Hotel and food relationship

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hotel and food relationship

A Food & Beverage Manager forecasts, plans and controls the ordering of food and beverages (drinks) for a hospitality property. He also manages the finances. Food and Hotel India closes on a lucrative note in its maiden edition We hope to convert it into solid business relationship and look forward to venture. Therefore, a new & emerging trend is where the hotel forms a partnership . Service Sequence Outline of the relationship between the different.

Housekeeping co-ordination with Human Resource Housekeeping co-ordinates with the personal department for recruitment of staff, issuing of identity cards lockers promotion, confirmation and other facilities. Housekeeping co-ordination with purchase The purchase department helps the housekeeping in purchasing various items used in housekeeping department such as guest supplies, room stationeries various cleaning agents linens etc.

Housekeeping co-ordination with security The guest room is a private place and hotels spent lots of money to ensure the privacy and security.

Light and food…a special relationship

However the guest can take the advantage of this privacy by gambling performing any illegal activities inside the room. The housekeeping personal have to be alert to those going out and inform the security to take action against them. Housekeeping co-ordination with maintenance One of the most important functions of housekeeping department is to maintain the hotel or the purpose of keeping the furniture in working order for the safe of the guest.

Hence a proper co-relation is necessary with the engineering department. Which actually carries out the task of fixing out of order furniture, replacement of all the all the electrical goods repairing of all the plumbing items etc.

Food & Lighting, a special relationship

Housekeeping co-ordination with laundry It is the part of housekeeping that can either enhance the quality of housekeeping services. The responsibility of laundry is to wash dirty clothes and deliver clean and fresh linens to the guest as well as the other departments of hotels.


The laundry has to supply clean linens to the housekeeping department time to time in order to run the operation smoothly. Choosing the right food thanks to light There is another moment when we have to decide which food to put on our tables and that is when we go shopping.

Here too, light plays an essential part of the process.

hotel and food relationship

The most important characteristic is colour: And here too, LED technology has revolutionised the market. Today, we can find light sources specifically designed for various types of foods.

hotel and food relationship

The right light can highlight the freshness of meat and fish and the quality of vegetables, causing the colours to emerge.

All this must take place without posing any risks for the consumer and this is why there is talk of photobiological safety.

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The LED used must be free from effects that can alter the quality of the foods. Safety and efficiency in production departments LED lighting is also presenting itself as a quality solution for the production departments of plants in the food industry. The quality of the LED sources is particularly useful in a process in which clearly identifying the colours and shapes is essential for ensuring the quality and productivity of the work.