Heather kiriakou and john relationship help

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heather kiriakou and john relationship help

From a window in his rental home in Arlington, John Kiriakou can glimpse his dream house he and his wife, Heather, built a decade ago in happier times. When I ask what advice he included in his still unpublished prison. On Sunday April 13 his wife Heather, cousin Kip, and his “three younger children” drove miles to visit him early in the morning just as his. His wife Heather Kiriakou, was forced to resign from her job as a top CIA analyst while on maternity leave, The Washington Post reported last.

Senate as a senior professional staff member, as an expert on the Middle East and international terrorism, and as a Whistleblower who was imprisoned for his torture revelations, he is a sought after speaker for international organizations, academic institutions, private corporations, and non-profits.

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John is international expert in political affairs who has experienced the consequences of big government heavy-handedness. He has a unique perspective on whistleblowing, torture policy, and prison reform.

John as Author The Reluctant Spy: It was later released in paperback and in Greek. The book was warmly and positively received by critics and reviewers, and it rose to 5 on the Washington Post political bestsellers list in March How One Film Gave Voice to Three Whistleblowers the US Government Tried to Silence Silenced, a film directed by James Spione has tapped into a zeitgeist moment, when people all over the world are deeply concerned about powers their government has claimed to protect security which infringe upon civil liberties, press freedom, and openness in government.

heather kiriakou and john relationship help

This film was nominated for an Emmy in Since then it has been screened at dozens of film festivals throughout the world and is now available at iTunes so millions can watch this important film. Thank you James Spione and good luck.

heather kiriakou and john relationship help

If only he kept his mouth shut. He is also charged with disclosing the name of another CIA officer, who not technically covert, was associated with the classified, brutal interrogation — torture — of suspected terrorist Abu Zubaydah, who is still rotting probably quite literally, considering what we now know about his physical and mental health in Gitmo without charge.

heather kiriakou and john relationship help

Thirdly, according to the official criminal complaint filed in the U. All told, Kiriakou faces 30 years in prison for the charges leveled against him. Just tagging someone with the espionage label automatically brands him as an enemy of the state.

It alienates him from people who would normally be his allies.

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The isolation has already begun. The CIA had no immediate comment. He not only lost his job but his security clearance and now works at an Apple Store — despite the fact all charges were eventually dropped in exchange for a single misdemeanor.

heather kiriakou and john relationship help

Van Buren has been highly critical of the war in Iraq, and shared his own accounts as a frustrated and disenthralled member of a provincial reconstruction team PRT in his book We Meant Well: By any other measure, Kiriakou loved being a CIA agent, but started becoming disillusioned shortly after his interaction with and the subsequent torture of Abu Zubaydah under his CIA handlers in Kiriakou resigned from the agency in and worked in the private sector as a security analyst.