Jango fett and boba relationship memes

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jango fett and boba relationship memes

Yes, Jango Fett loved his son, Boba. 5 Answers I've got some quotes and pics that show as much. Granted Sorry this was so long, but I hope it offers insight into Jango and Boba's relationship and helps answer the question. k Views. We can confirm that, at least by 40 ABY, Boba Fett is aware of his clone lineage, in his conversation with his private Doctor, Beluine: You give up easy, Doctor. Tag someone who's a fuqboi (either of the Fett's) Jango Fett-core Boba Fett-core from Facebook tagged as Meme.

After this failed, the bounty hunters then set a trap for Windu by taking hostages. In the violent hostage situation, however, Boba Fett realized his mistake in allying with the bounty hunters. When the Jedi discovered the bounty hunters' location, Boba Fett was captured, and Hondo Ohnaka convinced him to tell the Jedi the location of the hostages because Jango Fett would have wanted him to do the honorable thing.

However, Boba Fett still swore to never forgive Windu. His name was changed to Jango during development, and George Lucas is thought to have purposefully chosen the name as a reference to the movie Django. In this film, Django was a violent mercenary and drifter with a rough past in the American Civil War. Django becomes entangled in a feud between former Confederate soldiers and Mexican revolutionaries when he allies with the revolutionaries to steal the Confederate officer's gold.


Lucas may have drawn on this iconic Western character when developing Jango Fett, as they share similarities in their mercenary professions, violent and cunning methods, and dark pasts. However, Django has a relatively happier ending for its title character than Attack of the Clones had for Jango Fett. Jango Fett's iconic Mandalorian armor was not easy for Morrison to film in. Jango Fett's helmet in particular caused a few problems. Morrison explained, "You couldn't see anything!

I remember filming with that mask on, one of the first days in the studio, standing there with no guns, just my fingers pointed out.

jango fett and boba relationship memes

I thought they could've got me some toy guns, but I didn't even have that, would you believe! He eventually discounted the idea as too hokey, but this developmental idea would have drastically changed Jango Fett's part in the series. This change could have changed Jango Fett's role in one of two ways. If Jango was still included in the series as Boba Fett's father, that would mean he would likely be Anakin Skywalker's father figure in some form, as Lucas' idea was to portray Boba and Anakin as stepbrothers.

However, this idea could instead write Jango Fett out completely instead of including him in the Skywalker family. The Mandalorians have a long history of bloody war, making their armor a symbol of fear in the galaxy. The Mandalorians fought in many conflicts, from early conflicts with the Jedi to the Mandalorian Civil War involving the notorious Death Watch.

Many years of war killed the majority of the planet's population and made the planet's surface inhospitable. However, the government of Mandalore tried to distance themselves from this history and did not want to be associated with the actions of Jango Fett, especially as claims circulated that Jango was Mandalorian.

They disavowed any connection to him, considering him a pretender who stole an artifact from Mandalore's bloody past. The exact origin of his armor remains to be seen. Boba posed as a young clone trooper cadetwith the nickname Lucky, using the fact that he was genetically identical to the other young clones to his advantage; no one onboard Endurance was aware of his true identity.

Once aboard the Endurance, Boba and the other clones were greeted by Windu and Anakin Skywalker, before being put through tactical training. Each clone was able to engage in target practice, and they all missed their targets—except for Boba who was able to use the skills his father taught him to his advantage.

Later, while on a tour of the ship, Boba slipped away from the other clones and found his way to Windu's quarters, where he quietly installed a bomb that would be triggered by a laser tripwire in the doorway. Windu did not enter his quarters, however, but a clone trooper did, killing the soldier in Windu's place and forcing the entire ship into alert status. Sing instructed Boba via comlink to sabotage the Endurance's reactor core, thereby killing everyone on the ship, but Boba was reluctant to kill everyone.

