Honey bees and flowers relationship memes

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honey bees and flowers relationship memes

Bees are hardworking insects. They visit about 50 to flowers for every trip they take just to get nectar and pollen back to their hive. A new year study from the University of Bristol in England has revealed that bees and flowers share a symbiotic relationship based on the. The bees and flowers have a complicated and beneficial symbiotic relationship. In a symbiotic relationship between bees and flowers, both.

The pollen is moved between trees by bees who visit the flowers to collect nectar and pollen.

honey bees and flowers relationship memes

The movement of pollen between trees is not so straightforward. When a honeybee finds an apple tree that has thousands of flowers on it, the bee will stay on the same tree to collect nectar and pollen.

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However, what has been discovered is that honeybees spread pollen to other bees when they return to the hive. If you ever watched honeybees in a hive, you would see that they touch one another almost constantly. If part of the honeybees in a hive are visiting granny smith apple trees and part are visiting golden delicious trees, there is a good chance that both types of pollen will be on the bodies of most bees in the hive.

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Some of these mixed pollen grains remain on the honeybee when they return to collecting more pollen and nectar affording the opportunity to cross pollinate other apple flowers.

Apple growers depend on the service of the honeybee and therefore an industry has grown up around providing honeybees to apple growers during the blossoming season.

There are only enough honeybee hives in Ireland to pollinate a third of crops and increasingly, apple growers are relying on imported managed bumblebees, such as the buff-tailed bumblebee, to provide pollination services.

honey bees and flowers relationship memes

Similar possibilities exist with rapeseed which provides us with seas of yellow fields in early spring. These colonies consist of a queen bee, female workers, and male drones.

The queen has only one duty, and that is to lay eggs. She lays thousands of eggswhich means there are a lot of offspring to feed. For them, the relationship between bees and flowers is of particular importance. The only food they eat is pollen, which is along with honey the only source of food for bees.

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Flowers attract bees with bright colors and nice smells. Attracted bees land on flowers and collect pollen.

Bees also benefit from collected nectar which is a mixture of plant sugars and water.

honey bees and flowers relationship memes

Nectar is a great source of energy for bees allowing them to do their hard work. Bees get happier and more optimistic after eating a sweet treat Benefit for flowers Bees travel from flower to flower collecting pollen and nectar. As they travel and gather pollen, some of it falls from their body onto female flowers.

honey bees and flowers relationship memes

If the flowers are the same species then cross-pollination happens.