Juno meets mark and vanessa relationship

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juno meets mark and vanessa relationship

I think between the 2 relationships that over all Juno and Bleeker have a healthier Pros: Mark and Vanessa both loved each other very much. She chooses Mark and Vanessa Loring, a yuppie couple with a huge house in the suburbs. Juno's growing relationship with her father is particularly touching, After Juno meets the Lorings, she and Mark bond over a common love of music . Juno Summary and Analysis of Part 2: Mark & Vanessa to do, and Juno's dad tells her he's going to come with her to meet the adoptive family. . styles, but also because of their vastly different relationships to motherhood.

I had a kid in the year leading up to the making of this movie. I was pushing all that stuff directly into Mark. Now, I was also going through what Vanessa was feeling, which is that desperation for the child, a desperation for everything to be all right, for the kid to come and for her to be healthy and perfect. So I kind of identified with both characters.

I think one of the wonderful turns on this movie is that you immediately identify with Mark at the beginning. Cool guy, nice, digs music, seems very put upon by his wife and we see guys in that situation all the time. I agree with some of what you are saying.

I agree there is a switch in her character. The idea is that at a certain point you need to grow up. The difference between me and Mark is that I stepped up. He did the right thing for him, if he had stayed in that marriage it would have been a lot worse, but I kind of pity Mark a little and you can feel that in the film.

You know, the love affair of Mark and Juno is not sexual. Juno who is pregnant and could easily become an adult is flirting with adulthood but needs to remain a child and Mark, who is flirting with childhood, and cannot go back to being a child, ends up in kind of this cyclical nature for the rest of his life. Of course, she's a lot busier these days, so not around as much.

Like others, I read it as he was certainly at least a little interested in Juno, and she got caught up in the "coolness" of this older guy. It's quite possible they changed this during shooting to accentuate the relationship, though. Worth finding out if so, because that would be a really neat detail I remember wondering what was on the screen but didn't see it for long enough to find out.

My impression was definitely that the dad character was the one who had gotten cold feet last time, not the pregnant girl.

juno meets mark and vanessa relationship

I could easily be wrong, though. My personal opinion is that the dad character developed sexual inclinations towards Juno by that point in the movie. However, I would have reacted with "oh god" and "eww" even if I had thought he had no romantic interest in her.

It's like that song, Glory Days. Refusing to grow up by pretending that your adult responsibilities and commitments don't exist is annoying.

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There are more nuances that I don't have words for, but please don't think I'm dismissing all potential meanings of "refusing to grow up" as bad. Hence the "ewww" reaction. I was not left with the impression that he had fantasies about her at all. I think that they were both feeling a little excitement of finding someone they could relate to at least superficially and that they both fought the tingle of sexual tension.

I think she served as a portal back the things he had forgotten he loved, that he had buried due to being in an unfulfilling relationship, and that she acted as a catalyst to the realization that he would never be happy with Vanessa. I never got any impression he wanted to leave his wife for Juno.

I don't think he was immature or deluded and I think in the end he did the best thing for everyone. According to Diablo Cody, she specifically wrote that it was Dr Pepper lip gloss in the script, and a PA had to drive from the set in Canada to the United States to buy some for that scene.

It's not like you can't get it here. I've had it myself. The seduction of Bleeker was planned-- and there would have still been a movie if the rubber had broken. Whether or not he was leaving his wife FOR Juno, I think was left ambiguous, because it seemed that the character himself wasn't even ready to admit to that. But I think his attraction to her goes beyond the fact that she is young and attracted to him.

It's not that she's cute and funny and some sort of ego boost, she's more of a screaming wake-up call that he's married to the wrong person. Juno herself obviously loves her dad, but there were points in the film where you could see she just wants him to get her in her teenage-hipness.

Part of her character arc was learning that the totally geeky things her dad says to her about loving her always are true, even if he doesn't like guitars or horror films or whatever.

juno meets mark and vanessa relationship

She's looking for a place to fit in, and Mark offers that, superficially-- but under the surface he doesn't, because his emotional growth is stunted. I'd argue partially by his capitulation to a subservient role in his relationship, but ymmv.

There's an element of attraction there on both sides, but for Juno I'd suspect its not conscious at all. For him, she represents a chance to try again, more than a real fantasy that they're going to have a relationship.

