Gotham bruce wayne and selina relationship

Gotham: The evolution of Bruce and Selina's relationship

gotham bruce wayne and selina relationship

Selina Kyle is a teenage girl and is a skilled street thief residing in Gotham City. During the night, Selina sneaks into the room at Wayne Manor where Bruce Wayne is as she is known for having a complex love-hate relationship with him. Relationship Roundup: Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle . things in Gotham have been even more chaotic than usual—so here's hoping that the. As with many things, Gotham has completely reinterpreted usual Batman continuity in terms of Bruce and Selina's relationship. The pair have known each other.

Fans familiar with the Batman mythos will know that this exploration of their relationship is not a new concept. Ever since the introduction of what is probably one of the most interesting anti-heroes in DC history, Catwoman has mesmerized fans as the only one with the ability to enchant the Dark Knight.

As a mysterious burglar and jewel thief, who disguised herself as an old woman, the Cat already caught the heart of Batman. In Batman 2 — 3, which involved the Joker, she again escaped him. In Detective Comics JanuaryCatwoman would return to a life of crime. Batman 84 June and Detective Comics September In the critically acclaimed Batman — storyarc Batman: Starting off as a burglar with a heart of gold, she becomes Catwoman after running into, and being inspired by Batman.

In the issue Batman: The romance is short-lived when, on the Fourth of July, Bruce rejects her advances as himself and as Batman. Selina finally leaves Bruce when he stands her up on two holidays in the part Batman: Dark Victory November — Decemberthe sequel to Batman: The pair's conversation was interrupted by Lucius Foxwho came in looking for Bruce, as a public relations person was frantically searching for him.

Before leaving Wayne Enterprise, Bruce was told by Lucius that his father was a true stoic, who kept his best self-hidden and that he wasn't the man the company thought he was. He later revealed this, and the circumstances of Reggie's death to Alfred at Wayne Manor.

In the midst of giving up, Bruce remembered Lucius Fox had called his father a stoic, bringing Marcus Aurelius to mind, a Roman Emperor who was also a stoic. Opening a book about him, Bruce discovered a remote in the back of the book, and after a quick debate with Alfred on whether or not to press it, Bruce did so, which revealed a secret passageway behind the fireplace. After many tries, Bruce couldn't get the code right to his dismay. In the middle of his attempts, Gordon showed up to Wayne Manor to announce his firing and how in order for him to return to GCPD to solve The Wayne Murders, he has to do a favor for Penguin and is honor bound not to do it.

Enraged, Bruce told him that in order to do something right, one has to be prepared to do something ugly first, prompting Gordon to take up the favor. Taking his own advice, Bruce smashed the keypad and prepared to make a homemade fertilizer bomb to blow the door open. Alfred catches wind of this and tries to stop him only for Bruce to tell him, to make him tea if he refuses to help. Alfred instead advises him, that in order to blow the door open he needs more fertilizer and containers to do so.

When they finished making the bomb, they successfully blew the door open. Inside the room, they find among most things, a workplace with an advanced computer, weaponry, bulletproof vests, Newspaper clippings and a desk.

On the desk, Bruce discovered a letter addressed to him from his father. Bruce reads through it realizing that Thomas wrote it as a precaution, should he end up dying. Thomas through the letter tells Bruce that he cannot have happiness and truth and must choose between the two, strongly suggesting the former, unless Bruce finds a true calling.

Alfred, disgusted at all the violence brought to them along with the arsenal Thomas had at his disposal, promptly smashes the computer despite Bruce's protests. Angry at him, Bruce fired Alfred which devastates them both.

When Bruce realizes that Alfred was just trying to protect him, he goes to the train station to rehire him in exchange for further training. In exchange, Bruce agrees to go back to school and do what Alfred says when he says it. Bruce agrees to the conditions, though demands that Alfred finds a way to fix the computer. There Bruce and Alfred met Leslie Thompkins, and later Bruce encountered Selina who attended the event to score quick cash grabs.

