Ipkknd arnav and khushi first meet

ipkknd arnav and khushi first meet

A darker version of Arnav and Khushi's first meeting. This story is kind of disturbing IPKKND SS Arnav/Khushi. It's going to continue being a. Read CHAPTER 3: MISTAKE from the story IPKKND-The Ultimate Test Of Love ( #Wattys) by jencyjamesmathai (Jency James) with For the first time after marriage arnav was tensed and cared for khushi. YOU CAN MEET HER. ArHi TS: You're the first, the last, my everything Chap 2 posted asked Arnav as he adjusted himself in the settee Khushi was Then one of his friends dared him to kiss me right there and you won't believe Arnav, he agreed.

Khushi chose to disregard his words and began screaming at the top of her voice. She stopped when she realised he was telling the truth. I think someone paid you to spy on me to get information.

Did they tell you to get close to me? To fuck me if necessary? Girls like you make me sick. You'd do anything for money, right?

How much did they pay you? I'll pay you double, no triple, to leave me alone. I'll leave you alone for free if you let me go. She just lay there as she couldn't process how she had gotten into this situation. He bit her lips and pushed his tongue into her mouth. Her taste was addictive; he couldn't get enough of her. He brought himself closer to her to make sure there wasn't any gap between them. His hands began to caress her soft milky thighs travelling higher to her hips, waists and her breasts.

He craved her touch and at that moment he knew he wanted her. Khushi didn't even try and protest she knew it would be futile.

ipkknd arnav and khushi first meet

He eventually came up for air and made the mistake of staring at her face. The tears had gone now but the trails they had made on her face were visible.

Here's Why Arnav And Khushi's Love Story In Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Was Far From Ordinary!

Her eyes looked empty and held a slight tinge of fear to them. Arnav got off her hastily when he realised what he was about to do. She didn't move an inch. He had forgotten that she hadn't consented to this and he was about to go and claim her. He covered his mouth with his hands and stared at her, hoping for some kind of reaction but none came. He moved to his jacket, got out his wallet and flung some cash at her lifeless body. Now take the cash and leave.

Here's Why Arnav And Khushi's Love Story In Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam D - DesiMartini

I hope you'll think twice before you do something like this again. After a while she realised he was no longer on her or touching her. She sat up on the bed to find the room empty. She gingerly got out of the bed and put on her lehenga. She picked up her dupatta and adjusted it so no one could see the bruises he had created. She was about to leave when she saw her broken dori pearls on the floor.

She released her hair from her plaits so it could cover her exposed back. She opened the door and peered out to see if anyone was around. When she was sure there was no one there, she made a straight beeline for her scooter. All thoughts of finding Abishek and confronting him about the dowry flew from her mind. Fresh tears fell from her eyes as she tried to ignore her aching body and mind.

She could only thank Devi Maya that nothing major happened to her back there and pray that no one would stop her on the way to her scooter. She got to her scooter with no hindrance but she didn't relax, only when she was sure she was half way home did she choose to relax. Back in the Sheesh Mahal, Arnav was angrily pacing the building.

He couldn't believe he was about to do something so monstrous. He came to a stop at an open room. He stepped into the darkness of the room and just stood there for a while, thinking about his actions. Finally he decided to turn on the lights to find out where he had ended up. The light illuminated a large room with a high ceiling that had chandeliers hanging from them. The chandeliers sprinkled a rainbow of light on the silk drapes and the mosaic floor. It was truly a grand room but Arnav's eyes didn't admire its beauty, he was looking at the one thing that spoilt the room.

He stared at his father's smiling face and with a roar took the painting down. He ripped the painting to shreds and threw the pieces into the fireplace before lighting the fire. He watched as his father burnt down with empty eyes and remembered Khushi. He left the room as the final embers died down.

When Khushi reached the house she finally remembered that today was her sister's wedding and that she had gone to convince the groom about the dowry. She rushed in to find everything deadly quiet. She looked around to find the aarti fire put out, the mandeep empty and unused and most of the decorations were taken down too. She ran to the house and into her room. She found Payal sitting in front of the mirror staring into space.

Khushi walked toward her but Payal showed no signs for moving. Khushi grabbed her shoulders and shook her a little. Then followed some roothna-manana. Yes, Khushi didn't want to stay with him anymore but he won her back.

And the oh-so-magical ILY moment. And while they prepped for their 're-marriage', ASR was encountered with another bitter truth. Well, Khushi's step-parents were responsible for Arnav's parent's death because her step-mother had an affair with his father.

Oh well, let that complication be. But true love triumphs all. Arnav forgot the past and married Khushi, yaay! The story doesn't end here. They then got together to reveal the bad boy, Shyam's truth and they were successful what else did you expect? He's the villian, duh Despite all the nafrat and taqraar, all's well that ends well.

I am already scared and you're just making it worse. Just do it before I jump off the bed and shut myself in the washroom" replied Khushi, her voice husky and urgent. I am just a bit. Tell me if it hurts a lot and I'll stop" said Arnav, while his gaze ran over her heaving mounds which were adorned with several love bites from him.

The scene made a strong feeling of possessiveness rise deep within his heart and he wished only he gets to see her this way. He wanted to be the one and only who could make her moan this way. What the hell are you thinking Arnav? The thought in itself is sinful. She's your best friend for heaven's sake. Let's not do it. It wasn't easy to say them but he had to. He wanted to be sure if she really wanted this.

You can't back off now. I am burning down there. I just need you. I am sure and even you know it. It was so difficult to not scream his name as painful pleasure shot and ran in her body. The contact was magical, and so right. The room was filled with soft moans and groans as Arnav entered deep within her body and soul, breaking all the natural barriers which obstructed his way. The night was a memorable one, for both of them. It had shifted something in the hearts of both, to which they were still unaware.

Why do you look sullen? After that night, he had expected her to be happy but she wasn't.

ipkknd arnav and khushi first meet

What could be the reason? Did she and he.! His stomach tightened in knots. So this is exactly what he had feared so far. The natural spark of his eyes died right there as he tried to imagine several situations, each increasing the throbbing pain in some unknown corner of his heart. It's me who did everything.

I am horrible Arnav.

I am the worst girlfriend he could have. He loves me so much but I. I just couldn't give him what he wants" She replied, pulling back and looking ashen and he hated it.

ipkknd arnav and khushi first meet

He hated to see her cry. Moreover he hated to see her blaming herself. You are my sweet darling, aren't you? You look best when you smile. Now tell me what exactly happened? Do I need to go and rearrange his bones for hurting you?

You just have to ask me, you know? It's all my mistake. I went to meet him in his flat. He's recently got a call letter from some renowned firm so we were celebrating. Just me and his friends. Then one of his friends dared him to kiss me right there and you won't believe Arnav, he agreed. He knows I am not comfortable with these stuffs in public yet he asked me to initiate the kiss.

I was so embarrassed and I refused. You think I was wrong there? He knew what was coming but he had to listen.