Funny meet and greet ideas for adults

Icebreakers for Meetings - 7 Fun Icebreakers for Meetings

funny meet and greet ideas for adults

5 Activities to Break the Ice at Your Church Events After the fun meet and greet time is over, gather all of your group members together for a. Start with a few fun options: 'I love chocolate,' or 'It's too early,' to help everyone relax. it gives a format to the usual meet-and-greet conversation, and makes You'll find plenty more bright ideas and practical advice for your. Help people get to know each other, meet facilitators and learn more about the in a group and have some fun before the official program starts. Below is a list of our favorite icebreaking activities to help you get started.

The printer jams A fly lands on your food You spill coffee on your shirt Your computer crashes and you lose your work Your pen leaks and ruins your shirt 3 Animal Noises Fun icebreaker A very simple and fun game that will help the meeting participants relax and have a few laughs before the meeting. Have the group sit in a circle or around a table. Each person is given the name of an animal on a piece of paper. Going in a circle, they must imitate the animal by making animal noises and movements!

funny meet and greet ideas for adults

The rest of the group has to guess which animal they are. These questions can relate to work or be completely random and fun.

Ask the participants questions like: Would you rather be the president of the United States or a rock star? Would you rather give a speech to 25 people or be piddled on by a dog?

funny meet and greet ideas for adults

Would you rather be forced to listen to Maroon 5 or Nickelback? Would you rather have an IQ of or the good looks of Fabio?

funny meet and greet ideas for adults

Would you rather holiday in Las Vegas or New York? Give them the option of sharing their talent with the group, be it drawing, joke telling, juggling or singing.

Every second person turns to their right and spends a minute asking questions of their fellow participant. The questioners then take turns telling the group about the person they just met. They share some of the highlights of their conversation and what they learned from meeting this person. The questioner and answerer then swap roles.

funny meet and greet ideas for adults

These questions should be light hearted to encourage a few laughs from the group and prepare them to be creative in the meeting. This is one of the simplest and most effective icebreakers for meetings. After the 2-minutes has expired, the people on the edge of the circle will rotate clockwise and spend two-minutes talking with the next person.

Family Game Night "Minute To Win It"

The session can continue until the circle has done a complete rotation. By this point, each participant will have met half of the class.

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Expectations This is a simple and fun icebreaker for adults that encourages them to be creative. Each participant is asked three simple questions: What is your name? What do you hope to get out of the class What could be the craziest thing that could happen if their expectations of the class are met?

Encourage participants to think of a crazy and interesting outcome after completing the class! Two Truths and a Lie This icebreaker is usually quite popular with adults and can lead to some funny responses.

Each participant in the group says three things about themselves — two truthful things and one lie. The other participants can guess which one is the lie and give a reason why thick so. You can elicit some very funny, creative and interesting responses from the group!

Guess Who Each participant in the group writes a very interesting or unusual fact about themselves on a piece of paper. The group facilitator then reads out the responses and the group guesses which person wrote the interesting fact!

funny meet and greet ideas for adults

All My Neighbors This is a simple icebreaker that helps people communicate with one another and learn more about each other. The group is seated in a circle with one person in the center.

Everyone in the circle who matches that characteristic will switch spots with someone else. The person in the center will also try to find an empty spot. It is a simple, fun and easy icebreaker for adults. The Toaster Game This is a useful game for meetings where participants may turn up hungry!

It requires the facilitator to bring a toaster and a large assortment of condiments. Insert a piece of bread into the toaster and while it is browning ask everyone in the group to reveal one thing about themselves. The person who is mid-sentence when the toast pops up is challenged to eat a piece. The catch is — the group decides which kinds of condiments they have on their toast! They may decide to have peanut butter, chilli flakes, and mayonnaise!

Boost the Productivity of Your Meetings with These 26 Icebreaker Games

Toilet Paper Game The very premise of this game will get the group laughing. The group facilitator passes a roll of toilet paper around the room and asks each member to tear off how much they normally use when going to the toilet. After everyone has their tiles paper, ask them to tell the group one interesting fact about themselves for each piece of toilet paper they have.

Question Ball Buy a large beachball and write some icebreaker questions on its surface. Throw the ball to a random participant in the group and ask them to answer the question that their right-hand index finger falls on.