When he asks if she'd like to stay and watch the magician hosting the events, she refused regarding her thievery as work. The Magician, Rudolfo appears and asks for Bruce as his volunteer.

He reluctantly goes on stage where he's subjected to the sawing in half trick, said trick scaring Alfred half to death before it turns out to be fake. The duo promptly holds the gala hostage while Alfred protects Bruce from more of Jerome's thugs. Bruce spots Selina fleeing and gives chase. Selina helps him escape through a passageway, but Bruce refusing to let anything happen to Alfred runs back for him.

He hides behind the curtains while Jerome makes his demands before Jerome demands that Bruce comes out from hiding lest Alfred dies. Bruce was about to, before being stopped by Gordon, but he doesn't want Alfred dead. Gordon lets him go and Bruce makes his presence known.

Gotham – Bruce Wayne And Selina Kyle

When Alfred berates Bruce, Bruce tells him there's a gun in his jacket and Gordon is behind the curtain. Alfred manages to get and conceal the gun before Jerome holds Bruce at knife point. Gordon comes busting in prompting a standoff between Gordon, Alfred, and Jerome. When all is over Alfred notices Gordon with Lee and accuses Bruce of knowing, which he denies. Bruce, appreciative of Theo saving his life, agrees to attend. Alfred then makes good on his own promise to train Bruce by handing him gym clothes and telling him to run from school to Wayne Manor.

Bruce later meets Theo at the restaurant to thank him, and Theo in turn, remarks on the lack of progress made in the Wayne murder. While they talk Bruce notices a blonde girl playing around on a fountain outside.

Theo taking notice introduces her as Silver St. Cloudhis niece and ward who also lost her parents. Theo noticing his attraction to her, also brings up that soon, Silver would be attending the same school as Bruce further prompting him to get to know her. Bruce then bit Alfred to free himself and voiced his impatience for Lucius Fox to repair his father's computer, as he was ready to begin. However, Bruce was told by Alfred that he'd tell him when he was ready, and though Bruce emphasized that he was, Alfred proved otherwise hitting him in the nose, after distracting him with the information that Silver St.

Cloud had called to invite him to dinner at her house. Later, Theo confessed to Bruce, that he was aware that Bruce's father had been a good man, but despite that, bad things happened at Wayne Enterprise.

Bruce was then told he was mature for his age and ready to handle the problems that were going on at Wayne Enterprises, though he would need some help. Theo then offered to be that person once he became Mayor. Silver then comes into the study, and Bruce introduces the two. Bruce then went to go tell Alfred to set another place at lunch for Selina, at the request of Silver.

Later, Selina asks Bruce if he's really buying Silver's act, and then proceeds to insult her. Silver then leaves with tears in her eyes, and Selina tries to tell Bruce that Silver is bad news.

However, Bruce, angry at what Selina had done, told her that he wanted her to leave. Bruce then told her that the entire time he had thought she was his friend, though she had no idea what that meant. Soon after, Bruce visited the Galavan's penthouse firstly encountering Theo, who complimented his moral compass and noted the similarities between the two. However, the two were interrupted when Silver arrives happy to see him again.

When he arrived he encountered Silver who kept him company before Theo arrived. In Theo's office, Bruce was asked by Theo that if he could have one dream come true, what it would be. Bruce confessed that it was to find and kill the murderer of his parents, and Theo then confessed that his greatest dream was to help the city and presented an opportunity for both to fulfill what they wanted. Theo then revealed to Bruce the illegal activities going on at Wayne Enterprises.

Bruce vowed to Galavan that he would look into all of it, and stop whoever was responsible for the acts. However, Galavan told him he couldn't as Wayne Enterprises had a board that would kill to protect its secrets. Galavan then proposed to buy the shares Bruce controlled in his company in exchange for an envelope with the identity of the man who had killed Bruce's parents. Bruce later asks Alfred how many years would it take for him to gain the skills to take down the corruption at Wayne Enterprises.

