Jack frost and tooth fairy relationship

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jack frost and tooth fairy relationship

The Tooth Fairy replied, "Did you need something, Jack? Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Friendship - Jack Frost, Tooth - Words: 1, and since I really don't do Het relationships, this is gonna be more friendship related. Jack Frost and Toothiana are in a relationship, fulfilling their duties as Toothiana welcomes a new fairy into the fold, but there is something. Did he just have some kind of crush on one of Tooth's little fairy, or did he have grown His relationship with Baby Tooth is more of a friendship. nicknamed as Tooth by her Guardian friends, is very sweet albeit clumsy towards Jack Frost.

My breathing was heavy, and I was still wanting more. I thought I spoke to low for him to hear me, his smile told otherwise. I forgot how good his hearing was. His pale lips landed upon mine as he rolled us over. Putting me on top of him. I could feel his dick against my leg. It felt cold, and hard. I found it nice, how he stripped his pants off without me knowing.

jack frost and tooth fairy relationship

I ran my fingers through his hair, eagerly wanting more of it. More of his cold lips, cold touch, more of his body. I couldn't take it, I couldn't wait. I ended the lustful kiss and rose to a sitting position. His hands landed upon my legs as my eyes met his. I was horny, I was ready and so was he. I wanted so badly to feel him inside of me. Yet, as I looked into his eyes, I was surprised. I expected him to be eager like me. Impatiently wanting this intimacy. All I saw upon him was patience.

I had been told that a man would want it as badly as the woman. At least, that's what North told me. I had asked North what sex was like, knowing he had been with a woman before. He wasn't surprised, he told me he actually expected me to ask. He said that, for a man, it's the greatest thing to experience.

jack frost and tooth fairy relationship

That the man won't be able to control his actions. His mind will probably think clearly part of the time, but the body will want more and will try desperately and maybe be a little rough with the woman. He and I talked more on the subject, him being more understanding then bunny.

From all that he told me, I didn't expect what I saw in Jack. He brought his face close to my own in concern. It wasn't a lie, I actually didn't know exactly what to do.

I mean, I knew how he would enter me, just not how it was supposed to happen. The way he smiled told me he knew my real reason for my sudden lack of motion. I should have been afraid, since it was Jack Frost saying it. However, it turned me on even more. The wind picked us up as he stroked some feathers on my head. When I felt something press against my back, and something touch my feet, I looked away from his wonderful eyes to see just where he had placed us.

We were next to the door that led to the main part of my palace. We were against the wall. I wasn't sure how the wall played a part in what we were about to do. I'm sure him mind easily figured that out though. When he pulled away I was disappointed and hungry for more. I had little time to ponder the way he said it, for his fingers entered my pussy once more. He buried his lips and teeth into the feathers at my neck.

His other hand rested upon my hip. His fingers didn't enter me fully, like they were to shy to dive in. He was teasing me. It was like a fire was inside me, and the only way it would stop burning was if Jack gave me what I so dearly wanted. He chuckled, bringing his face into my view. He grabbed my legs and lifted them up. Surprising me and putting my weight against his strong arms and forcing me to lean back against the wall.

I didn't question anything at this point. I knew this would lead to where I wanted it to. He rubbed his dick against my lips a little bit before diving in. I gasped at the intrusion. It was pleasurable, deeply pleasurable.

jack frost and tooth fairy relationship

He was cold, not painful cold, but pleasurable cold. Having him inside me, made it very hard to think of anything but sex. My nails dug into his back as he began to move. It moved in and out, slowly, and I couldn't help but clench my teeth tightly. It was absolutely amazing. I could feel his warm breath on my shoulder. His teeth bit my skin playfully, making me giggle. I pulled on his hair as he fucked me faster. It was driving me mad, his new speed.

I couldn't believe how such pleasure could exist. My heavy breathing made my speech come out weird to me.

Has Jack Frost grown fond of Tooth during the movie?

He left my neck to look at me. He was breathing as hard as I was. His dick moved inside me, not missing a beat as his lips met mine in a kiss. I was worried when he pulled out of me and let my legs touch the floor. He ended the kiss and looked into my eyes. In them I saw hunger, the same hunger that I knew was in my own eyes. His smile told me he has an idea. He wasn't done, he just wanted to do something. The idea in your mind that is" I said.

He pulled me to the bed by my wrist as he kissed me again. I fell on top of him as he hit the bed. His tongue danced with my own. I wondered what his idea was as I felt his dick against my leg. It was a major turn on knowing he new more about this then I did. I felt his hand brush my feathers as he reached down to his dick.

His cold sweet tongue played effortlessly with my own as he pressed his tip against my entrance. My pussy stretched once again as he pushed into me. His cold hard dick penetrated deep into my depths, making me pull on his hair. The bed reacted with each deep thrust he gave me, aiding us in our pleasurable movements. I rose, pushing against his chest as I did. I left my hands on his chest for support. His hands went to my legs and got a firm grip. His dick pounded into me harder, forcing me to dig my nails into his chest.

This was beyond anything I could of imagined. Beyond all the memories I have collected. But like, as appealing and as interesting that is, especially when reading a fanfic on them, I just do not like ships like this! Jack would never in his right mind fall for Pitch and even if he did, it would be because Pitch manipulated him into believing that he was in love with him and I am not a fan of those types of romantic relationships.

But that is just me, and I apologize if I insulted anyone who likes this ship but as I said before, I am not a fan of these kinds of relationships. Not often at least. And thus, Jackunzel was born and surprisingly enough, it became a hit with the fans. Fans believed that both Jack and Rapunzel has a lot of things in common, for example they both dealt with being lonely for so many years and even to how they both wanted to know where they came from.

