Hinamori and hitsugaya relationship goals

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hinamori and hitsugaya relationship goals

time Hitsugaya's and Hinamori's relationship is first revealed—Hitsugaya Gin aims his sword at her but luckily Matsumoto shows up and he. The winning goal there was scored by Hinamori Momo the soccer star of Karakura Hitsugaya caught the ball on his chest and dribbled it past 2 3 4 Hinamori, a sophomore had just turned 16 a couple of weeks ago and. Momo Hinamori x Toshiro Hitsugaya Bleach Couples, Narusaku, Bleach Anime, Friendship Rose,. More information . toshiro and rangiku they are so lovely ♡ lovely couple♡ Anime Kawaii, Bleach Anime My Ships Goals. See more.

That's all I gotta say lol soz, dunno what to write up here. I do not own Bleach. The raven haired girl was more than ready for the pass as she ran towards the goal. The ball made contact with her right foot and she dribbled it forward, her chocolate brown eyes focusing on the goal just a few metres ahead of her. Will Karakura High's soccer legend be able to make the final goal? Like every other spectator the commentator's eyes were anxiously glued on the young dark haired girl as she kicked the ball up in mid air with her right foot.

The insanely tall goalie prepared herself to lunge to the left side of the goal which Hinamori was supposedly aiming for with her right foot.

However at the very last second Hinamori lifted her left leg and shot the ball into the far right corner of the goal. As the muddy soccer ball ceased its spinning in the net the crowd erupted and the stadium was filled with cheers, shouts, screams and whistles. Hinamori, the raven haired girl, was soon caught in the choking embraces of her screaming teammates.


As Tatsuki ran over to join her teammates, she couldn't help but smirk at the dumbstruck gape of the other team's goalie who was still on the ground after her dramatic dive. The winning goal there was scored by Hinamori Momo the soccer star of Karakura High's Infernos who have just won their 5th national in a row! Hinamori felt her feet losing contact with the ground beneath her and felt her cheeks heat up when she realized that she was being lifted up by her coach, Shihouin Yoruichi, an attractive dark skinned lady with a boyish personality.

Hinamori landed back on the ground and Tatsuki ruffled her hair. Hinamori looked up at the taller girl with short, spiky, black hair and her smile widened. Suddenly, Hinamori found herself stuck in a neck-breaking hug and almost suffocating from her face being buried in a large pair of breasts.

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When she heard no reply, the strawberry blonde looked down to see the smaller girl struggling to be free of her grasp. Just then a second pair of arms wrapped themselves around Hinamori's small waist.

hinamori and hitsugaya relationship goals

Hinamori turned her head slightly to see a perverted look on Chizuru's face. The dark pink headed girl was practically drooling when she opened her mouth to say something only to get kicked in the head by an annoyed petite girl with black hair.

I-" "'Course I'm sure," said Rangiku as she cut Hinamori off. Party at 7, my place kaaay?

Momo Hinamori

Hinamori smiled contentedly as she looked at the cheerful faces of her friends and teammates on the grassy field. A loud car horn beeped and Hinamori turned to see a shiny blue BWV convertible parked by the stadium. Renji was desperately searching for someone to pass the ball to and as soon as he saw the 69 tattoo the red head kicked the ball over to number 11, Hisagi, a man with spiky dark hair and 3 scars running down his face.

Hisagi headed the ball over to the young midfielder with naturally white hair, Hitsugaya who wore the number 10 shirt.

Hitsugaya & Hinamori - It's too late ..

Hitsugaya caught the ball on his chest and dribbled it past Hitsugaya kicked the ball up into the air with his right foot and smirked when he saw Yammy preparing to dive into the left side of the goal.

In her dressing room Hinamori's eyes were glued onto the flatscreen TV infront of her which was airing the live soccer game between Shinigami and Espada as she attempted to blowdry her hair, which was wet from her shower, but failing miserably.

what is the relationship between hinamori and hitsugaya?

She could feel her heart beating faster from the anticipation as she saw number 10, Hitsugaya kick the ball up in the air. He's gonna do the move, the one I copied for my final shot for goal Hinamori watched as Hitsugaya quickly moved to the left and in one swift movement, raised his left leg and kicked the ball with the back of his left foot making it shoot through the air straight into the right hand corner of the goal. Then the crowd erupted into cheers, shouts, screams, and Hinamori couldn't help but jump up from her seat too cheering Hinamori scratched the back of her head and smiled sheepishly before apologizing to Suki then sitting back down in her seat as the older girl began fixing her hair for her photoshoot.

Hinamori looked back to the TV screen which showed the Shinigami soccer team which the camera was now zooming up on as then huddled together to celebrate their win. Hinamori looked at the centre of the circle where the famous soccer star, Hitsugaya Toshiro was now being carried by his teammates. When he comes across Gin, Hinamori attacks Hitsugaya and accuses him of killing Aizen. On the first page of the next chapter, Hitsugaya thanks Matsumoto for saving Hinamori.

hinamori and hitsugaya relationship goals

Hitsugaya chases after Kira; Kira tells Hitsugaya Hinamori has been following the whole time. Hitsugaya backtracks, leaving Kira to Matsumoto. Meanwhile, Aizen appears to Hinamori and thanks her before stabbing her. Hitsugaya appears, shocked of course, and devastated over Hinamori. Hitsugaya attempts to kill Aizen but he ends up seriously wounded instead.

hinamori and hitsugaya relationship goals

It is then revealed that Hinamori is not fine at all after she asks Hitsugaya not to kill Aizen and we are left with a furious Hitsugaya—not at her, but Aizen. Hitsugaya is fighting Halibel when he senses her and Halibel remarks that his spiritual pressure spiked. He denies it and worries about Hinamori, then resumes his fight. Hitsugaya cradles her body to his chest as he…drifts to the ground before screaming and charging at Aizen. At the beginning of it we are given a glimpse of younger them; Hinamori promises to come back soon, Shiro-chan, he tells her to never come back, Bedwetter Momo.

Hitsugaya is dreaming of Hyourinmaru and wakes up to a grinning Hinamori wishing him a good morning. Blushing, he tells her to get out of his face.