Gretchen and jeff relationship help

Did Gretchen Rossi cheat on dying fiance Jeff Beitzel? -

gretchen and jeff relationship help

When Gretchen first joined Real housewives of OC in she was engaged According to TMZ, Jeff left Gretchen $ million in his will, but 90 DAY FIANCE Larissa posts wedding photos, says 'my marriage is destroyed'. We can only imagine how difficult Jeff's passing was for Gretchen, but, looking on the bright He is my rock, my support and my best friend. Gretchen talks about the wild party with Slade, Tamra's accusations, and Jeana's farewell. During the time Jeff was so sick I tried to remain upbeat and eight months of being together - considering the next steps in our relationship. . her to say lubricious things, but my advice to anyone would be: stop.

When he was done, he was gone. I feel bad for Chris, and I hope you will pass this along to him and it may provide some comfort. November 30, 9: And he has enemies……. Just devastating the youngest??? Glad you call him your best friend. If not hide your sister November 30, 9: November 30, Then went golfing with him the next day??? Then Stacy decides to tell her husband the truth and Chris Rossi has to beg for his life… So after your done hiding your sister make sure your wife is close….

He started calling half the county. Her real single swinging party-girl story did not fit the niche BRAVO was looking for, so she made up a better tear-jerker story to get on TV and convinced Jeff to go along with it. Jeff was only a friend and paying Gretchen to give him injections and take care of him.

gretchen and jeff relationship help

Someone was posting somewhere else that Gretchen and Slade were an item. December 1, Come out and say who you are. I say go for it.

You as family members have every right to tell your side of the story and balance out the facade that is being shown on the TV.

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I knew someone would eventually try to make this blog all about George and Lauri. One of those people tipped me off. I checked out his MySpace and saw a boat load of pictures backing up his claim that he was dating Gretchen in the first half of Sep 30, 8: Slade is the one who went to bravo through Katie McIntosh to get Gretchen on the show.

This was per Slade done through the urging of Scott Dunlop. Gretchen has said this is only for the storyline for Season 5… Oct 3, Or at least it was. He is rumored not to be taking her on his trip to San Antonio today for the weekend to attend a wedding.

gretchen and jeff relationship help

He is trying to get Gretchen to go on this trip with him. Gretchen and Chris filed for divorce in July ? Even attending the sex and the city party in a Limo with Photoglou in early June with no ring on.

Did Gretchen Rossi cheat on dying fiance Jeff Beitzel?

They where at one point with all the other Housewives and their husbands. This should be interesting to see how they edit all of this to make sense with the facts that are public record.

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Whether it shows on air or not I do not know. Everyone keeps telling me that it will get easier as time goes by, but I am not sure if I believe that anymore, for me it has actually gotten harder.

gretchen and jeff relationship help

That void will always be present in my heart no matter how much time goes by. I sincerely did not want to go to the place Tamra and I ended up in at Lynne's party, but unfortunately there is only so much one girl can take without finally saying enough is enough. Tamra and I knew we were going to have to talk at some point since we were on the show together, but we both agreed and knew we didn't want to do it there, unfortunately people were stirring the pot and wanted to see us go there.

When Jeana made the comment that we need to be nice and not hurt one another and then Tamra agreed with her - it just lit me up. This is when you see me say, "Are you kidding me? At this point I could no longer stand by and watch Tamra claim that she was one way but always following with actions another way.

Obviously it just continued to explode between us and I could explain my frustrations to you guys about the crap Tamra was saying, but everyone already knows by watching the footage how unbelievable I felt she was. My ending statement to her said it all. I'm not going to lie - it felt great to finally stand up to her and say she needs to stop making up lies about things she knows nothing about and tell her to shut the F up!

With that said, it takes a lot to get me to that point and I certainly don't condone talking that way to anyone. Looking back Tamra and I know that is not what we wanted to be doing with each other and a lot has transpired since that night. You will see many of the friendships go through a lot of changes this season, ups and downs, bonds broken and hearts hurt, but ultimately you will see every one of us is just trying hard to get along in this place called life.

I am excited for you guys to see my story unfold this season. It is a season of repair and rebuilding after my devastating loss. I admit to my mistakes and bad choices of how I handled Jeffs passing by drinking and partying in order to num the pain at times.