Jody and yvette relationship questions

Baby Boy Kind of Love | The Misadventures of Ms. Not-Right-Now

jody and yvette relationship questions

May 1, Jody, the main character, is in love with his girlfriend, Yvette, who he also is have another baby outside of his relationship, flirt with Yvette's coworkers, Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Baby Boy is a American coming-of-age hood film written, produced, and directed by John At the beginning of the movie, Jody waits for Yvette at the clinic and it is found out that she was pregnant and that Jody made her have an abortion. Jody has now become a mature man, realizing that Juanita's relationship with. Jul 5, Singleton introduces Jody, firmly played by newcomer Tyrese love in their relationship, which makes the flip side of Jody irresponsibility seem all the more foolish. Still, when "Baby Boy" sticks to Jody and Yvette, there's a real story. In-depth · Photos · Videos · Archives · Issues · Curious Cornhuskers.

When she discovers his cheating, they get in a heated argument which results in Yvette punching Jody in the face and Jody slapping Yvette in the face.

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After this, Yvette changes the locks on the door. This infuriates Jody and they get into an argument, which JoJo witnesses. Eventually, Yvette's gangster ex-boyfriend Rodney is released from San Quentin State Prison and returns to the neighborhood to move in with Yvette, much to her dismay. Rodney doesn't care for JoJo and wants to impregnate Yvette himself.

Rodney attempts to rape Yvette in front of her son, but reconsiders after being guilted by Yvette and JoJo.

jody and yvette relationship questions

Despite their previous differences, Yvette begins to realize she is still in love with Jody. For the next couple of days, Yvette lives in fear and disgust of Rodney being there. Juanita finds marijuana in her garden and blames Jody for planting it. Jody becomes angry at his mom and blames Melvin for the marijuana.

Baby Boy Kind of Love

Melvin comes home and admits to Juanita that he planted it. Jody and Melvin get into a heated argument, which results in Melvin punching him in the face and breaking the table. Jody leaves the house to see Sweetpea. After this, Yvette kicks Rodney and his friends out of her apartment.

If you let him. Make you feel used. Men use women, women use men.

jody and yvette relationship questions

A young and impressionable teenager, at least when it came to Love and relationships, I sat there sucking everything in like a Oreck vacuum cleaner with a bad filter. This is kind of hard for me to admit. They yelled and screamed, broke up and got back together, not to mention all the infidelity. With all of those things as factors, I found myself drawn to Jody and Yvette—and consequently, though not intentionally, the many messages about Love in that movie.

I had no idea back then that the course of my relationship with Mr. Jody, Yvette, and young Jo-Jo relax on the couch. The character Jody had two different types of women in his life—his main course and his side dishes. And Yvette mostly accepted this. He fixed her car, helped her pay bills, and picked her up everyday from work. The other girls got nothing more than a wet back. But when does passion become unhealthy?

Here is a clip from season four of the show. Chuck could never tell Blair that he loved her.

Toxic Relationships in Pop Culture: Pt 1

She belonged to Him. How dare she marry a good man and not continue to play cat and mouse with me? Literally throughout the GG series Chuck and Blair were never on the same page.

Baby Boy - Jody and Yvette Make Up

Chuck and Blair eventually got married and had kids. I mean what the hell happened to reality TV?

jody and yvette relationship questions

Everything is so scripted nowadays but on the Jersey Shore it was real and raw. Sam and Ron began their love tryst during season one of the popular reality show.

Starting a relationship in an environment with booze, wild girls, and partying is tempting for any relationship. With that being said, Ron ended up cheating on Sammi at the club one night which caused tensions in the house to run high. But in my opinion, their relationship would have been dramatic whether Ron cheated or not.

jody and yvette relationship questions

The fighting between the pair became a normal part of living in the Jersey Shore house. I actually visited the house once! So cool In one particular episode, tensions between the lovers hit an all time high.

The night of the fight, Sam got mad at Ron for flirting with another girl at the bar.

jody and yvette relationship questions

So, he packed her shit. Ron took it upon himself to throw her clothes from the closet onto the floor of their room. That set it off.