However, Alfred tells him that there wasn't a set timeline. Overwhelmed by the dilemma, Bruce tells Alfred about Galavan's proposal, and Alfred stresses that the proposal was extortion.

However, Bruce told him he couldn't help but considered it because if Galavan could truly fix the corruption at Wayne Enterprises it was his moral duty to allow him to do so. Alfred then reminded Bruce that Wayne Enterprises wasn't his parent's legacy, but that he was. Bruce then began crying asking Alfred if he was wrong to just want it all to be over, and the latter embraced him.

Later, Bruce and Alfred visited the Galavan penthouse for Bruce to sign over his shares of Wayne Enterprises, but at the last moment, Bruce refused to sign the documents. Suddenly, Gordon and the GCPD burst into the penthouse to arrest Galavan for kidnapping Mayor James, but before they did so, he threw the envelope with the Wayne's killer in the fire, leaving Bruce devastated. However, Alfred arrives dismissing Silver and thwarting Bruce's plan.

However, before she leaves, Bruce is given a key to Silver's hotel room at the Kane Hotel. Afterward, Bruce and Alfred argue over Alfred dismissing Silver, and Bruce is forbidden by Alfred to see Silver as he could be jeopardized if he attempted to get information out of Silver.

After Bruce refuses to listen to Alfred, he decides to become his jailer to prevent the latter from seeing Silver and pursuing Galavan's claims. Later, Bruce pretended to head for bed, saying goodnight to Alfred, but the butler reveals to having sent the taxi he called in secret away, and that he had also taken the key Silver had given him, without Bruce noticing.

Despite that, Bruce decides not to give up to get the information Galavan had. The next day, Bruce tried to sneak out to see Silver. However, Selina Kyle appeared to prevent him from doing so, as unlike before, she had proof to back up her claims.

Bruce and Selina then hired The Knife to pretend to hold him and Silver hostage to get the truth out of the latter. Before hiding in a tree, Bruce was told by Selina that the best liars always told the truth. Later Bruce meets with Silver to ask her to tell Theo he was willing to pay for the best defense attorneys, seeing as his funds had been frozen, if he agreed to give the name of the murderer of Bruce's parents.

However Silver was hesitant to do so at first, however, Bruce said he'd believe whatever Galavan told her because it would come from her. Bruce then told her that he never met anyone like her, he trusted her with his life and felt tied to her, afterward kissing her. While leaving school, Bruce receives a call from Silver informing him that Theo had accepted his deal and had told her the name of his parent's killer.

However seconds later at their agreed meeting site, The Knife appears in his van, having previously abducted Silver, and orders Bruce to get in or he would kill her. However, she didn't feel like talking about her mother and told him she's not an orphan and walks away bumping into Alfred without saying a word. However, Selina and Bruce started to bond when they played a game throwing doughnuts at each other.

Selina finally told Bruce that the assassins were after her, not him after he became deeply confused as to why someone would want to kill him. Cat is friends, of a sort, with Ivy Pepperwho was now an orphan. Selina kissed Bruce just before Alfred came into the room, much to the butler's amusement. Alfred even acknowledged that life without her around Wayne Manor could prove sadly flat. Selina makes a dish that is vegan when Ivy Pepper gets a call from Barbara Kean who was checking in on Gordon after leaving her.

She is then offered a place to stay in exchange for helping Bruce find his parent's killer. However, she then breaks the snow globe and tells him that she lied and didn't see the killer's face. Selina and Ivy later judge the outfits Barbara modeled for them to win Jim back. Selina tells Bruce that she found him because Ivy Pepper, who visits the hospital regularly to steal food from the residents, had spotted him.

Selina was then told of Reggie's deception and his suspicions that he had been sent to spy on them as a few of his files were missing. Selina advises Bruce not to go after Payne, though to no avail. She intimidates Reginald into telling Bruce who sent him to infiltrate Wayne Manor where they learned that he was sent by Sid Bunderslaw.

