Huey freeman and jazmine dubois relationship trust

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Huey Freeman is one of the main protagonists and hero in The Boondocks syndicated comic . Although Jazmine DuBois and Huey see each other outside sometimes, Huey often treats Jazmine poorly due to his disdain for her trusting Wuncler retains a friendly relationship with the Freeman family, despite Huey seeing. Thomas "Tom" Lancaster DuBois is the tetartagonist of The Boondocks. close and loving relationship with his daughter, although he shelters Jazmine quite a bit. Tom, however, trusts Robert and often turns to him when trouble befalls him . Jazmine DuBois is the secondary tritagonist on The Boondocks, and was a central character in Season 1. She is the daughter In the comics, her mixed ethnicity makes her an object of ridicule for Huey and Personality and relationships.

Huey looked up for a split second and saw the top of her pink bra in her baby blue V-neck long sleeved shirt. He quickly looked back down at his book and condemned himself for looking at his friend like that. It was the Thanksgiving break, and that meant Jazmine's sixteenth birthday was coming up next Friday.

Huey planned on giving her the "Happy Birthday, don't die anytime soon" line, but her sixteenth birthday was special, and so was Jazmine. For his own birthday, she had given him a black scarf and hug, although he cared more about the hug.

Besides why don't you read happier books, like normal people? Huey didn't like when Jazmine questioned what he read or watched. She did it so often that sometimes he didn't even notice it. She giggled so hard she fell off the bed.

huey freeman and jazmine dubois relationship trust

Huey swiftly jumped to the edge of the bed. You could get seriously hurt one day. Jazmine shook her head "I know. Riley was sitting in the living room, playing Call of Duty on PlayStation 3, while his girlfriend, Cindy, was on her Facebook. This was a daily thing for them, do nothing during the day, and at night wreak havoc on Woodcrest.

Between that, they would do normal dates, like the movies or the mall, but mostly they like to wreak havoc. This fuckin' game cheats like a bitch! Cindy shook her head. She had a higher score than Riley ever had on this game. Riley obviously thought she was cheating.

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There was no way a girl beat him in video games. Cindy just laughed again and got back on her computer. Huey and Jazmine came downstairs and went to the kitchen. Huey opened the refrigerator door and started to scour the fridge for food for both of them. Huey started to list the healthy foods, because he knew that's what Jazmine would like.

What's wrong with you today? Her jade eyes sparkled in the fluorescent lighting. Jazmine looked at Huey's back and saw something was wrong with him.

She didn't want to say it, but when he was hurting, she did too. She also didn't want to admit that she was in love with Huey, but that's just another problem. She landed on the big pile of leaves that were raked up earlier that day. She giggled, which was more or less a trademark of hers. Huey finally made it up the tree. And sat down next to where Jazmine was laying.

He rested his head on the bark while he chewed on a carrot. She was always known for her manners, even when she was around friends. She grabbed one out the bag and nibbled on it like a rabbit. Huey thought it was the cutest thing. What do you want? She brushed it off and started playing in the leaves again. I can't give you all of that. Jazmine was too busy in the leaves to notice anything Huey was saying.

Huey was still eating his carrots, and Jazmine… was being Jazmine. The silence was broken by Jazmine's screaming. Huey reacted by putting his arms out and pulling her close to him.

She was so surprised that Huey got her that she totally forgot how to speak. Huey rolled his eyes. She stopped staring at him and floated black to earth. Despite their constant fighting and his disagreement with Riley's beliefs, Huey cares very much for his brother as he usually tries to steer him in the right direction, acts in which Riley initially ignoresbut results in Riley facing the consequences of his actions later on.

Robert Freeman Huey fighting with Grandad. Robert Freeman is the paternal grandfather and legal guardian of Huey and Riley Freeman, who often disagrees with many of Huey's political ideas.

While in the comic strip, Huey and his grandfather have a much more affable relationship, in the The Boondocks TV series they are almost constantly at odds, in part due to his constant favoritism shown to Riley, who supports his grandfather's various crazy schemes.

Huey seems to offer Granddad advice in certain situations, such as during " Granddad's Fight ", " The S-Word ", and " The Story of Thugnificent ," attempts that almost always fall flat. Jazmine Dubois Huey and Jazmine working together. Although Jazmine and Huey spend a great deal of their time together, Huey often treats Jazmine poorly due to his disdain for her trusting personality and apolitical views. In the series, the two appear to be a lot closer, in fact, she is the only child he is shown to be interacting with outside of Riley as with Huey confiding in her about his desire to meet up with his former best friend Cairo during a planned trip to Chicago Wingmen and Huey allowing her to help him in his plan to free an unjustly imprisoned inmate scheduled to be executed out of prison " The Passion of Reverend Ruckus "essentially trusting her as an accomplice.

Despite treating Jazmine coldly, Huey has shown a proclivity to empathize with her on occasion, and he also shows visible concern for her at times, for instance, in " The Block is Hot " he campaigns for her release from under the near-child labor contract that she unknowingly signs with Ed Wuncler, Sr, and he gives her his scarf at the end of the episode when she gets cold.

