Jang hyuk and nara relationship poems

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jang hyuk and nara relationship poems

The pair seem to be practicing any time they get - in one of the photos, Jang Hyuk still has the pins in his hair to get his hair to curl the perfect. Jang Na-ra (Hangul: 장나라; born March 18, ) is a South Korean musician, record In October , Jang released her second album Jjang Nara Vol.2 Sweet . Farewell for MBC's Drama Festival, pairing her once again with Jang Hyuk. one of the honorary public relations ambassadors for the South Korean. Jang Nara on Her Bed Scene with Jang Hyuk: “It Was a Warm Embrace” "Fated To Love You" ♥ Korean Drama Quotes, Korean Drama Movies, Korean.

Away from the public, Jang Hyuk took the time of military service as a good opportunity for self examination.

Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara Reveal They Are Comfortable with Each Other

He kept reflecting his past as well as rediscovering and reconnecting with Jung Yong Joon — his authentic selfa critical process to bring about personal growth and insights to live a fuller life. Jang Hyuk, Jung Yong Joon, is living a life truthful to his authentic self. Sharpening His Blade For celebrities, most of the time, leaving the stage with negative impression will make a comeback quite difficult.

When the future seemed dark and confidence was shattering, Jang Hyuk simply refused to let setbacks derail his goals and dreams. Instead of wasting time and energy worrying and regretting, he concentrated on sharpening his blade in those darkest hours of his life. Alongside with those, he also worked hard to improve his enunciation by reading newspaper out loud daily. Click on the picture, the voice over monologue starts at When the butterfly finally emerges out of the chrysalis, everyone can see the beauty of the metamorphosis.

As a passionate actor, perfecting the craft is his lifetime pursuit. In one of his interviews, Jang Hyuk revealed one of the secrets of his superb acting: He said watching films and studying how other people perform is one of the ways to enrich and improve his own acting skill.

Jang Nara interview excerpts – about FTLY and working with JH | Stuck on Hyuk

I believe he should have more by now. He carefully watched and analyzed each movies in his private study room. No wonder his acting skill has significantly improved over years. Jang Hyuk also showed his passion by putting extraordinary effort into crafting his character. He intensively analyzed the script: He has learned Jeet Kune Do for over ten years which enables him to perform martial arts actions with authentic moves and techniques.

Please click picture to see the video Besides Jeet Kune Do, Jang Hyuk also diligently learns English as he believes it is essential for his career to go international. As I have worked with native Koreans before, I know how hard it is for Koreans to pronounce English correctly because of the interference of their mother tongue. Simply click the picture and listen, his lines start at 5: With accumulated life experiences, persistent diligence and passionate pursuit, Jang Hyuk has not only overcome setbacks and made a successful return to the stage, but also kept reaping applauses and glorious awards.

Award Winning Qualities To me, Jang Hyuk truly deserves those award recognitions for he possesses several distinctive acting qualities that renders him so admirable. His uncanny ability allows him to play different characters with distinctiveness and authenticity. I can sense that Jang Hyuk has a deep inner well to draw from when he needs to craft a character.

jang hyuk and nara relationship poems

His facial expression, his body movement as well as his voice are so lifelike and natural that to the audience, what they see is not Jang Hyuk acting, but the character, a real life, living and unfolding in front of the eyes. His performance has that captivating power to draw the audience into his creative world.

By this I mean he is willing to be naked. What I am talking about is his emotional nakedness: He is just a man who strives to overcome his flaws and learn from his mistakes to progress towards maturity and success.

Circumstances may be tough and you may also make folly mistakes that bring disasters to your life. All those hidden moments of hard work are small steps towards achieving the dream of life.

Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk to Reunite for MBC’s Drama Special

She is already in mid-thirties. Not a young age covered by her baby face. When asked about marriage she shyly laughed. On the filming site, Jang Hyuk sunbaenim, the director, and my manager—they are all born in Those three became my mentors.

Every day my thought changes. Those three are giving me some life counseling and making me feel comfortable. I was always happy acting, but recently it became even more fun. Like Jang Na Ra. I can be pretty mean sometimes, you know.

jang hyuk and nara relationship poems

It was hard to act someone different from me, but on filming site everyone was treating me like they would treat MiYoung, so I could naturally become MY. How was the reunion with JH A. He taught me a lot, as well. With him, our acting just matched together even without prior discussion.

We decided to be brothers. I want to do action genre with him next time. I know you met with Choi Jin Hyuk before as well. How was it to work with him. CJH is a friend-like dongsaeng that I knew from long time ago. He came over to our home and played go-stop together before. There were a lot of hardships during filming as well, but he endured it so well, I was impressed. It was fun to act with him. What is the goal JNR wants to achieve as an actress? I want to do a role that I can shine as an unmarried woman.

If I marry, there will be different emotions I can understand, so I hope I can get fitting role at that time. My characters so far required me to get rid of energy, I want to try some roles that are brimming with energy. Do you plan to continue working in Korea? Working in China was definitely a good experience. Jang Na Ra experienced a lot of changes after debut, but they say her face looks the same. There was a lot of changes in terms of my face as well.

jang hyuk and nara relationship poems

It took me so long to look like a woman. I hope by next year I would look more feminine. Before, I looked fresh but unripe.

As I age and lose baby fat, I think my face is fitting my age. What I felt especially grateful about during filming this drama was hearing that I looked feminine.

Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra reunite for short drama 'Old Goodbye' | allkpop

I earned some confidence. Any know-how for your mind control? I try to set the bar high and give my best. Give my best, but I hope my acting always improve every time I do it. After I aged, I realized it was such a grateful thing that I was kept given opportunities to act. I was working very hard in my standard. He adores children, dotes on his wife, he fits to be a role model in every aspect.

If you just leave him alone, he could fill up a full hour with his ad-libs. In the beginning, I broke out in laughter and caused some NGs, but later I tried desperately to focus. When she had miscarriage, I felt like the world was breaking down on me. Everybody was happy and affectionate. Every one of them adored me and treated me as MY.

I did try actively to love this character, but because everybody else loved her, she could be completed. This time we had plenty of conversations about the drama and what we want, so it was even better team work.

jang hyuk and nara relationship poems

We decided to be brothers after the show, I want to stay close with him and learn from his character analysis, the expression of his eyes, how he delivers lines, and other things.