Gelman and regis relationship help

The Truth About Kelly Ripa And Regis Philbin’s Relationship

gelman and regis relationship help

Regis Philbin was a no show at his former co-host Kelly Ripa's emotional Sweet 15 anniversary celebration on Friday's Live! With Kelly and. In his one-hour-plus Archive interview, Michael Gelman talks about several of his He then outlines working with Regis Philbin and his co-hosts on Live with. With Kelly and Michael continues, Kelly Ripa's former co-host, Regis Philbin, is speaking out about "[Producer Michael] Gelman, you know.

Those companies are all a part of Time Warner. Jeff Probst would also be considered a top contender, except that he is also plotting his own syndicated show for A Probst syndicated show has not yet been cleared by TV stations, however.

Tom Bergeron, another popular name, is committed to hosting Dancing with the Stars in Los Angeles for much of the year — making it difficult to juggle the full-time Live gig in New York. That leaves a wide-open field. All sorts of possibilities are out there: But those are names being suggested by agents — and there's no indication that any of them have traction with the show's producers.

There may also be lesser-known local TV hosts in the mix.

gelman and regis relationship help

And most actors are not trained to do that. But there's also a opportunity for the right up-and-coming talent to have a shot at this I do feel someone could come in and just surprise us. Maybe it's a country music singer that melts everyone's hearts. There's another reason why producers aren't in a rush: The search to replace Gifford was a ratings bonanza for Live, and everyone expects it to be the same this time too.

Even if their clients don't end up with the Regis gig, agents are also excited about the prospect of exposing their hosts on Live opposite Ripa. Several guest hosts who tried out to replace Kathie Lee Gifford didn't get the spot, but used it as a launch pad to create their own talk show.

Executive Producer Michael Gelman's Married Life With Wife And Family, Divorce Rumors?

I was sitting in front of two fat fraus who bitched about how skinny Kelly was every opportunity they got. As soon as we cut to commercial they would pick the conversation up where it left off and bitch some more. Kelly was surprisingly nice -- the only diva-ish thing that happened was when her little Paris Hilton-esque poodle came running out as soon as the show ended.

gelman and regis relationship help

Regis came up to me and shook my hand during one of the breaks. Just a few feet in distance made a HUGE difference in his appearance.

Temper tantrums, freeze-outs, betrayal: What really went down at ‘Kelly and Michael’ | Page Six

He was very vein-y. I never would have thought he'd still be alive 7 years later. Also, when he shook my hand, I realized that he had a booger hanging out of his nose. The greatest part of the experience, however, was when we were waiting in line outside.

gelman and regis relationship help

I was in heaven. He was saying how NR lived in their building and how nice she was to everybody including the doorman et al. He has a crippled son that he will having nothing to do with or help. A visual I've never been able to unsee since first reading about it.

Gelman Texting Kelly

Some guy that worked there shared about Philbin, Tom Sellak,Travolta etc. That was one of the best threads. I wonder if Philbin even bothered to go to the funeral. He could be her gopher- in- a - wheelchair. Has nil to do with Ripa.

Is anyone not a hero these days? I get them mixed up all the time. Regis is fifty million year old man. Is he really supposed to socialize with a woman in her 40s?

Executive Producer Michael Gelman's Married Life With Wife And Family, Divorce Rumors?

What would they do, go shopping together? Go see Springsteen concerts? Does the fact that they don't socialize mean that they don't like each other?

gelman and regis relationship help

There's a nice old lady who works in the back office where I work, and I deal with her quite a bit. That doesn't mean we get together after work and paint the town red.

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