Jack sparrow and elizabeth swann relationship quizzes

Take This Pirates Of The Caribbean Quiz And Get Cast In One Of The Movies!

jack sparrow and elizabeth swann relationship quizzes

Take this extremely (not) scientific quiz and find out. 1, People Share the Secrets of Happy Relationships Capitaine Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann, Will. This is a quiz about the cool and awesome movie of Pirates of the Caribbean of all of the Will Turner,Elizabeth Swann,and Jack Sparrow. 2. While the man who preceded him on this quiz was the face of the Throughout the series, we come to view Will Turner as a pirate and future . island in hopes of finding a couple salty dogs who are willing to head back out to.

Despite Jack Sparrow being a smashing and smashed hit, he was actually a secondary character. Which is the more interesting character? Which is the better pirate? Question 21 What should sailors fear the most?

Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack & Elizabeth Scenes [3/6]

Beyond weather and rival pirates crashing down in a fury of sea spray, there are horrible beasts lurking deep beneath the brine as well as the infamous cursed captain Davy Jones, who takes the doomed for his crew and condemns them to a life of eternal servitude. Which of these is the most fearsome threat? Cannons A boarding party When sails are spotted on the waves, hoisting the colors of the Jolly Roger, it is inevitable that ships will engage in combat, clashing for spoils and for survival.

There are two ways one can engage in a naval battle: Which is the better way to wage naval warfare? Question 23 Who is the best female character in the Pirates franchise?

Elizabeth Swann Carina Smyth There are a number of great female leads throughout films, all femmes skilled in creating fatalities and damsels who can cause quite a bit of distress to their enemies. Which of these makes for the best character?

Question 24 Choose the best piratical insult. Which of these is the best pirate insult? Which captain is the better at the wheel? They have been in four of the five films so far, constantly bickering with each other. Not everyone obeys the rules equally.

Elizabeth Swann

Question 28 Pick the worst piratical punishment. Keelhauling Marooning Magic curse There are few virtues to be found aboard a pirate ship and mercy is not one of them. Throughout the series, we bear witness to a series of cruel punishments. Some are inflicted by the pirates themselves.

jack sparrow and elizabeth swann relationship quizzes

Others are magical in nature. Which of these punitive actions is the cruelest? Question 29 Which character made the best leader? Fortunes rise and fall. Captains become boatless vagabonds. Commodores become reduced to the status of commoners. Others rise to lead crews of their own.

Who is the best leader? Question 30 Which career did Will Turner most excel at? Which career was he better at? Question 31 Where are the greatest adventures found?

On land The high seas Many of the adventures in the series are encountered aback the roaring waves.

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Others can only be experienced after landing on some distant shore to come aboard an island or new continent, where everything from cannibal tribes to the Fountain of Youth might await those brave enough to look. Where are the best adventures found? Question 32 Which sea monster is the most perilous? Kraken Calypso Mermaids Every sailor has heard rumors of monsters lurking in the depths. After the first film, each subsequent movie in The Pirates of the Caribbean series contains some manner of sea monster.

Over the years, Elizabeth blossomed into a beautiful young lady, although drove her father to distraction with her willfulness and disregard for propriety.

Eight years after they first met, both Elizabeth and Will had both grown up, and Elizabeth still carried the medallion with her.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End

She attended James Norrington's promotion ceremony at Fort Charleswearing a corset that was far too tight for her a recent gift from her father, all the latest fashion in Londonand spent much of the time trying to keep herself from fainting. After the ceremony, James asked for a moment alone with Elizabeth out on the battlements, during which he proposed to her, having realized that all he was missing in his life was marriage to a fine woman.

Elizabeth was surprised, and this, coupled with the constricting corset, caused her to faint and topple over the battlements. She plunged into the water far below, narrowly missing the rocks, and sank to the sea bed. Jack Sparrow threatening Elizabeth just after her rescue. Fortunately for her, Captain Jack Sparrow had arrived in Port Royal, and, witnessing Elizabeth's fall, dived into the water to save her.

Bringing her up to the dock, Sparrow cut off her corset, and Elizabeth took a gulp of welcome fresh air. Sparrow also noticed her medallion, and seemed highly interested in it. Before he could say more, Norrington and his men arrived to arrest the piratedespite Elizabeth's protests. However, Jack suddenly turned on Elizabeth, holding her hostage while his effects were returned to him, before making a spectacular escape.

jack sparrow and elizabeth swann relationship quizzes

Shaken, Elizabeth returned to the mansion, where she reflected on the day's harrowing, yet exciting, events. You have to take me to shore!