking about the scene to USAToday Portman explained, "It was a one-shot deal, and that was the most stressful thing about the experience.

Of course Portman isn't the first actress to undergo a radical haircut for a film role, with the likes of Demi Moore G. Well, this was an intentional ploy by director James McTeigue who filled the flick with subtle references to the letter. Many of them are easy to spot, such as the fireworks exploding in a V sign or the flags set up as Vs behind the elderly people playing chess.

But McTeigue hid many other Vs throughout the film you might not have picked up on. When Natalie Portman's Evey wakes up in V's dungeon she has a small cut on her head in the shape of a V. When shots of the television host are shown, the hands of the clock in the background always show a time that creates a V. During the final fight scene, V throws two daggers that cross over each other and form a V while Creedy fires five shots at V who leaves a V-shaped bloodstain on the wall.

for vendetta and evey relationship counseling

If these seem obvious then how about these instances concerning characters names. Evey contains the letter E which is the fifth letter of the alphabet, V is the fifth letter if you're counting backward, and Y is the 25th letter five squared.

Then there's Finch, whose name contains five letters or Creedy, who happens to have a name containing E and Y and when he's attacked by V, Beethoven's 5th symphony is playing in the background.

There are dozens more hidden throughout the film and I challenge you to find as many as possible as it's bloody hard work. Although the film veers from Alan Moore's original theme of heavy-handed anarchy for a more freedom fighter type narrative, the film is still littered with subtle references to anarchy and similar theories.

for vendetta and evey relationship counseling

The most obvious is the use of the [Redacted] Pistols throughout the film. The s punk band were all about causing anarchy and upsetting the system, with the score to V sampling the band, including their smash hit " Anarchy In The UK. The film is like a moving homage to great thinkers and speakers over the year's who have stood up for their beliefs and not been shut down by the system.

Even if Alan Moore wasn't happy with the way the film turned out you'd hope he would at least acknowledge all the references director James McTeigue put in the film. Then again, considering how grumpy Moore was when the film was released it's probably not likely.

The way V is shot and edited is wonderfully bleak and captures the dystopian future in a mesmerizing and unforgettable way. Oscar-nominated cinematographer Adrian Biddle was the man responsible for the look of the film and did a tremendous job. A talented swimmer as a youth, Biddle first entered the entertainment industry when he was hired as an apprentice by underwater photographer Egil Woxholt and did uncredited work on the James Bond flick On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Murphy's War.

He got his big break in Hollywood when he hooked up with Ridley Scott's advertising company R. V would end up being his final film with Biddle passing away from a heart attack in Decemberwith V being released in the US on March 17, Despite his passing, Biddle had a massive impact on the film industry and was involved with some of the best films of the past four decades and won't be forgotten for his contribution to film. Even the trailer promoted this, with the voiceover reminding us to "remember, remember, the 5th of November.

for vendetta and evey relationship counseling

Despite the advertising, V was pushed back due to problems that arose during post-production. For 4 nights in a row, the area was cleared after midnight when the crew was allowed to film.

25 Secrets About V For Vendetta That Make Us Put On The Mask

But what drew vast criticism was who worked on V for Vendetta. Euan Blair, who was the son of then-Prime Minister Tony Blair, was a runner for the production company making the movie. Stephen Fry suggested shallow political connections helped obtain permission to film in those government buildings.

However, they are inserted in nearly every frame of the film. There are some obvious ones. Like when there are explosions, you can see V.

for vendetta and evey relationship counseling

In the room where elderly people sit playing chess, the flags are set up as Vs in the background. Of course, some of the references require a keen eye. As Creedy and Finch are side by side, there is a V in between them. When Natalie Portman wakes up in the dungeon, the wound on her forehead is shaped like a V.