How did montag and faber meet

Montag meets Clarisse for the first time and begins to talk by Mackenzie Arick on Prezi

how did montag and faber meet

When Montag visits Faber, he brought a book (the Bible) with him and tells the However, I think that Montag does not agree with Captain Beatty When Montag first meets Clarisse, they talk about trivial things and one of the. he recalls a man named Faber he had met in the park and calls him. Montag is meet with Clarisse again and is intrigued with her ideas. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Montag is to find these men and meet Faber at a future date.

Furthermore, in this story, Religion was use to sale product to worshipper. This clearly shows that religion has lost its meaning. In our ages, religion provides us with knowledge to know the meaning life in this world including animals.

But in this story animals are treated cruelly. I think that if the rules for this society in the story have allowed people to read books, all of these will not happen and people will meet with real happiness. According to how she behaves with her friends and her hobby which is watching TV program. However, she maybe is one of the saddest characters in the story. This suggests that people in that society think that death is one of the ways to escape the problems. On the other hand, there are also reasons that can cause Mildred to attempt a suicide.

In my opinion, death is not a solution to any problem. For example, the idea of people not reading books, the study suggests that the average Thai citizen read 8 sentences per year. Throughout the story most characters that lost their lives would have essential impacts to the story.

One of the characters worth mentioning is Clarisse McClellan. She is introduced at the start of the story as a girl who thinks differently from other people of her ages. She convinced Montag to widen his view about the world. Her death in the early part of the story permanently changed Montag personality in which chose to seek for the importance of books and turned against all the firemen and his wife.

If she was still alive ,then the entire incident in the story such as Montag putting books in firemen houses and arguing with his wife and Beatty would never happen. Another character that influenced Montag are the women that burnt herself when Montag and his team are burning her books. This makes Montag questions himself whether they are doing the right things.

Also Beatty death also forces Montag to escape the city as he is now a criminal. Although this may not be his intention, he helps Montag to survive bombs attack in the city.

Lastly, everyone in the city including Mildred, their death would probably stop this vicious cycle about censorship and burning books. In the opening scene, why are the books compared with birds? Montag personifies the books in the opening scene. He compares them to birds since the physical characteristics of the books resemble those of birds. For example, the pages of the books are light and flutter like the wings of birds. Montag loves the job which he currently has.

He believes the job of the fireman is essential for the betterment of his society and that books are full of evil. Who does Montag meet on the way home? Montag meets Clarisse McClellan on the way home.

They talk about various things that would not be brought up as a choice of topic for other people because they lack creativity like Clarisse. During his conversation, Montag says that, "You never wash it off completely," referring to the kerosene.

What could this mean symbolically? Montag is referring to the guilt that he feels after burning the belonging of others. As he burns the books with kerosene, he realizes that each and every one of the books he is burning is a work that "a man had to take a long time to put them down on paper" Bradbury Why do you think that Bradbury would introduce Clarisse before Montag's wife, Mildred?

Bradbury introduces Clarisse first to compare the differences between our society and the society set in the novel. Since Bradbury introduces Clarisse first, it allows the readers to ease into the peculiar society of Farenheit Clarisse is a seventeen year old girl who resembles someone in our current culture, whereas Mildred represents a regular member of the society protrayed in Fahrenheit The relationship between Clarisse and Montag is also a good way for the reader to have a better understanding of Montag's character traits.

Why does Mildred need help when Montag gets home? When Montag returns home, he finds his wife starring blanking at the ceiling on her bed with her miniature radios in her ears. She is completely unconscious and her face is snow-white. Montag discovers that while he was at work, Mildred attempted to commit suicide by taking a overdose of sleeping pills. Describe the help that she receives. Two mechanics come to their house to pump out the pills in her stomach and gave her new, clean blood using two intriguing machines.

The mechanics say that there is no need to bring her to a real doctor because they encounter these cases all the time and that the machines will revive back to health without a problem. Is there anything unusual about the way the two men go about helping Mildred. How is it unusual? They used machines to get stuff out of her stomach because she was passed out.

The unusual part was they were technicians and not doctors. Clarisse's family actually talks and laughs while Montag's family is the opposite. Clarisse's family always has the lights on and believes in intellectual conversations while Montag and Mildred barely communicate Mildred is glued to the tv and Montag is often at work. She wakes up with a very large appetite.

