Haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship quotes

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haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship quotes

Kuroyukihime a Haru Kuroyukihime「 黒雪姫 」 Accel World Kirito's relationship is garbage, built on no personal bonding (at least shown on screen) and. The central relationship in Accel World is that of Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime, it is a relationship marked by repressed feelings and the power. I also like Haruyuki as a character, if only because he's apparently going the Simon . In the Okinawan arc, how could Megumi come to Kuroyukihime's rescue.

For his part Haruyuki loves the idea of being close to her, wanting to stick by this girl who he idolises and considers her a goddess in human form.

Their relationship is held back by their own personal problems, along with the attitudes that they hold towards the world around them and how they fit into it. Haruyuki for example has a massive inferiority complex, and while he wants to stand besides Kuroyukihime, he believes that he does not deserve this honour. Throughout the series so far we have seen Haruyuki second-guessing himself and also her feelings, questioning whether she can truly love someone like him, or whether she is merely playing with him.

And yet he also wants to become strong enough to protect her, believing that by doing so he will perhaps be worthy of that place by her side. Through all this we see the notion that he has to support her, in effect Haruyuki has not, and cannot accept the idea that someone as beautiful and powerful as Kuroyukihime can possibly be in love with the pathetic person that he sees himself as.

Kuroyukihime is a character that is hated and reviled in Accel World, the great betrayer who broke the truce and attempted to gain even more power. Her sole goal, her drive is that of achieving the mystical level 10 and discovering the truth behind this dark and foreboding world inside the game.

She appears to hate and despise herself, suggesting that while she has a beautiful exterior her heart and soul are as black as the knight. This attitude has worked its way into her avatar, a spectacular, but also fierce looking being with blades for hands and feet, something that was built to kill, to annihilate, to rule.

Kuroyukihime views this avatar as the representation of her ugly soul, something that she never wished for Haruyuki to see, something that she still tries to hide away from everyone else. The drive for Kuroyukihime is to discover the truth behind Accel World, uncovering the mysteries of this game and why it exists. To her this takes president above all else, thus her betrayal of the truce and beheading of the Red King. Her love for Haruyuki is in some respects tainted by this drive, going so far as to suggest that he should turn back, despite being the person to introduce him to the Accelerated World.

She wants him to be her equal, and yet is constantly in fear of her own drive to succeed, worrying that this will force her to betray him and thus make him hate and revile her as a disgusting existence. We are constantly reminded of her guilt at bringing Haruyuki into this sordid world of backstabbing and constant challenge; she worries that he will come to hate her once he has learned of her true nature, as she perceives it.

Kuroyukihime is far from free as her butterfly avatar may suggest, she is in fact chained to the game, constantly pushing forward into the darkness to discover what lies on the other side. This motif has been used specifically in the ending sequences, with Kuroyukihime literally chained up, unable to move while her butterfly avatar disappears with Haruyuki in her arms.

In this respect the game has consumed her, and the draw of the virtual world has in many respects overridden the life she currently lives, taking over every waking hour and her fear is that the same will happen to Haruyuki, and worse, she will be the person responsible.

There is a sense of helplessness about her character, partly shown through her desperate attempts to conceal certain horrible truths about what she has done from Haruyuki.

In many respects Kuroyukihime has become a prisoner of the Accel World, constantly pushing towards achieving her goals or die trying.

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship quotes

Her fear therefore is that such a goal will break up her relationship with Haruyuki, and that his goal of supporting her will utterly consume and destroy him as well.

When she doesn't know someone's name, she will address them as "boy" or "girl", as she did with Haruyuki when the two first met and for a time afterward. She seems to be a hardcore gamer, especially simulation games, as she defeated Haru at his favorite game of squash by achieving more points than him. However, she later admitted to using Brain Burst to beat his score.

Obsession and repressed feelings in Accel World

However, even when they show romantic feelings towards each other, they become serious when fighting against others or giving each other information. She formerly was the "Black King" but was driven into hiding after killing the previous Red King while she tried to defeat all other kings to reach level 10 and meet the person who created the game. She values Haru as more than a subordinate and is often the voice of reason to him when he is willing to go to extremes to protect her.

Prior to her hospitalization, she confesses to Haru that she fell in love with him [3]. Appearance Kuroyukihime with ponytail. Kuroyukihime in school clothes. Holding true to being "the most beautiful girl in school," Kuroyukihime is considered to be a very attractive young girl that sports a slender figure, large hazel eyes, and long black hair. Her hair usually has two strands of hair extended from the top of her brow, resembling the antenna of a butterfly.

When Kuroyukihime was hospitalized, she had her hair in a ponytail. Her wardrobe is usually her school uniform consisting of black tights, a dark green skirt with a brown trim, a navy blue blazer, and a light blue bow tie. As she moves to her final year at school, her uniform alters to a red bow tie with all else being the same. It is extremely rare to see Kuroyukihime in casual clothing. It is somehow known that she prefers to wear black colored clothes. Plot Outline Return of the Black Snow Princess Arc Kuroyukihime is first seen in her avatar in the school's network where Haru first notices her appearance.

