Ginji and ban relationship with god

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ginji and ban relationship with god

GetBackers is a Japanese manga series written by Yuya Aoki and illustrated by Rando The series tells the story of Ginji Amano and Ban Mido, a pair of super powered individuals . kinds of beautiful women and noted a "relationship" between the two main characters and giving . Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails". Ginji Amano 「天野銀次」 is one of the two main protagonists in the manga He currently works as a recover along side Ban Mido in the GetBackers Recovery Service. . Ginji was able to ascend into Babylon City to accept the right to become God Because of Ginji's natural connection with nature and the electromagnetic. WARNING: Homosexual relationships present and implied. Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Adventure - Ban, Ginji, Akabane, OC - Chapters: 6 - Words: . You see, the original artist made porcelain treasures for a lord.

They were still covered in cuts, but otherwise, they were fine. You never even pulled those pipes out of the floor. I was thinking of using my snake bite on you, but I changed my mind.

I don't think Ginji wanted me to kill you. I realized that if you got really hurt or died, I'm sure the Voltz would splinter all over again. I have a feeling that your friends respect you, and so does the rest of the Voltz.

ginji and ban relationship with god

The Voltz members who attacked us were probably acting out of desperation, probably because of something the person from Babylon City was promising them.

I know what it's like to feel that way…" Ginji said. If you want, you can come with us!

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I think you should consider starting a Limitless Fortress recovery service! I think you would be good at it! The elevator shot up into the air with the three of them inside.

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Jishaku let out a sigh and smiled. They exited, walking into a clean city full of people.

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There were trolleys everywhere, heading to uptown. He looked on the back, seeing that someone had dug a dried-out pen into the back of it and wrote, "The thief calls herself 'Madame Harpy.

Now we just have to find her. Shinjuku—I mean—Babylon City is a big place! Ban turned around, looking annoyed. How are we going to find this woman?!

ginji and ban relationship with god

Ginji shook his head. Just then, he looked up, seeing that there was an ad for "Madame Harpy's Antique Glass" on a telephone pole. Ban tore the poster off the pole and looked at the address.

It looks like a mansion! We're not here to buy something! We call it the Midou-Ginji residence! Akabane's own smile grew wider. Don't say it like that! You don't have to be so rough! I think I see some guards! The three of them went behind the mansion and hopped the iron gate, seeing that there were, indeed, guards.

How do you ever transport anything if you kill everyone anyway?! Why, things become a lot easier, of course," Akabane answered. Akabane kept on smiling. Those guards are probably just friends of Madame Harpy's. They're not Yakuza," Ginji said, frowning. I'm not saying that anyone needs to die, so just do what you need to do to not get your butt kicked, okay?

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Ban tore the back door off its hinges and walked inside. They walked through rooms and rooms with glass lanterns hanging from the ceiling and lamps in display cases. Some people have preferences, but some people like both because they're both nice, hot drinks!

I forgot about hot chocolate! Nothing delighted him more than knowing that Ban wasn't the solution to all of Ginji's problems. Ban knew what he was thinking, which made his blood boil.

So, when it is time, please, do not get involved. You are a clever boy. Just don't be stupid and turn into the Lightning God and lose sight of the job.

There was a silence.

Ginji Amano

Let's just go," Ban said, walking past Akabane… "Jikichi! She had long, wavy blonde hair. She had eyes that were so dark, they appeared black. She had nice, bow-shaped lips, coated in a shiny red lipstick. She was wearing a tight, short white dress. She was laying on her side on an ivory chaise lounge. She was surrounded by stained glass lamps on polished wood tables around the room.

The boy with the blue hair rushed into the room and bowed quickly. I told you to stay here in the penthouse," she said, sounding annoyed. She got up and walked up to him, her heels clicking. She then grabbed him by the chin and kissed him roughly. Suddenly, a crack appeared next to his lip; she broke the kiss, seeing this.

Suddenly, Akabane stopped, his smile disappearing. Why did we stop? Ban was on edge. Suddenly, the building began to shake. The floor behind them collapsed. Akabane began to run, running up the stairs, Ban and Ginji following. They soon reached the roof of the building, which was stable, oddly enough. It was like the building was going through some demolition! We are the guests," Akabane said, pulling out a glowing knife.

A group of five people approached them, leaving the shadows. They all had goggles on and were wearing jackets with the old "Voltz" logo sewn into it. You are trespassing," one of them said. That's the Lightning God you're speaking to," Ban said, smirking. We're the new Voltz and we don't believe in you! He bumped his fists together, creating wind around him. I see this as a threat, and I don't like being threatened so casually. This is a threat," a third guy said. So you're threatening us now?!

So, do we have an agreement of some kind now? We're going to kick your ass! Ginji put on his gloves. Two men came at Ban with knives. Ban jumped up into the air and then slammed their heads together, breaking their noses and knocking them unconscious.

Two men, a tad hesitant at first, came at Ginji with bloody pipes. Ginji grabbed both of their pipes before they could swing at him, and shocked them until they fell onto the ground. The largest of the group was staring at Akabane. The man let out a shout and slammed his hand on the ground, part of the roof coming down.

Akabane jumped before the ground underneath him collapsed into the empty apartment below. He can go from smiling, to angry with Ginji, to competitive with Shido and back to smiling very quickly. When he does smile, it is usually a mocking kind of smirk, and it is usually towards the enemy.

