Kamal hassan and srividya relationship

'Srividya loved life, and loved to live'

kamal hassan and srividya relationship

It is said to be based on one of the biggest Kollywood romances of the late 70s between Kamal Hassan and top Tamil and Malayalam actress. Kamal Haasan Has Been In Relationship With 5 Women, But Still Alone At The Soon after breaking up with Srividya, Kamal fell in love with a. Kamal Haasan Marriage - Kamal And Srividya. Kamal Kamal was not keen on taking their relationship to the next level, and soon broke-up.

Her interest was fanned by the fact that when young, her mother often left her in company of the famed Travancore sisters Lalitha, Padmini and Ragini, actresses and dancers all. She was 13 when she broke into Malayalam cinema; three years later, she first captured the popular imagination with her role in Chattambikavalaopposite the then year-old Satyan, who by then had won a national award for his role in Chemmeen and was firmly installed as Malayalam cinema's most iconic star.

Though she was 19 at the time, she played the older woman for whom the young Kamal falls; it is a different matter that she went on to play Kamal's mother in Apoorva Sahodarargal Appu Raja, in Hindi.

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She has been paired opposite the leading actors of two generations. She has played mother to the likes of Mammootty with whom she has also been paired as wife, lover and sisterMohanlal she has also played his sisterNagarjuna, Chiranjeevi et al. Her heyday was the seventies, and though she acted in Tamil and Telugu as well, it was Malayalam cinema that saw her at her best.

Life doled out the good and bad in uneven measure. Thus, while in her profession she made the transition from star to top quality character actress with ease and grace, her personal life was marked by a series of traumas.

At the peak of her career, she married businessman George Thomas, only to end up in an abusive marriage that lasted nine years.

kamal hassan and srividya relationship

She ended up losing her money and assets; it took a prolonged court battle, which ended in the Supreme Court, before her home and other properties were restored to her in the late nineties. And by the time she resolved that trauma, illness claimed her. It was while she was bereft of her earnings and her property that she moved back to Trivandrum from her home town Chennai, and began focusing on television serials, in which she quickly made a mark, starring in several well received ones.

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Kaithaprom Damodaran Namboodiripad, a Carnatic singer and popular lyricist, was responsible, and the event had its genesis in a chance meting on a train. Kaithaprom asked her, 'Why hasn't the daughter of ML Vasantha Kumari given a single kacehri in her life?

He later remembered that she was extremely grateful to him for his persuasion. What do you think about the story? Read what others have to say: Number of User Comments: Sankaran Nairin which she acted as the heroine opposite to Sathyan.

kamal hassan and srividya relationship

She gained public attention in Chenda, directed by A. Among the south Indian language movies she acted in, the maximum number of movies was in Malayalam to - see full list here [3] Her role as Amba from the mythological story adapted film from the Mahabarath, Amba Ambika Ambalikahas been appreciated. She was an expert classical vocalist as well. She used to sing in functions such as the Soorya Festival. Personal life[ edit ] Srividya acted in Apoorva Raagangal opposite Kamal Haasan which virtually changed her life.

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In the film she acted as lover of Kamal Haasan. She fell in love with Kamal Haasan during the making of the film.

kamal hassan and srividya relationship

They had the support of their families, but they broke up. Their relationship was the inspiration of a Malayalam film Thirakkatha as well, released in She married him on 9 January despite opposition from her family. She wanted to stay as a housewifebut had to return to acting, when George forced her to, citing financial issues.

She soon realised that she made a wrong decision in marrying him.

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Her life became miserable and the marriage ended in divorce in After her divorce she continued acting in movies mainly Malayalam. During this period she fell in love with film director Bharathan who made many films with her as the female lead.

The divorce with George Thomas was followed by a prolonged legal battle to settle financial issues between the two. The case went up to the Supreme Court of Indiawhere she won the final decision.

She underwent treatment for three years. Two months before her death on 19 OctoberMs.