His only goal was to kill Windu. Nonetheless, Boba did as instructed, sneaking away from his fellow clones once again, before being caught by a clone trooper who called for security.

jango fett and boba relationship memes

The two engaged in a brief scuffle near the core, before Boba was able to stun the clone with the trooper's own blaster. He also shot at the core command console. With the Endurance critically damaged, the crew began to abandon ship.

Boba, whose identity was not yet discovered, and the other young clones were sealed into an escape pod and jettisoned into space, but Boba sabotaged the pod in order to separate himself and his fellow pod inhabitants from the other escapees. The pod was intercepted by Slave I, led by Sing and Bossk, which revealed Boba as the traitor who destroyed the Endurance. Boba was given the choice to either stay with the clone cadets or leave with the bounty hunters, and Boba somewhat reluctantly chose to leave with the bounty hunters.

After leaving the escape pod, Boba and the other bounty hunters, including Castas, made their way to the nearby planet Vanqorwhere the Endurance had crashed after the explosion. Once there, they killed several clone troopers and captured Admiral Kilianthe ship's commanding officer, as well as Clone Commander Ponds and another officer.

Hoping to set another trap for Windu, Boba rigged his father's old helmet as an explosive on the ship's bridgewhich would be detonated if Windu came looking for any survivors. The Jedi Master, with Skywalker, arrived shortly thereafter. The helmet exploded just after Windu noticed it, and remembered that Jango had a son—deducing that Boba was the one attempting to kill him.

Windu and Skywalker did not die in the ensuing explosion, but were caught within the rubble of the quickly-deteriorating vessel. Some of his companions objected, however, believing that their three prisoners were already enough to earn a sizable fortune from Count Dooku if they were turned over to the Separatists, but Sing sided with Boba, and the team set out to find Windu's body.

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As they entered the ship, they encountered R2-D2Skywalker's personal astromech droidwho attempted to slow their advance by throwing debris at them and closing doors in their path.

Unable to make it to the bridge, Sing made the decision to use Slave I to destroy the remainder of the Endurance, ensuring that Windu would perish.


Before using Slave I, the bounty hunters overheard an explosion caused by R2-D2, who had been attacked by gundarks and used one of the Jedi starfighters to kill a gundark. The bounty hunters believed that meant Windu had survived and jammed all communication, hoping to prevent the Jedi from requesting help.

R2-D2 was able to escape in the other starfighter, however, and survived a brief firefight with Slave I before jumping to hyperspace for Coruscantwhere he successfully found help at the Jedi Temple and was able to bring a team of Jedi and clones to rescue Windu and Skywalker.

The bounty hunters, meanwhile, decided to use the hostages to lure Windu into a trap.

VS - Jango Fett vs Boba Fett

Sing told Boba to personally execute Commander Ponds during the transmission, but he refused, as his goal was to kill Windu rather than other prisoners.

Sing executed Ponds on her own, jettisoning him into space, and Boba's relationship with her and the other bounty hunters began to deteriorate. Boba objected to the treatment of the other prisoners as well, going so far as to show compassion by providing them with water.

Ohnaka declined to help her if the Jedi arrived on Florrum, but he also vowed not to stand in her way. Castas, however, contacted a fellow bounty hunter on Coruscant and offered to provide information on Boba and the others.

Sing overheard his conversation and executed him, leaving Boba horrified as he began to realize he had made a mistake in teaming with the bounty hunters against Windu. Despite Castas' betrayal, it was his transmission to Coruscant that allowed the Jedi to discover Boba and the others on Florrum, as Tano had overheard the transmission. The two Jedi arrived on Florrum shortly thereafter, where Sing attempted to ransom the prisoners. Both sides ended up attacking one another, with Boba holding a blaster to Koon's head and Tano holding a lightsaber to Sing's throat.

The bounty hunters created a diversion and attempted to escape, but Boba was captured while Sing fled on a speeder. Koon interrogated Boba, who refused to disclose the location of the hostages despite his reservations about their treatment.