Every once in a while though, Ban is able to give sincere smiles to those around him. Personality The first impression one usually gets of Ban would be that he is a rude person with a great sense of pride. With his unruly hair he's often called "Urchin Head or Snake Bastard" and sunglasses, people immediately judge him poorly it doesn't help that he gives unflattering nicknames to almost anyone he meets, e.

Despite this, he is actually a kind person with a strong sense of leadership and a very talented person. He's also a brother-like figure to Himiko Kudo after she has gotten over her brother's death.

Later, it is found that Ban is Himiko's real brother. Himiko's average fighting skills meant that she often bites off more than what she can chew.

In such situations, Ban can be counted on to come to her aid though it must be noted that she does return the favour at times. On another note, he picked up smoking from Yamato Himiko's brotherand his favourite brand is Marlboro.

In the GB duo, he's often the one who thinks of plans for their moves. Initially, Ginji Amano was seen to be a sidekick to him in fact, when they first formed their partnership, Ban insisted that Ginji was only his sidekick. As the story progresses, Ginji gradually held his own in their missions, and Ban acknowledged him as an equal.

Although seemingly rude, impatient, and cocky, Ban is decidedly a mysterious person behind his less eloquent personality. As a "combat genius", Ban is very intelligent, having studied fighting techniques, science, history, and magic from a very young age as a result of being hunted in Europe by shamans during childhood, and surprises everyone with his knowledge more often than not.

Meanwhile, Ban is often quite sentimental to even the people he's rude with. He decided to help out Shido Fuyukiwho hardly gets along with Ban, after Madoka Otowa was kidnapped by the Kiryuudo 7; when Shido sacrificed his life for Madoka, Ban screamed at Shido's corpse, questioning him as to how Madoka will be able to live without him thankfully, Shido was later resurrected by Amon Natsuki, who died in turn.

He has also helped the "resurrection" of Natsuki in the Infinity Fortress as a favor for MakubeX to cheer up Haruki Emishiwho had grieved the most for Amon's death. Also, he bears a striking resemblance to his father. Another trait which both father and son share is that while they may appear cold and ruthless on the surface, they were actually very warm and caring to their friends.

Fittingly, before his father disappeared for the second timehis last wish was for Ban to help light his cigarette. Ban is shown to be an excellent violin player as well.

History Though he was born in Japan, Ban's mother rejected him when his powers manifested itself and she had a breakdown. Ban's father left, and sent Ban to live with his Grandmother in Germany. Ban lived for several years in and across Europe.

As the heir, Ban was constantly hunted by shamans, the arch enemies of the witch-clan. In Germany he made friends with Natsuhiko Miroku and his family. Some time after Aris Miroku's death, to hide Ban from the Shamans, he was declared dead, and was sent back to Japan with Maria.

Ban was 8 years old at the time, and after a while he ran away from Maria and lived on the streets. He was alone until in his teenage years when he ran into Yamato and Himiko Kudo. He became part of their plunders team for just over 6 months, when the Voodoo curse struck Yamato. In trying to save Yamato, Ban ended up killing the man he looked up to as an older brother, and Himiko who entered after Yamato was dead, blamed Ban. Ban accepted the blame, because he had promised Yamato he would protect Himiko from a similar fate.

Ban is a brother-like figure to Himiko Kudo after she came to terms with her brother's death, and later it is revealed Ban is actually related to her by consanguinity through the Witch Queen. Ban learned how to fight as a child, and he is a genius. Before he was eight he was learning about magic, chemistry, history, and physics; he was self-taught and learnt most of it from books. The Witch Queen told him that, in order to escape his sad destiny, he would have to be smarter and stronger than anyone else.

The Witch Queen has also helped Ban realize the truth about the world he lives in, his enemies, and his destiny. Because of this, Ban Midou is very knowledgeable in basically all forms of knowledge as it is hinted within the manga. Ban always watches the people around him and can accurately deduce what they are thinking most of the time.

As a result he knows what is about to happen and plans accordingly. Ban is a loner again until he runs into a certain blonde in Infinity Fortress. In the Getbackers duo, he's often the one who thinks of plans for their moves. Initially, Amano Ginji was seen to be a sidekick to him in fact, when they first formed their partnership, Ban insisted that Ginji was only his sidekick ; but as the story progresses, Ginji gradually held his own in their missions, and Ban acknowledged him as an equal.

Ban bears a striking resemblance to his father. In fact, in the arcs where his hair is "down" Venus de Milo and Kiryuudo arcshe looks like der Kaiser during his Getbacker days with Paul. Plot During the 'Voodoo Child' arc and 'Get Back the Lost Time'arc, it was revealed that Ban would train with his magic powers from when he was a kid any chance that he had. After a while he stopped training with witch powers he wanted nothing to do with the witches. His magic is pure potential and inhuman will.

To illustrate his magical ability; Der Kaiser used actual spells, and planned magic; with his experience, it looked as if he was more powerful.

However, Ban with no training and just by instinct was able to deconstruct Der Kaiser's Beltline Monster in the Underground Queen's Cup while Maria who is a really powerful witch could not. Thus the reason Der Kaiser had Ban locked up because he knew that Ban would see though Der Kaiser manipulating Ginji in the battle real fast, and counter it.

It is revealed later on that Ban Mido was destined to fight against Raitei. It was a destiny that he was told he could not escape - but then Ban is contrary. He went to Infinity Fortress when he was younger to fight Raitei, and possibly die. However he defeated Raitei and he was able to bring Ginji out of him. During Ban and Raitei's second encounter, it was revealed that many of the events were manipulated by the Brain Trust in order to force the Get Backers to fight.