Glee brittany and santana relationship memes

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glee brittany and santana relationship memes

See more ideas about Glee cast, Quinn fabray and Brittany. the Unholy Trinity Glee Cheerios, Glee Memes, Glee Cory Monteith, Glee Fashion, . Brittany- Quinn-Santana Relationship The Unholy Trinity (Quinn,Santana,Brittany)-Glee. itainthardtryin is a fanfiction author that has written 47 stories for Glee, Skins, and Brittana's relationship up to 6x03 as told through Quinn's eyes, and her prayers to .. Prompt fill from the Glee Angst Meme - 'Santana doesn't come out. McKinley High's most adorable girl/girl couple of Cheerios ever, Santana and Brittany, have been presumably in a happy, healthy relationship.

Schue says New Directions style Brittany starts clapping and yelling. Santana is looking over at her lovingly.

glee brittany and santana relationship memes

During the group performance of New York they come running down the stairs with Quinn and sing and dance with the other. Sue Santana and Quinn get into a fight in the hall over Quinn taking her head cheerleader spot. Brittany is watching and tells them to "stop the violence.

glee brittany and santana relationship memes

Schue breaks up the fight Brittany and Santana walk off together. Sue tries to get Coach Beiste fired by getting Brittany to say that she touched her boobs. When she confesses she was lying she says she didn't touch my boobs, but that she wants to touch her boobs, talking about Coach Beiste. The first time Brittany is saying something to Santana, the second time Santana has her legs in Brittany's lap and Brittany is stroking her legs and Santana is rubbing Brittany's back and telling her something, the third time, when Rachel walks in the room Santana still has her legs in Brittany's lap and she is running her fingers up and down them.

They are both seen wearing their friendship bracelets through the majority of the episode.

  • Brittany-Santana Relationship

Brittany then thanks Santana for understanding and Santana strokes her back. At the dentist office Brittany says the office looks like the spaceship where she go probed. While under anaesthesia Brittany performs I'm a Slave 4 U. Santana goes to the dentist with Brittany. Carl tells Santana he can't put her under because her teeth are perfect and she says her dad is a doctor and they have a great healthcare plan.

She tells him to get up in her grill cause Britt's and her want to get their anaesthesia on. Brittany is sitting in the other chair smiling the entire time she's talking. While under they perform a sexually-charged rendition of Me Against the Music in which they dance very seductively with one another. When they wake up from the fantasy, both of them are smiling and giggling.

In the choir room they are sitting together and Brittany demands to get all the solo's from now on in glee club because when she had her teeth cleaned she had the most amazing Britney Spears fantasy that she sang and danced better than her in and now she realizes what a powerful woman she truly is.

Santana is listening to her intently and says she had the same fantasy too but she's not sure how their fantasies combined and how that doesn't really make sense.

glee brittany and santana relationship memes

Brittany chimes back in saying she's more talented than all of them, she sees that clearly now, and ends by saying its Brittany Santana glances over at her then looks at her legs. Brittany calls Britney Spears hot in Artie 's fantasy. Schue agrees to do a Britney Spears number for the assembly Brittany turns and gives Santana a high five.

They are seen looking very excited and begin having a conversation. During the assembly they sing and dance together to Toxic along with the others. They are together in the choir room and are seen together talking to Finn at his locker during Rachel's performance of The Only Exceptionat one point they pause and look at each other lovingly.

They are seen through most of the episode wearing their friendship bracelets. After the song Santana glances over at Brittany with a big smile on her face. They come into the choir room and stop to give Kurt their support.

glee brittany and santana relationship memes

When Brittany and Santana meet with Coach SueBrittany tells them that she made a card, for Kurt, saying that "heart attacks are just from loving too much. They sing together with the others to One of Us Duets Santana tells Brittany that she's got to win the dinner at BreadstixBrittany says she knows.

Brittany-Quinn-Santana Relationship

They are seen on Brittany's bed. Santana is laying on Brittany kissing her neck, while Brittany rubs her back. Brittany says she loves her sweet lady kisses and Santana says it's a nice break from all the scissoring having sex. Castle Walls by watchingmewatchingu reviews Brittany is in an abusive relationship. Mckinley is having their 10th year reunion and the only reason she even contemplates in going, is because she knows that the one person who can ever save her, will most definitely be there.

Absence of Fear by bugstories reviews Five years after high school Brittany and Santana were happy. They had each other and everything else they could wish for Spoilers up to 4x18 "Shooting Stars" Glee - Rated: Set in a fictional 18th century Europe.

At age 10, Santana Lopez, born into the wealthy and influential Lopez family, comes to acquire a peasant girl by the name of Brittany. And despite class differences, Santana falls in love with her. M - English - Romance - Chapters: Looking Forward by justagayshark reviews 'I'm looking forward to the day when my grandmother loves me again'. T - English - Family - Chapters: Will it tear them apart or bind them closer together? Contains Glee history through "Original Song.

See also "Pas de Deux," a companion piece from Brittany's point of view. But what the hell was he supposed to do for her? The content in this story is an original work and is copyrighted against theft, plagiarism, and infringement. Glee owns their characters. C Dylan Hart Glee - Rated: The change occurs in one weekend. Heather's mom comes to visit for Heather's appearance on Saturday Night Live and notices the things that have remained unspoken.

glee brittany and santana relationship memes

Who knew a visit from mom could change everything? Ignite reviews After Lexa makes her decision, Clarke refuses to let her walk away. No-one ever expected this though. Trigger warning for domestic violence. This may be a one shot, may be more.

Glee Edits - All Vines Compilation January/2018

Very brief mention of Finn's death. One shot - complete. Santana's been acting weird all morning, and Quinn wants to find out why. Based on spoilers for season 6 so don't read if you don't wanna be spoiled! And her brother is Sebastian Smythe. Mentions of Brittana and Quinntana.

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One shot written for day 8 free day of Brittana Week on Tumblr. But also written to make myself feel slightly better about the season finale. Brittany is a cab driver and Santana is a model.

Santana calls for a pick up, and things develop from there. Undecided as to whether this will be an open-ended one shot, or a short multi chapter. Caught in a Moment reviews Ever since they've started dating, Santana has never been happier. But she's never been more scared either. One shot written for Brittana Week on Tumblr.