Ji hyo and gary relationship trust

ji hyo and gary relationship trust

Some asks “Why are Jihyo & Gary not dating in real life?” . After Jihyo's relationship announcement came up, a lot of running man fans felt sorry for Gary and. Another story about our Monday Couple, Gary and Jihyo finally got married after most basic level that two people will need to have to maintain a relationship. Tagged kang gary, monday couple, running man, song ji hyo . A few months ago, C-JES Entertainment leaked out Jihyo's relationship with .. Ariel's note: I'm sorry if what I've been writing is upsetting you but trust me, IT WILL GET BETTER.

However it did not stop me from constantly wanting him to send me to work. But he should have at least sacrificed!

ji hyo and gary relationship trust

Feeling annoyed, I opened the door, not making eye contact with the person in front of me. Noticing that the person has a much different style than Chang Joo oppa, I looked up.

ji hyo and gary relationship trust

The door opened to reveal Kang Gary. My eyes widened in shock. G-goodbye, see you later. My eyes twinkled when it landed on the Americano.

song jihyo – MyriamOnliine.

I was about to thank Kang Gary but he already left. I glanced at my watch which displayed 8. Of course, not forgetting the Americano. Goodbye, I have to go.

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The both of us are really close and she will be with me almost every day minus the days and time I spent with my namja-chingu. We shared everything together. I have even introduced Chang Joo oppa to her. I reached Incheon Airport an hour later.

ji hyo and gary relationship trust

I wondered what Kang Gary was doing and why he had to come an hour earlier. PD-nim has only told us to gather at the entrance of the Arrival Hall. Which guests are coming today? I situated myself at the bench in front of the hall. Some of the crew were seen setting up their cameras and the writers were doing a last minute checks on their scripts. Seeing that no other members have arrived except Kang GaryI decided to buy myself another cup of Americano. This is unlikely of you. I chuckled and he looked up, shocked as though I was not supposed to hear that.

After buying our cups of coffee, Myuk PD insisted that I come join them for the last five minutes before we start filming. We forgot that Myuk PD knew nothing about my relationship. Just as we were about to say something, or rather, just as Kang Gary was about to open his mouth to say a word, Jong kook oppa and Haha oppa scared him from behind, causing me to erupt into fits of laughter.

He clutched his hand and placed it on his heart to calm himself down. Some citizens were taking out their phones to take our pictures which we politely told that we were going to leave.

“Running Man”‘s Gary Sheds Light on His Relationship With Song Ji Hyo at Fan Meeting

The other members were waiting at the opening set for our arrival. Kang Gary made his way inside the Arrival Hall. After ten minutes, we were starting to clap the slate. He also wanted to leave you guys with postcards he wrote from Europe. My eyes glittered when I caught hold of our letters. On the letters, monuments found in Paris were drawn neatly. She has lovely eyes. The rest of the members and guests left and decided to leave Gary and Ji Hyo so they could "get to know each other" according to Haha.

It was so awkward that Gary decided to make fun of the situation. He eventually left to buy coffee from the vending machine but didn't have enough coins for two coffee.

ji hyo and gary relationship trust

He gave the cup he got to Ji Hyo. Ji Hyo, then, split it and gave the other half to Gary. It broke the ice a little and when the team returned, Gary said he will sit beside Ji Hyo. Gary made fun of the situation. He asked Ji Hyo if she wants to win the game. Ji Hyo said yes and Gary said what he wants is her. Because Ji hyo said she want to win, Gary purposely let Ji Hyo win When the other members teased Gary, he said "I am okay.

The other cheek hasn't been kissed yet. In the end, Ji Hyo chose Gary. Later, in the nametag ripping game, Gary let go of Ji Hyo again after she agreed to make their own version of the Titanic moment. When Ji Hyo learned of it, she said it's the end of Monday Couple.

The Monday Couple shopped together and decided to choose the item they want and just take the punishment together. Gary said he will protect her but not when it comes to her weight. Gary, who initially only wanted to join a team that Ji Hyo was going to join, was forced by Yoo Jae Suk to be in their team. Gary composes a traditional song for the Monday Couple. Gary is my man. They parody Secret Garden's coffee mustache gag. They drink a couple drink together.

Ji Hyo asked him to go to the coffee shop after finishing the food in that restaurant and let the rest members find the guest 35 Ji Hyo decides to take Gary in her team but was later upset with her choice when she saw Gary eating instead of looking for the guest and after being scolded by Joong Ki whom she didn't choose. Gary was the only one to raise his hand to be on Ji Hyo's team.

Ji Hyo, during the nametag ripping battle, asked Gary where the "gentle Gary" went. After the clock struck 12, signalling the end of Monday, Gary ripped off Ji Hyo's nametag. When a fan asked where Ji Hyo is, Gary said she's having an affair. Gary is supposed to open his arms and say "honey". If Ji Hyo embraces him, they get the ring. Ji Hyo did embrace him back. Even if they are not dating in real life, do they really have feelings for each other?

It was this touch of authenticity that really made viewers pay attention and buy into the seemingly real relationship. The more Gary appeared to make advances towards Ji Hyo in a shy, awkward way, the more fans the Monday couple gained.

ji hyo and gary relationship trust

Soon, the Monday couple craze fully exploded and grew into what it is today. It has now generated thousands of fan sites, blogs, fan clubs, fan art, fan videos, and much, much more!

No doubt for the sake of ratings, the producers and staff of the show began to encourage their behavior as well. Even the other cast members began to observe and make jokes about their relationship. All of this fantasy suddenly came to a screeching halt when it was announced that Ji Hyo was in a relationship with the CEO of her entertainment company. Die-hard fans of the Monday couple became so indignant that they began to criticize Ji Hyo for supposedly betraying Gary. I will work harder now, knowing that there are people out there who care about me enough to tell me to be strong, but no need for that anymore!!

There are others who are more in need of cheering. This seems so awkward and difficult.

Song Ji Hyo Reveals True Feelings About Gary’s Marriage

With time, the two stars seemed to regain their easy friendship and find new footing concerning the relationship between their characters on the show. This time however, things appeared slightly different. Previously, Gary had almost always been the one to initiate things on the show or was the first to bring up the Monday couple. Ji Hyo, on the other hand, primarily laughed it off and just found amusement at the jokes and comments.