Happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship problems

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happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship problems

Meanwhile Cuddles best friend Toothy is madly in love with the skunk, Petunia adorable yellow rabbit Cuddles and his relationship and problems Toothy, Giggles, Petunia, Handy, Lumpy, Flippy, Disco-Bear and The Mole. However, the relationships only last until Fliqpy takes over. Flippy decides to keep asking Lumpy for advice before giving up after Lumpy hypnotizes Flippy, Handy, and other Happy Tree Friends in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark. Flippy and Flaky are depicted in the series to be good friends. but in Party Animal she goes through the trouble of planning a surprise birthday party for him.


Flippy awoke in the middle of the night, sitting upright in bed, breathing heavily with sweat coating his skin. The TV he had forgotten to turn off flashed light on the room, casting shadows on his hands, shaking in his lap like two live wires. He felt his blood sludging under his skin, like water under ice, pumping like a drum in his chest. Everything was in hyper speed, spinning around him, and when he was awoken he felt as if he had just been chewed up and spitted out, landing face first into a cold, harsh reality.

Happy tree friends flippy x flaky bring me to life

The stillness of the room begged his nerves to ease away, to let the silence comfort him and to stop the electricity burning in his body. It had been another nightmare, a bad one.

Images flashed in front of his eyes, assaulting his head with the things his dreams captivated him in. It was always the same thing; a field underneath a scarlet sky, bodies black as shadows and moving fast as light. He was standing in the middle of it all, on his knees, unable to move as gun shots exploded around him, black figure by figure falling and collapsing around him.

A grenade and then blood splattered onto his face, running down his chin and dripping onto his chest. Two more shots and two more comrades lay still in front of him. He kept his eyes to the sky, looking anywhere but the ground, where the dead took on faces of the living and replayed scenes in his memory. He was frozen in place, then the ear splitting sounds of choppers overhead triggered his body into motion again.

Once he was on his feet, it was all over. He watched himself tear through enemy after enemy, each taking on the faces of everyone he had ever killed. When it got to this part, he would be able to recognize he was dreaming.

Relationship Problems Chapter 1: First Encounter, a happy tree friends fanfic | FanFiction

Yet if it got to this point, it meant he would have to see it, waking up excruciatingly out of reach. He would stop once everything was still around him, no more sounds, no more moving, just bodies piled and strewn all across the dirt. He was breathing heavily, sweat, dirt, and blood caked on his hands and arms.

Then the sound of someone running, and he would turn and look only to be tackled to the ground.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship problems

The assailant had the face of his most trusted friend, who he had just days before seen die in his arms, smiling with grim determination as he wrapped his hands around Flippy's neck. The image of those bloodthirsty eyes would keep him helpless on the ground, gasping for breath, trying to break free, and then it all coming to end when he would snap his head to the side.

Then Flippy would wake up, breathless, heart racing. Like now, just like every night. He sat like this for what seemed like hours, just staring at his hands and moving his fingers one by one. Only when he was down to normal palpitations and could no longer feel his heartbeat in his ears did he move to cover his face in his hands.

Even in times like this, when he would awake engulfed in fear and on the brink of insanity, he refused to believe he needed any form of help. It was one thing to fix something that was broken, but another to try and fix something so completely destroyed there was no going back. The next day, Flippy was out walking around the town, for once just taking the time to breathe. The past night's shock was still leaving his body, and he wanted to get out of his house and into a place so far away from his memories he would forget they even existed.

He thought about calling Splendid, but decided against it when he remembered the events following his doctor appointment. He made things hard for Splendid, thereby making his only chance at a stable, normal friend fall into the fatherly figure category. There was no escaping the inevitable, he mused silently to himself, walking the perimeter of the park where Pop and Cub played on the swings and Handy was fixing a leak in the local swimming pool.

He didn't make eye contact, keeping his eyes down as he passed.

No matter how long he lived in this town, he didn't have the ability inside him to even attempt social activity with the community. Songs considerable by fans A couple cosplaying Flippy and Flaky.

Love the Way you Lie by Eminem ft. Warmness on the Soul by Avenged Sevenfold. T by Katy Perry lyrics, chorus, "You're not like the others, futuristic lover. A dark song that is quite fit for Flippy and Flaky, especially concerning the physical aspect of their relationship. Because Flippy is so Dangerous that he can even hurt or kill Flaky. Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson "Will you love me?

Even with my dark side? Flippy has a dark side and flips out when anything reminds him of war. But Flaky is strong and stays there for him. The yellow rabbit Cuddles walked down the street to school. He should meet up with his friends, Toothy, Handy, Petunia and Giggles. Giggles was his big love. Cuddles and Toothy raced to the stairs where the red porcupine Flaky was walking.


Cuddles tackled Flaky by accident, so she fell down the stairs yelling. Cuddles and Toothy went down the stairs to check on Flaky. Flaky stood up again and her teeth were bleeding. Then Flaky dropped her books on the floor and her eyes got full of tears.

Now Flaky's eyes couldn't keep all the tears up anymore and they started to fall on the floor. Flaky run away crying with her hands over her eyes. Toothy looked angry at Cuddles. Then the two friends went inside.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship problems

In the school hallway they met up with Giggles and Petunia. Giggles and Petunia started to giggle. They met up with Handy and entered the classroom. Professor Lumpy's lessons was boring and what he said often didn't make any sense. Flaky was not in the classroom.