I didn't think he was saying "I'm getting an apartment, it can be our love nest. It's there, but not explicit. If he had straight-up hit on her, that would have pushed his character into undeniably reprehensible territory. But it's not a lifetime movie--who wants it to be so morally black and white?

So at the end of the movie, we see that the guy who seemed cool at first is actually not so cool, pretty immature, and maybe almost made a huge mistake by giving into a temptation that is natural to have but is his duty as the adult in the situation not to act on. He's human, it's not the worst thing in the world, but it's not a good thing either.

I must say I love how it ended. And I loved Allison Janney. And I love Dr. I've seen other folks on the internet seemed confused about this, and I'm surprised. Do people really think it's OK for something married men to slow dance with underage girls in their basements? And can you imagine coming home from work and finding your husband alone with a teenage girl who's running away from him and crying?

Man, that scene was awesomely awkward. I thought it was completely obvious that there was a transference thing going on because of the nature of their relationship. She was, in a very real sense, having his baby. She was having trouble finding intimacy with the biological father of her child, so she was looking for it with the adoptive father of her child. Similarly, Patrick felt he had a sort of dispensation to flirt with Juno because she was pregnant with 'his' child.

This implied an awkward but unavoidable 'intimacy. But the natural development of that friendship is of course going to turn to actual intimacy eventually.

What was disappointing about Patrick's character wasn't that he was attracted to Juno. It was that he took their intimacy to be more of a way to get his youth back, then to connect with the biological mother of his child. And it's also key that this recapturing of his youth is more important to him than his attraction to Juno specifically. After all, he still leaves Vanessa, even when he knows that he his friendship with Juno is over.

People are complicated, especially when it comes to things like their relationship with their own children, with their parents, and with those they're attracted to.

One of the reasons this is a good movie is that it takes that into consideration. It's a mistake to think that this question has one simple, obvious answer. Juno and Patrick's relationship isn't supposed to be easy to explain; it's supposed to be easy to believe.

Despite the caveats and realizing it's slightly off topicthis pisses me off no end. I think it's SO easy to see the guy as shirking his responsibilities, when in fact, it seemed to me that though he wasn't doing exactly what he'd wanted to do, he had buckled down, used his skills as a musician, and had done quite well recall the scene where he talks about how x song paid for his kitchen remodel.

That he's wistful for his rock band days doesn't make him pathetic. That he's ambiguous about having a child does not mean he's "refusing to grow up".

Juno - Like That City In Alaska

Being a parent does not MAKE one grown up. Choosing not to be one does not MAKE one creepy or irresponsible. I'd posit that the majority of people are NOT doing what they dreamed they'd be doing as adults. Sucking it up and deadening yourself to the drudgery of that life does not make you a responsible adult.

The Vanessa character, so SURE she needed to be a mother, busied herself with things, and perfection.

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In the end, she's a very sympathetic character, but that uptight driven-ness is as distasteful, if not moreso, than her husband's desire not to be a career jingle writer, or not to be a parent. This said, I absolutely think that Juno's presence and their connection was the catalyst to his leaving and that there was some romantic feelings brewing there something that he likely should have done much sooner. Instead of having an adult relationship with Vanessa, he chose to be the emotional child in the relationship, allowing himself his true self, perhaps to be relegated to the corners of the house and hidden away.

Instead of honesty with his wife about his ambivalence about fatherhood, he chose to throw himself into an emotional sulk, and drowned that ambivalence in his wistfulness for his lost youth.

It's not the wistfulness per se that's emotionally immature; it's the fact that he doesn't stand up as an adult and have the hard conversations.

Kind of like Juno is doing with the father of her baby-- but she has the excuse that she's Someone not blinded by baby lust would say "This marriage isn't working.

Let's see if we can fix that before we bring a child into the mix". I too thought their relationship was the most interesting in the movie, because of these very issues.

Maybe she is desperate, but anyone who has even considered adoption knows that it goes wrong far more often than it goes right. If you came so close to adopting a child, only for the birth mother to change her mind?

I knew exactly how she felt — we would take elastic pants for the rest of our lives in exchange for that pregnancy. I knew completely this character and suddenly wondered if she was written to be laughed at, or if the writer too had a deep understanding of the heartbreak of infertility. This character was written beautifully — because she was real.

Perhaps she was written so the audience would have these two vastly different interpretations. Well, that last time around, I felt her heartbreak. I knew what it was like to alter my personality in an attempt to deal with my new reality.