Husband and wife relationship in confucianism the problem

husband and wife relationship in confucianism the problem

great Confucianist, proposed the question of "the three bonds of the kingly way" husband and wife in Mencius' "the five moral relationships" is quite different. Confucius laid the greatest emphasis upon the five human relationships. [ between father and son, ruler and minister, husband and wife, elder and younger brother . Han Fei Tzu died in B.C. Since the chapter in question con- tains the. Confucianism is the ethical system of Confucius, emphasizing moral order, the humanity and Husband to wife also know as matrimonial piety.

Traditional Chinese views of marriage also maintain that the roles of husbands and wives should be complementary, like the correlate pairs of yin and yang.

What Can We Learn From Ancient Chinese Views of Marriage?

Unfortunately, over time, Chinese thinkers began to associate husbands with yang and wives with yin and privileged yang over yin. However, originally, yin-yang polarities were not tied to gender at all, and when Chinese thinkers first began to draw analogies between yin and yang and male and female, these analogies were used loosely and did not disparage the female, as later texts did. Indeed, early Confucian views of marriage are more favorable to wives than later ones.

husband and wife relationship in confucianism the problem

Early texts recommend that women marry when they are in their early twenties—a contrast to the childhood marriage practices of later China and much of the world—and maintain that women should receive a proper education prior to marriage. Women in ancient China were regarded by early Confucian philosophers as moral agents fully capable of possessing at least many of the same virtues as men. Many of the women depicted in stories and anecdotes from classical and Han China are confident and effective agents, celebrated for their remarkable influence over their husbands, sons, daughters-in-law, and society.

These early Chinese views of the complementary roles of husbands and wives suggest some interesting ways of thinking about marriage, and help to clarify why the Confucians thought marriage was good for us. Each person, male or female, has many aspects and traits of character, and one might argue that to varying degrees and in different ways, these aspects and traits express qualities that are associated with yin and yang. This means that spouses can contribute in distinctive and complementary ways to their shared goals.

A Confucian would also insist that spouses should each take on tasks that further cultivate their virtues and abilities, as well as their sensitivity to and appreciation for each other. This type of view can be faithful to the ideal of yin-yang complementarity without accepting the sexism that defines later yin-yang gender analogies.

husband and wife relationship in confucianism the problem

Spouses who seek to embrace yin-yang complementarity might take turns performing the same tasks, but their approaches will differ. For example, when playing with their children outdoors, one parent may encourage athletic activities while the other parent may encourage observing wildlife.

husband and wife relationship in confucianism the problem

Li is a concept within Confucianism that dictates how those who practice it should prioritize their lives. The five relationships of Confucianism fall under the concept of Li, which is based on the philosophy of Confucius that a healthy life required a structured society.

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To Confucius, a good ruler is benevolent, and the ruler's subjects are loyal. A father is loving to his son, and the son demonstrates reverence to his father.

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A husband should be good to his wife, and his wife should, in turn, be obedient. An older sibling should be gentle to younger siblings, and younger siblings should be respectful of their older siblings. Finally two friends should be considerate and respectful of each other.

husband and wife relationship in confucianism the problem

Based on these principles, Confucius believed it was possible to form an ideal relationship with everyone people encountered throughout their lives. The fact that three of the five relationships are familial reiterates the key role that family plays in Confucianism. Confucius says that a father must display love and kindness toward his son, while the son should display obedience and reverence toward his father.

husband and wife relationship in confucianism the problem