Also, when it seems the world is going to end in the episode "The Fried Chicken Flu" Huey let's Jazmine stay at his house so she won't die.

huey freeman and jazmine dubois relationship trust

Uncle Ruckus Huey is the only main character to show any anger to Ruckus. Huey thinks something is wrong with Ruckus like why he really wants to be white. Huey also fights Ruckus at he end of episode Ruckus often views himself as a white man and often aspires to be white. This is due to the claim by his mother, stating that he was adopted by herself and Ruckus' father, Mr.

In a later episode of the third season, we meet his mother, father, and two brothers, all of whom attempt to convince him of his adopted status, except for his father. Ruckus tells Uncle that he is truly black, and that his mother loves white folks so much, she told Uncle he was adopted so that he could live being happy. In the third season's premiere, neither Huey nor Uncle Ruckus vote for Barack Obama to be elected President, but for different reasons: Ruckus's reason is that Obama is black and he wants McCain to win.

Huey, on the other hand, aside from the fact he is not old enough to vote, does not like either one; though he voices little actual opinion during the episode, but it is apparent that he thinks that Obama being President isn't going to change anything as many people presume.

Huey and Ruckus both plan on leaving the country in a plan called "Operation Exodus. Their association is only meant to extend to the Canadian border, at which point they will go their separate ways. The plan fails, however, when agents arrest Uncle Ruckus for threatening Obama. Huey, now unable to get a ride since Ruckus is in lockup, is forced to cancel Operation Exodus.

Tom Dubois Tom, Jazmine's father, represents everything Huey is primarily against. Tom, being a strait-laced liberal democrat assistant district attorney, is part of the structure that Huey views as inhibitive and self-destructive. He also dislikes Tom because he encourages his daughter to conform to a more European look rather than emphasizing the beauty of her African features, as shown when Tom mentions that he's tried everything to make Jazmine's hair more straight.

Despite Huey's disagreements with Tom, the two are shown generally to be on good terms as he often acknowledges Huey's intellect and maturity to the extent that he will often turn to Huey for advice on subjects ranging from help with his marriage, politics, and his career as a prosecutor with Huey supporting Tom's prosecution of R. Kelly for statutory rape. When he is put in holding for false accusations of murder and finds out that he will be sent to real "butt pounding" jail for the weekend - Tom uses his one phone call to beg Huey to catch the real killer before that day's end.

Huey does not trust Ed Wuncler due to the cause that he is a criminal. Examples of this in episode, "The Block Is Hot", Huey knows that Ed is a crook who has twelve year old girls working in sweat shops.

It had mainly been his idea after all. The four had decided that since the next day would be Saturday, they would all attend Cindy's favorite downtown club. Because it was an 18 and over club, Riley would also be able to get in too, which made him excited.

Especially for one of his ulterior reasons for going…. The club's only about a five minute walk or so, right? So if you guys just wanna all come to my place together, you can drop off the car in the lot and we can walk there.

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I'll tell you that right now. He then immediately looked at Huey. Second, what the hell are you talking about? You're not about to get served at the club. Whatchu think, I'mma club sober?

Anyways, what time are we going? He swatted it away with a smirk. Tomorrow night's gonna be on point. I'll see you tomorrow. He then gracefully hopped over the side of the convertible and onto the sidewalk. They're not going to unpack themselves. Try dat again, light-skin! You think cuz you's a chick you gonna get away with dat shit!

huey freeman and jazmine dubois relationship trust

The two had just returned home for the summer after their junior year away at college. Huey and Riley were both happy that they weren't forced to be in each other's space for so long, now that Riley had found him a small apartment a few blocks from the house. It definitely made their relationship easier… okay, they still fought… a lot, but it was a serious improvement from how they used to be. Cindy chuckled as Riley continued to rub his head. You want me to drive you over to your place?

But you wanna play a quick game 'fore you leave? I ain't really in the mood to play right-" "Pussy. Cindy narrowed her eyes at him. I mean, you is 21 now… Huey and Jazmine's age… gettin' up there…. Cindy let out a short chuckle of disbelief before rolling her eyes. Head Bitch In Charge, boo.

Jazmine DuBois

But you still one. And it ain't a good look for a dude to be lookin' like a bitch, my nig. Riley gave her his mischievous look before he bounced the ball. Then he turned to Cindy again. For the past year and a half since Riley turned eighteen, the two had been pumped that they could finally start hitting the clubs together. They went frequently, always getting buzzed prior to going. A few months ago, they had made a deal that when Cindy was 21, she would hook him up by ordering drinks for him.

They weren't too worried about getting caught; the club wasn't very strict and Riley and Cindy knew a lot of the people that worked there anyway.

They were confident they wouldn't get in trouble. All they wanted to do was have a good time. It went in flawlessly. The only thing we gotta do is make sure Huey McHater don't catch us. I ain't worried about shit.

Dubois family

I just don't want him up my ass about it… no homo. I don't kiss the ass of no hoe. Riley just smirked down at her and gave her a once-over. You really want me to answer that question, white girl?

Then she grinned at him. Riley snickered and nodded with a small smirk. They'd always been that comfortable with each other. Cindy smiled at him. Booty dance, the booty dance! Booty-booty-booty, do the booty dance!