Just installing the program, you'll need to pass the program face-to-face, there is a chance of failure and you only get one shot at it.

Not to mention the point sink just start a match; 1 point to enter Burst mode with the possibility of no opponents, and possibly 10 points for a level 1 vs level 1 loss, AND more points lost when leveling up. And the only other way of gaining points only occurs from level 4 onwards, which means you must have defeated quite a lot of fellow Burst Linkers to the point of forced uninstalling to reach that point. It must have been insanely good luck or a yet unseen initial?

The Okinawa episode demonstrates how bad things are with this distribution model the "parent" has to purposely lose a lot of matches and sacrifice a lot of his points to get his "child" to level 4 just to stabilize the situation. While I don't disagree with the premise that the distribution is Actually, it turns out the that original players could have an unlimited number of "children", and the ability to check for compatibility with the program, ensuring they don't try to download it to someone incompatible.

  • Kuroyukihime = Kirito's daughter?

Duels seem like a Zero Sum Game. If one participant loses burst points, the other gains the exact amount. Between using burst point for other things, it would seem like the total supply would quickly run out.

The only other infusion of new burst points, is from fighting monsters in the 'Up' world, but they give pathetic amounts. So where all the fresh burst points being infused into the system from? Silver Crow gets his limbs blown off quite a few times over the course of the series, but he's always back in one piece before long. Why was Sky Raker's amputation permanent? Unlike Silver Crow and anyone else for that matter who didn't want to lose any part of their body permanently in the game, Sky Raker felt she needed to lose her legs in order to motivate herself to reach for the sky, as she probably felt that without her legs, she'd had no reason to come back down to the ground.

Since the game reacts to the user's wishes, her avatar's permanent amputation was the result. She probably realized afterwards that in order to fly, one must first propel himself from the ground itself and jumping is one of the fastest ways to launch yourself from the ground.

Sky Raker was also an amputee outside the Accelerated World, so that probably allowed her loss of legs in-game to be permanent due to the avatar being based on self-image. It appears that Sky Raker was in Kuroyukihime's legion. As we know, legion masters have special powers over their soldiers, able to execute them regardless of how many Burst Points they have.

It is therefore logical to assume that Kuroyukihime used a variant of this power to annihilate only a part of Sky Raker's body, on Sky Raker's specific request, as shown in the series.

Accel World (Light Novel) - TV Tropes

I was reading the Alternate Character Reading trope and I remembered this scene where everybody shows off their digital ID cards, which can't be hacked, as it's probably tied to the national database. When KYH showed hers, Nico commented angrily that it reads I don't know why exactly is it supposed to be a "headscratcher" since there are no questions, unless "can anyone take a guess" is supposed to be one or there is an implied "am I right now?

In Japan, "similar" when used to refer to names means that they either use the same syllables but a different spellingonly one ideogram is different and the spelling doesn't matterone of the names has the same ideograms as the other with one taken out and the spelling doesn't matter, though likely is differentor they are spelled in the same way but are written differently.

That leaves a lot of room to guess, and it's like taking two western names and saying that one of them "has the same number of letters or uses the same letters or has a similar meaning or is pronounced similarly or 'is in some other way similar'".

It's pretty much having 20 millions of names to choose from and decreasing that number to 1 million. Hurray, only it doesn't help when you are looking for a specific name based only on that. And the point of the scene with the nametags was to establish that she, or someone she knows, has the ability to change the content of the nametags, something which is supposed to be impossible to do for people who didn't make them.

It is worth noting that every other character had their names on the nametags, both their first and last names; she instead only had her nickname that being "Kuroyukihime" and with there only being that with nothing that could be her last name, we can be certain that it is not what was originally on the nametag.

Although there is a possibility of her nickname being created by mixing the ideograms from both her first and last names, in a similar way to how Kirito from Sword Art Online did it but using entire ideograms instead of single syllablesbut again it doesn't give us enough info the only standard spelling gives us the name "Setsuki" then, but that's a dead end because she'd be called "Se-chan" then, and non-standard spellings can be many and varied.

So yeah, the author is trolling us by releasing hints which are not enough for us to do anything with them. In the Okinawan arc, how could Megumi come to Kuroyukihime's rescue when the time difference should have prevented that. Kuroyukihime and company should have been waiting in the 'Up' world for hours if not days for Megumi to come in and get hooked up.


Well, and keep in mind I'm just guessing here, from what I saw, Megumi showed up shortly after the group dove in, at which point the scene cut away from her to the linkers. When it cut back, she was essentially in the same position with little to no time passing from her point of view, but the majority of the fight with Sulphur Pot having taken place for the linkers.

Okay, so here's something.

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship quotes