Also, she denies the fact that she took all the sleeping pills in the bottle. All she does is watch tv and listen to her seashell radio. Describe the setup of Montag's TV room.

In the room there are four walls which are occupied by TVs, where Mildred sits the whole day, staring at the screens mindlessly. What is Clarisse doing when Montag sees her on p. Clarisse is looking up at the sky trying to drink the raindrops. How is Clarisse different from Mildred?

What page does montag meet Faber

Mildred doesn't go out of the house much. She typically just sits in the TV room watching TV all day. Clarisse is trying to figure out what the past was like.

She think firefighters might have put out fires once and she urges Montag to read the books he burns and think for himself. What is the mechanical hound and what is its purpose? The mechanical hound is a dog in the fire house which is used to track down and kill people. Bets are also placed on which animal the hound will catch first.

how did montag and faber meet

What is the hound's reaction to Montag? The hound had something against Montag and growled at him.

how did montag and faber meet

It suspected that he had stole books. Why does society consider Clarisse "anti-social"? In the society, being social meant that you sit around all day in front of your tv watching shows, numb, not knowing whats going on around you. The government censored people and only wanted you to watch tv and play sports, not to think at all.

Clarisse liked to talk, ask questions, and get to know more about people. This made her "anti-social.

how did montag and faber meet

At the next fire, what does Montag take? This next fire was at a woman's house. Montag took a book while at his job at burning other books. The book he happened to steal was a bible. On pg 40, Beatty reveals something very important about himself and his knowledge. On the way back from the burned house to the firehouse in the Salamander, Beatty recites a line from a book.

This revealed that he knew things from reading books. This brought up some suspicion. What technology does Mildred use to go to sleep? Mildred uses a device similar to an ipod to go to sleep. She engulfs herself in the music and sounds produced by the device to such an extent that she soon drifts away from reality.

The device brainwashes her and prevents her from clearly seeing the cruel truths about the world she lives in. Who is Mildred's "family"? Mildred referes to the people on her wall TVs as her family. In reality her family includes herself and Montag. She is completely engrossed in her TV and has shut out reality. What has happened to Clarisse? HOw did it happen? Mildred told Montag that Clarisse had died in a car accident. At this point MOntag doesn't know whether the accident was meant on purpose or if it had rather happened by chance.

What is unusual about the way Mildred told Montag about Clarisse? MIldred had known about Clarisse's death four days prior to when she informed MOntag abou tit. Also, her excuse to why she hadn't told him earlier was the fact that she had forgot. In our society today the idea of forgetting the fact that a friend of neighbor died is practically impossible.

how did montag and faber meet

We see here that MIldred has absolutely no feeling or emotions whatsoever. Her music device wall TVs have boxe her in and brainwashed her completely.

They contain great truths about our world. List three things Beatty talks about in his speech to MOntag that are true about our world. Beatty tells Montag that books and manuscripts have been condensed over time His statement has proven to be correct in our society today. Now the internet has provided us with the abiility to publish condensed versions and summaries of lengthy novels. Also, Beatty states that there are more minorities in a larger population.

Finally, Beatty states that censorship increased as time passes. This can directly be correlated to our society today as censorship of the government has increased to advancements in technology. The inteternet has been one of the main reasons that censorship has increased. Professor Faber thought it was a trap because he thought the phone line might have been tapped. He believed that other fireman might record what he was saying on the phone and then use that to incriminate him.

Why did Faber's fear dissipate when Montag was standing outside his door? Faber's fear dissipated as he saw that no other fireman was with Montag. He had some trust in Montag as they had met before in the park and talked so he was only slightly hesitant to open the door. Also, he saw that Montag carried a book and that proved to him that Montag had good intentions if he didn't have the book that would have proved that he might have been in league with the government.

What did Montag want from Faber? Montag wants help comprehending the hidden messages in books. He wants someone to listen and understand how he feels and to help him understand the importance and significance of books in a society. Also, Montag wanted Faber to help him reintroduce books to the world and his society. Did Faber remind Montag that people who are having fun are reluctant to become rebels? Yes, Faber did do so. People who enjoy themselves are reluctant to become rebels as that would change the system that currently brings them so much happiness and joy.

In fear of resurrecting or rather introducing a system with many failings that would hurt them, people have not rebelled against the sytem that they are currently under. How did Montag finally get Faber to consider really helping him? Initially Faber was extremely reluctant to assist Montag in his quest to reintroduce books to his society.