Kalinda and nick relationship problems

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kalinda and nick relationship problems

The nature of Peter and Kalinda's relationship in the three years that they of her - pushing her to be a better attorney and offering advice, often unsolicited, it is revealed that Kalinda has an estranged abusive husband, Nick Saverese. The Good Wife's Kalinda husband plot needs to go away And if this relationship with Nick is what we get when she does have a deep bond. No one liked him, but WHAT happened to Nick? In this case, it was mixing Dashiell Hammett into a marriage. This would allow Kalinda to understand Alicia better. Nick. Again, the problem we run into is how boring and tedious informational backstory is without some entertaining construction to give it.

kalinda and nick relationship problems

Sonia Saraiya May 7, The fifth season told the story of Alicia attempting to establish independence, and some of that meant hurting the people closest to her. This season has not felt nearly as rewarding. The tightest network drama on television fell apart, seemingly overnight. We watched an election, a stint in prison, an investigation of a drug dealer, and the aftereffects of voter fraud, but it has been difficult to assemble the events into a cohesive narrative, and harder still to surmise why any of that narrative matters to us, the viewers.

Was it all downhill after Charles left the show? Here are at least some of the things that made Season 6 a strange, unfulfilling disappointment. The Kings had no idea what to do with Kalinda.

The Good Wife’s Kalinda husband plot needs to go away

Then at the end of Season 2, Alicia discovers that well before they were friends, Kalinda slept with her husband, Peter Chris Noth. Both are devastated, and their relationship never heals. It was a beautiful, sad breakup, all the more so for being a friend-breakup instead of a romantic one. Alicia threw herself into an affair with Will Charlesdriven, clearly, by a need to one-up both her husband and her best friend.

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Kalinda carried a torch, of sorts: What the character needed was to mend fences with Alicia and resume her role as mysterious but loyal sidekick. By sometime in Season 4, it seemed like it was on the horizon.

kalinda and nick relationship problems

She reckoned managers, co-workers, extended family and political rivals. Kalinda brought Alicia some stuff when Alicia was working on a case in Minnesota, and they hung out in a hotel room, kind of just like old times.

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And then it just… never… happened. The off-screen drama That moment in the hotel was the last time they spoke. InBuzzFeed reported that Margulies and Panjabi had not been in the same scene for 30 episodes—when they had to speak, it was merely on the phone.

They've appeared to be in a pretty good place so far this season. I would just say that they're going to be in each other's spheres probably more than they were last year. The difficulty is that the two are riding a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

They're trying to present a public persona for the voters and meanwhile, how much are their emotions in line with that public persona and how much is it battling with it? That is what I think they're struggling with. They're doing a great job this year at really suggesting that ambivalence. One thing I don't think TV handles well is ambivalence. So much of what we do is not percent passion, not percent love or hate. It's somewhere mixed up in between. Another big question about the campaign is whether Eli will ever find out about Peter and Kalinda?

That question has come up this season. Part of Eli's problem is that, like every campaign, you need to know where the land mines are to avoid them, and Eli doesn't know that there's about a half-dozen land mines he doesn't know.

Alicia is going to have several new friendships this year, such as Maddie Maura Tierney. How will these new relationships affect her?

kalinda and nick relationship problems

Often these friends point the direction towards the friendship that is important more than any. There are probably no more two different people than Kalinda and Alicia, yet that is the core friendship that will survive the test of time.

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What's nice is you see that Alicia is not as guarded as Alicia had to be Season 1, so she is allowing herself to be a little more open to these other friendships. You can't go back to the river you were swimming in before; it always changes.

What we've always enjoyed is seeing the two together so you're going to see a lot more. Switching gears, The Good Wife writers room account recently tweeted: Our girl will be back.

One of the things we've done is we've accelerated that story a little because we didn't feel the viewers were responding to it as well as we thought. We're not complete dilettantes when it comes to storytelling.

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When your audience is either a falling asleep or b provoked, you kind of want to continue the story you're telling, but pace it up a bit and finish the story earlier than you thought originally. But what we've always wanted to do is show a side of Kalinda that actually propels her further into Alicia's world.

I think one of the things we want the audience to see is a story that probably concludes a little earlier than we anticipated and keeps Alicia and Cary in the mix because obviously we feel the characters are better when it's a full work family of characters. Alicia and Cary have such an interesting relationship on the show and we felt we really moved our chess pieces well that they're now in the same office.

The bottom line is that that creates a lot of difficulties for the Nick-Kalinda-ness of things obviously because Cary has unresolved emotions towards Kalinda that are romantic and Alicia because she doesn't think that Kalinda may have the best objectivity about Nick and what he's doing.

The bottom line is because this is a very tight-knit family even though they have different reasons for being tight-knit, they have the same worry about an alien agent acting upon one of their friends. We need to talk about Kalinda Were you surprised about the reaction to Kalinda's story line? Speaking for myself, I was and looking back at it now, I probably shouldn't have been.

kalinda and nick relationship problems

I think I was because I always feel like Kalinda is this thing we can go out on a limb with. I think a people just don't want Kalinda to go there, which I think is a worthy response that I never thought of and b I think that it was pushing buttons that are not really healthy buttons to push, which are about domestic violence and dominating men and things like that.

I thought it would come across as Kalinda was giving as good as she got, but it's not coming across that way. Speaking for myself, I was surprised that there was resistance to the story line. The part that did not surprise me is that no one is saying negative things about Marc Warren's performance. Everyone is agreeing that he's doing a fantastic job portraying character, in fact maybe so fantastic that people are upset that Kalinda would be connected to that.

Do you have any regrets about doing that story line?