Although Bruce was reluctant to get his revenge on Reginald when he was getting his alcohol out of the window, Selina pushes him out the window to his death to keep him from telling Sid Bunderslaw that Bruce is onto him. Upon seeing the shoes associated with the outfit, Selina asks if she has to wear them.

Upon arriving at Jim Gordon's apartment, Bruce meets Barbara as Selina emerges in her dress commenting how the shoes were hurting her feet. At the ball, Bruce manages to get close to Sid Bunderslaw to meet him where Selina secretly steals one of his keys. When Gordon comes by his apartment to find Barbara, Selina tells Gordon that Barbara isn't here and learns the description of the man who took her being the description of Jason Skolimski.

Selina would find herself deeper into a life of crime, after becoming impressed with the sight of Fish Mooney 's return to Gotham. Fish takes a liking to Selina; gives her a make-over, a new outfit, and makes her an assistant. Believing it to be "the coolest gig in the world", Selina would help Fish by holding Gordon, FalconeBullock, and Penguin hostage in a warehouse to offer to Maroni. Things go sour when Fish kills Maroni and starts a shootout with his gang.

Gordon briefly escapes with the others only to be taken again by Selina and a group of thugs at gunpoint. After bringing them back, Fish and her crew are apparently killed by the Penguin. Selina disappears from the fight. During a meeting with Gordon, Cobblepot commented that having Selina around is like having a pet cat.

Gordon even asked if Selina was being good. She states that she's getting there. When Jerome Valeska and Barbara Kean hold the event hostage as part of Theo Galavan 's plot, Bruce and Selina evade their hired help until Bruce surrenders himself to keep the people from getting killed. With help from Selina, Gordon got into the event the same way that she came in. Alfred catches her near the wall and slaps her for what she did to Reggie.

He tells her to keep her distance from Bruce. Selina then takes her leave before Bruce comes out of the school. Selina is later seen sitting on the sidewalk near some street kids thinking about what Alfred said. Selina takes Butch to the Pike Brothers. Following the Pike Brothers' heist on a building owned by Wayne Enterprises, Selina visits Bridgit Pike where she is making a fireproof outfit to evade getting burned.

When more police officers showed up as Luke Garrett is accidentally burned, Selina helps Firefly to escape. They rob a place that was selling prostitutes to pimps and steal their money.

'Gotham': How Bruce Wayne's Relationship with Selina Kyle Will Change in Season 5

Before Selina can put the next phase of getting Bridgit out of town into action, the van carrying Joe Pike and Cale Pike arrived where Bridgit is abducted by them. Selina returns to her place of residence and gets some guns to go after them.

Gordon learns from Selina what Bridgit had gone through and that the Pike Brothers have her. Selina advises Gordon not to get her killed. Following Bridgit killing her brothers as Firefly, Selina meets her near the pigeon coop where Bridgit is upgrading her flamethrower. Bridgit tells Selina that she going to use her new talents on the bullies and the perverts as Selina advises Bridgit not to get killed. Later that night, Selina was at Leslie Thompkins 's place when Gordon comes in and tells her that Bridgit got burned and that there is a chance that she may not survive.

Selina was devastated at the fact that Bridgit got burned on Jim Gordon's watch and states that she shouldn't have trusted him. Before leaving, Selina tells Gordon that they will not interact again. Selina is later seen mourning about what happened to Bridgit by the pigeon coop, feeling more alone than ever. What Gordon and Selina don't know is that Bridgit's still-alive body was taken to an underground Indian Hill facility that is owned by Wayne Enterprises.

Once Bruce was out of the room, Silver told Selina that she is Bruce's girl and calls Selina "gutter trash.

She tells Bruce that she has some proof that Silver is bad news. It was later revealed that Selina enlisted an underworld contact named The Knife and his henchmen to "abduct" Bruce and Silver in order to get the name out. Once that was done, Selina thanked Tom for her work. Selina was satisfied that she got even with Silver while Bruce ends his friendship with Silver. Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce allows Selina to take one of his cars in order to get back into town.

