Huck and quinn relationship quizzes

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huck and quinn relationship quizzes

The show starts by showing character Quinn Perkins interview and . Huck attempts to have a relationship with his son once he is living a. Huck shot Fitz!), they didn't detract from the episodes' main plots; if anything, they built upon them. . This level of devotion exemplifies the relationship between glorified mother abusive marriage; Quinn from a wrongful murder and terrorist charge; Huck . The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. Any dedicated gladiator remembers the time in Scandal history when Huck and Quinn were all over each other. They even had the fan-made.

Do you think there is more going on between Quinn and Huck? A lot of people ask us that on Twitter and strangers on the street.

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There are a lot of people who want to see Quinn and Huck together. Guillermo and I feel like it's more interesting that they're not. We love their mentor-mentee relationship, but now that their relationship has basically gone to hell — and we can't say hell and back — I don't know if that will ever be in the Huckleberry Quinn future that it will ever turn sexual.

I think it's more interesting that they're not romantically involved. But I also feel like that whatever Shonda [Rhimes] and the writers writer for them will be brilliant and we're game for anything. It's not for no reason. I definitely think that Huck and Quinn going through that torture thing, as messed up as that was, there were some sexual elements in it.

huck and quinn relationship quizzes

There's no way you can be naked and duct-taped on the floor and have your face licked and have it be a mix of a bunch of things, including that it was sexual, vulnerable, messed-up and weird. We hit all the colors of the rainbow, I feel like. Now, they almost feel closer to me than they've ever been because they went through that together.

Who's to say Charlie won't be gunning for Huck as well?

huck and quinn relationship quizzes

If Huck ever finds out that Quinn and Charlie hooked up, what a showdown that's going to be! Quinn is planning to kill Rowan, so what can you tease for what's in store?

huck and quinn relationship quizzes

That Quinn versus Rowan moment at the end, we will get into all of that and where Quinn's loyalty really lies. Making matters worse, when Olivia finds out the truth of his stalkerish ways, the two engage in a struggle that leaves Olivia with a head injury and a hospital stay.

And yet somehow, that wasn't the deal breaker, with the two still remaining on and off to this day. Oh, and did we mention the fact that Jake is one of the highest operatives within the spy organization B, and that his kill count is astronomical and includes some of her closest friends?

Olivia, you in danger, girl. You get the picture. Scandal asks a lot of its viewers in terms of suspending their disbelief, and since it's basically a soap opera, we're pretty much willing to go along for the ride as long as we've got some popcorn. The fact that they manage to put up with this mess is worth recognition all on its own. Verna When Fitz was the subject of an assassination attempt in early season 2, it was one of the series' most electrifying moments to date, coming totally out of nowhere and leading to an exhilarating mystery.

Except when the truth really came out—that the assassination was orchestrated by Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton—a battle began that really served no clear purpose.

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As Fitz meets with Verna, she reveals all to him, including the truth of his presidency being fixed by the woman he loves. She also admitted to hiring the hit woman "Becky" to assassinate him. She'd set Hollis up to take the fall for that, but it did not pan out. To prevent Verna from talking to Assistant U. Attorney David Rosen, he went ahead and finished the job that cancer started. The people he'd trusted the most had turned him into a murderer.

She auditioned beside Gabrielle Union for the role. Before "Scandal", she was in many films and Broadway shows. Kerry is a graduate of George Washington University, where she was presented with a honorable Doctorate of Fine Arts degree. She is married to a professional football player and had their first child in Mellie was furious about this, but considered it. Who returned to the White House to negotiate Mellie's demands?

Cyrus Mellie didn't even know she had demands, until he showed up, as she was still in shock. When he asked her what she wanted, her first answer was to destroy Olivia Pope. Then, the pair cooked up a ridiculous list of demands, which Fitz agreed to reluctantly. Then Mellie changed her mind and told Cyrus he'd gone soft. Cyrus tried to get his job back from Fitz, which was all he wanted, and Fitz told him to leave. Then, Fitz went to Mellie and gave her a sincere but pointless apology story for what seemed like the 10th time.

So Cyrus, beyond humiliated by Fitz, told Mellie she'd been played. She almost got to the interview, but at the last minute realized she had indeed been played. In between these occurrences, Mellie had a talk with Olivia about how lonely and stifling being the First Lady was, and Olivia knew that role was not for her. So, at the end, Abby did what she had to do, and allowed the press to throw Olivia's reputation under the bus.

Fitz wanted to fire Abby, but Liv told him that Abby was doing what she had to. Mellie inspired the monstrous side of Cyrus back out of its cage. I am your boyfriend! James Novak This was in a flashback segment. After James was murdered by Jake, Cyrus' memories of their relationship were shown. James shouted this at Cyrus on Fitz's Inauguration Night. He wanted to go to the ball with Cyrus, but Cyrus had not yet come out to Fitz.

How did we, the audience, first get positive confirmation of that event plane being shot down? We were shown fifteen years in the past, when Cyrus first came aboard as Fitz's campaign manager. He'd first get Fitz into the California's governor's seat, and then into the White House. It was during these flashbacks that Jerry and Fitz talked about the plane that had been shot down, killing people.

It had to be hidden, as it was classified and made as though it never happened, and if any suspicion even arose about it Fitz would never be president. It was also revealed in this episode that a drunken Jerry had raped Millie, and was possibly the father of her first child.

Of course, in real time we learned as I always suspected that Olivia's mother had not even been on that plane and was alive. Fitz and Olivia In an effort to keep James off of the polling fraud story, Cyrus arranged to adopt a baby.

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He'd previously admitted to James that he did not want to have a child. He said that Fitz was his baby and he did not have the energy for another one. When James went back to work as a White House reporter, it forced Cyrus to reconsider that position.