Gainers and feeders relationship

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gainers and feeders relationship

'My relationship with a feeder almost killed me' introduced the mother-of-four to a gainer-feeder relationship in , Barcroft Media reported. Blogs and websites about 'gainers' celebrate weight gain, even as the U.S. The gainer-feeder relationship is really a "metaphor of arousal,". A COUPLE believe their relationship is at its sexual peak because of their Rosie said: “We met on a feedism website for gainers, feeders.

gainers and feeders relationship

In a special report, the celebrity magazine In Touch Weekly looks at what it calls Hollywood's "big new obsession" and the perks of being overweight: Some of their aspiring contestants were even accused of gaining weight just to qualify for the show.

Those who gain weight for pleasure, especially sexual gratification have been around for a long time, according to New York's Museum of Sex curator Sarah Forbes. It's comforting to know that 'I am not the only one.

gainers and feeders relationship

Geography of the Erotic Imagination," which included a display on gainers and their natural partners, so-called "feeders. Its creator, Katharine Gates, author of the book "Deviant Desires," says the practice of "growth" may be connected to ancient fertility cults and could be a healthy alternative to the repression of appetites and female bodies.

The gainer-feeder relationship is really a "metaphor of arousal," according to Forbes.

Feeder/Gainer relationship

It mimics the process of arousal. It's a dependence and power dynamic. Here is where size matters.

The Desire To Feed Your Partner: Feederism - Strange Sex

To quote from [Albert] Kinsey, 'The only unnatural sex act is the one you can't perform. Forum discussions about how to pack it on and keep it on are mirror images of the diet tips and theories shared in forums for people who want to get and stay thin.

gainers and feeders relationship

Before her stint as a gainer, Lisa had a bout with anorexia. This is not uncommon.

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Feederism and anorexia share an obsession with body image and food, and both have their erotic elements. Online gainer forums are filled with people discussing weight gain goals. And there are forums for lactose- and gluten-intolerant gainers, as well as diabetic gainers of which there are many.

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And maybe one exists. Certainly, the availability of cheap junk food enables those with obese intentions. A man who goes by Dr.

‘My relationship with a feeder almost killed me’

Feeder and runs a website called Ask Dr. Even if it had never happened to her, it speaks to her early awareness that fat people exist, and they are teased.

Perhaps developing an attraction to the thing she feared might happen to her — her mom was fat — was a coping mechanism.

gainers and feeders relationship