Han solo and leia relationship memes

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han solo and leia relationship memes

Star Wars memes Star Wars Humor, Han Solo, Reylo, Harrison Ford, . A Tumblr Has Been Imagining Kylo Ren Living At Home With Han And Leia And It's. Revisit 10 Leia Organa quotes, including classic lines from A New Hope, Like the man she fell in love with, Han Solo, Leia made a habit of finding As in The Empire Strikes Back, Leia's relationship with Han in The Force. These priceless Star Wars memes look at the Han Solo family Han and Leia are Star Wars through and through. . Kylo's relationship with Anakin instantly became romanticized in his head, becoming his first true love.

And Disney wonders why fandom is so hooked on how these key characters should act. Either the child is right, or the parent is. Under normal circumstances, one will finally concede, recognizing that they may have been in the wrong. But Han only knew one teenager, and he was technically over years old at the time. All Solo had to do was use Rey for bait, then he could have forced Kylo into conceding that his hormones were the reason they were in this spot.

Game over First Order. He longed to be the center of attention, just like his mom and dad. He wanted to feel a part of something, anything. So, when he found out Darth Vader was his grandfather and that his parents had lied to him all his life: Kylo's relationship with Anakin instantly became romanticized in his head, becoming his first true love. His feelings for Vader became twisted and warped in his emotionally charged mind, leading to a bond which only required 5 words to be spoken.

I love you and I know. Never underestimate the power of foreshadowing. Ben must have heard that word come out of his fathers mouth more times than he could stand to hear. Han cut him off a long, long time ago. And no one knows what happened to poor old Lando. Leave it to Han Solo to make a mess out of things and not try to fix them. Just look at what he did to the Millennium Falcon.

han solo and leia relationship memes

From a distance and with little to no compassion. Leia spouting off to Han that Luke was a better kisser is plausible. It depends on what he did to make her so mad. Han then, in turn, would use this towards his advantage, allowing it to be an excuse to get him out of the house — for several decades.

It all has to do with anger management.


Leia has pent-up anger issues over having feelings for her brother. Han has childhood issues which lead to his constant rebellious attitude, and Ben is just a product of poor planning.

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After all, the only part of social communication Kylo knows is likely tantrums and yelling. He might have found it attractive when Leia called him out before they were together, looking at it as more of a challenge than love.

But what did he think would happen when he won that challenge? Did Solo truly believe Leia would succumb to his charm and be the doting wife?

han solo and leia relationship memes

Yes, we know he loved Leia. And he shows that by remembering all the times she proved to be a challenge. Because Han Solo is a man attracted to challenges. Never tell him the odds. Hux and Phasma have a history together. Not in a romantic way. Snoke would have assigned them to bring Kylo up, teaching him the ways of the First Order. Phasma would have tried to spoil him, earning her props. While the great Armitage Hux would have fumbled around like the donkey he is.

Kylo meanwhile would have been plotting and buying his time. Used to dealing with complicated family ties, he would only have to wait for the right opportunity before making his move. Because his parents are too afraid to tell him the truth.

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Even the dog gets suckered into this mess, becoming Chewbacca due to the fur and forced to bend under the mighty fist of Darth Kylo Ren. Han mutters angrily out of the room, saying his kid will be his undoing.

han solo and leia relationship memes

Oh, Han, how true those moments ended up being. The story we all get so caught up in is one merely built on dysfunctional and poor communication. How one can get so upset over a fictional story in which the characters are all messed in the head is beyond fathoming. This Star Wars meme brings to light the foolishness regarding the divisiveness surrounding the fandom community.

It strips away the lightsabers and force manipulation, removes the spaceships, and leaves only the surface nature of each character.

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How were any of these individuals supposed to live a normal and comprehensive life? The Internet seems to revel in the idea of Kylo Ren as the bratty, angst-ridden young man he seems to be in The Force Awakens. The idea of a cad like Han Solo actually siring children is odd even in the Star Wars Legacy cannonbut the fact that people embrace his parenthood and parody fatherly behavior in the context of the Star Wars Universe is wonderful, endearing, and something downright heartbreaking.

han solo and leia relationship memes

But to be fair, this dad joke was awful. Not get-run-through-with-a-lightsaber bad, but still pretty bad. Or maybe, Vader blew up Alderaan in front because of some petty custody battle he was in with Bail Organa…or not.

Lucas was winging it. The Force Awakens in December of The series became a cultural obsession that, along with the podcast Serial from the year prior, helped revitalize the non-fiction genre of true crime, much in the same way that The Force Awakens revitalized the Star Wars film franchise yes that is shade being thrown at the prequels. Immediately after their releases, both works generated countless memes, but this variation of the surprisingly well-Photoshopped vintage portrait of the Solo family is by far the funniest, albeit somewhat crass, entry for either.

Considering one of these works does deal with the death of real people while the other deal with the death of a character who wanted out of a franchise for agessome folks may take offense to this meme, but it had us cracking up.