Her part of the mission had her infiltrating the garage and taking out the guard there. Selina then opened the garage door, letting the others in. During the confrontation, Selina managed to defeat some monks. Working with Pennyworth, Selina got Bruce out of Galavan's tower. They go to meet Gordon and Bullock, but they arrest Oswald due to him being a fugitive although they take away and turn him loose. Following him sparing Malone, which ended in Matches' suicide, Bruce left a note for Alfred stating that he's going to be bunking with Selina for awhile.

Bruce was seen meeting up with Selina. After Bruce turned the tide against Sonny with Selina's help, both of them managed to get away.

Back at Selina's hideout, she stitched up Bruce's injuries. Upon seeing on the news that Jim Gordon had been arrested for the murder of Carl Pinkney and has been sentenced to 40 years at Blackgate PenitentiaryBruce and Selina had a surprised reaction to this. After getting away from the criminal, Bruce distributed the stolen money from the rooftops. Later on, Bruce was able to sew up Selina's coat by the time Selina needs it o get outside.

They are then surprised when a wounded James Gordon appears and collapses on Selina's couch. Both of them had to contact Alfred to help Gordon recuperate. Later that night after finishing her shower, Selina is told by Bruce that his time of learning street survival is done and thanks Selina for her help. Selina tells Bruce to have good life. Back at her lair, Selina is seen throwing the coat that Bruce fixed up for her on the ground.

Selina persuades Bruce to let him help her get into Arkham Asylum as she knows a way in. While crawling through the ventilations, Selina runs into Edward Nygma who warns Selina not to go into the basement of Arkham Asylum.

gotham bruce wayne and selina relationship

In exchange for showing him the way out of Arkham Asylum, Nygma tells Selina that he will show her the elevator and asks if she can pick a lock. Selina provides a diversion by picking the lock of Nygma's cell where the guards find that Nygma has escaped.

gotham bruce wayne and selina relationship

While the alarm is sounded, Selina makes her way to where the secret elevator to the Indian Hill facility is and picks the lock to access it. Upon entering the Indian Hill facility, Selina evades it's personnel and overhears Strange's conversation with Ethel Peabody that Azrael has gone rogue.

Selina finally finds the room where Bridgit Pike is in and finds that she is sporting a new outfit. As Pike doesn't remember Selina and claims that she is Firefly, she assumes that Selina is there to test her abilities. Firefly then goes on the attack as Strange and Peabody watch. Selina then uses Firefly's flamethrower in order to break out of her room.

When Firefly regains consciousness, Selina tries to get Firefly to remember her past life. While Firefly remembers how her brother died when they were set ablaze, she states that Selina will burn brighter. As Firefly cannot be harmed by fire, Selina takes advantage of Hugo Strange's claim to Firefly being the Goddess of Fire by claiming that gods need servants.

Both of them then work to get out of Firefly's room. Selina suggested he get Leslie some chocolates. After Gordon leaves, Selina was present when Bruce informed Alfred about a " secret council " that was behind Wayne Enterprises and the Indian Hill facility.

gotham bruce wayne and selina relationship

Oswald Cobblepot tells Butch that Selina stole his wallet. Selina and Ivy are seen giving the money from Butch's wallet to a street kid which is noticed by the Bruce Wayne look-a-like. Selina is shown to be back in an allegiance with Fish Mooney when they and some association raid Gray Pharma to obtains some medicine.

Selina later encounters Valerie Vale where she tells her of a tip on where to find Fish Mooney. Bruce later visits Selina and mentioned how he had to research them in a safe place. Selina in Fish Mooney's gang.

Bruce advises Selina that the group in question might know about them and that she should be careful. Upon being visited by Ivy, Selina visits Ivy telling her to stay at the pigeon coop. After Ivy was caught by Nancy who wanted to tell Selina about the Bruce Wayne-resembling character, Fish Mooney has Marv use his abilities on her as Selina works to intervene.

Selina then weeped over what just happened. Their conversation is overheard by the look-a-like.