Then add the fact that Jack is connected to the moon and Rapunzel is connected to the sun and we have a sort of day and night dynamic going on between these two. Not only that, but fans would even make it that Rapunzel believed in Jack when she was a young girl and so he could have been her friend as a child, who forgot about him for a moment when she grew older, only to remember him once they reunite and of course then fall in love.

To say the least, I think that this ship is a really cute one and I for one have no problems with it at all. But outside of that, I am all for this pairing as I have read way to many Big 4 fanfics to get use to these two as a couple. But honestly, whether they are a couple or just as friends, I am all for it because they seem to work either way, although in some cases Jack just reminds me of a paler and younger version of Flynn. Most likely because fans back then usually preferred to pair Merida off with Hiccup, whereas Jack was paired off with Rapunzel.

After all, within the Guardians AU, Jack stays as the Guardian of Winter whereas Merida becomes the Guardian of Summer, two seasons that are complete opposites of one another but needs to be together to work as well. So, similar to how both Rapunzel and Merida were both the recent Disney Princess, it would make sense that fans who likes DreamWorks and especially the films both boys originated from, would start creating crossovers between them.

But either way, outside of The Big 4 fandom, these two have plenty of crossovers just on their own. The ship Hijack or Frostcup as some fans prefer to call it, is a very interesting one to explain. Heck, one of the reasons to why Hiccup ends up believing in Jack could even be because Toothless was able to see him and thus Hiccup wanted to know what it was that Toothless was seeing and tadah, Jack appeared!

To also add, they are the only two main males within the Big 4 fandom so obviously they would end up having some sort of close relationship with one another, whether it is romantic or platonic. Personally though, I am going to be completely honest and say that I love this ship a whole lot.

jack frost and tooth fairy relationship

It was thanks to me shipping Hijack is even how I found out about The Big 4 fandom in the first place and most of the fanfics that I read at first usually involved both boys getting together at the end.

I like how Hiccup is still his sassy self and would always know what to say whenever Jack teases him and then how Hiccup is considered as autumn to where Jack is winter, two seasons that are right next to one another?

Either way, outside the usual Jackunzel, Jelsa, Mericcup, and Hiccasird ships, Hijack has always been a personal fav of mines. But that is just me!

jack frost and tooth fairy relationship

Just please respect mines because I do like Hiccups canon ship too, in case anyone asks. Jack could linger among the kids and watch them play with abandon, stirring his memories of when he used to be just like them. The Guardian smiled mischievously when he spotted the Tooth Fairy's colorful form below, next to one of the many houses. Her hands were on her hips as she looked up at him, an eyebrow raised and wearing a dazzling smile. His heart fluttered in his chest, a common occurrence nowadays when he ran into her.

Jack found her joy infectious, loving how she would enthusiastically send her fairies off to some child and quickly fly to another by herself. Jack had been surprised by how much they had in common, such as her spitfire nature and love of children.

Most of all Jack loved that he was still overwhelmingly astounded by Toothiana, never tiring of watching her quickly fly from one place to another, months after they'd become a couple. How could he resist? Toothiana laughed melodically and flew up too meet him, both their arms stretching out at the same time to wrap around the other. Her boyfriend had spent the last two months in North's workshop, awaiting the return of winter and learning more about his duties as a Guardian.

They'd seen each other on nights when Jack was free to offer a helping hand collecting teeth. Now he was back, and for good. Jack's husky voice tickled her ear when he said, "Well I had to catch your attention somehow. The Fairy smiled back, her hand finding the nape of his neck to gently pull him back for a brief kiss.

His lips were momentarily warmed by the feel of hers, and he savored the light pressure of her chest against his as he pulled her closer. Toothiana ended the kiss, her hands resting on his shoulders. Some of the older kids aren't too excited about their break ending, so I thought I'd maybe give them a tiny snow day!

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A light blanket of snow already covered the ground below. Distracting me with a kiss to get your work done, huh? The wind whistled as the Guardians raced across the sky, the moon a round beacon above them. Jack slowed to a halt when they arrived at the lake where he'd been reborn, and shouted, "Wind! Toothiana panted in exhilaration as she looked into Jack's crystal blue eyes. Her gaze inevitably traveled to his mouth, his teeth like perfect diamonds. He released Tooth, still watching her quick, graceful movements.

Then she touched the ice, her transparent wings aloft and her hands held as though she were dancing. Her lilac eyes were looking down at the ice in wonder as it spread across the lake. The very sight took Jack's breath away. He suddenly had an idea. The Fairy stayed where she was, trying to ignore her cold feet. He had a look of intense concentration as he made careful, deliberate movements with the staff. He then floated closely above it and began to trace an image on the frost.

He looked up at Toothiana every few seconds, his eyes bright with purpose. Toothiana flushed when she realized what he was probably doing. Jack pulled mentally, power flowing through his fingers and sparking the image into emerging from the ice. Toothiana gasped when her ice-twin twirled into the air, leaving a shimmering trail in its wake. The other Toothiana danced fluidly, moonlight glowing through her transparent body. She was formed beautifully, her wings just as thin and fine as the real Toothiana's.

The Guardian laughed in breathless wonder, glancing back at the self-satisfied Jack with adoration. Her twin moved with her in perfect symmetry. She heard a rush of air, knowing that Jack flew up to join her. The two Guardians danced in a circle, not noticing the ice-twin disappear in a puff of snow. Jack was filled with joy as he moved with Toothiana, every beat of his immortal heart signifying a wondrous moment with the Fairy.