Kaworu and shinji relationship poems

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kaworu and shinji relationship poems

Shinji Ikari: All my teachers told was that it was important to the future of mankind. .. It is not necessarily an actual poem, and may simply be Rei's comments on random images that Unit 01 is . Kaworu Nagisa: So what are you doing for the rest of the day? Shinji . [Misato kisses Shinji]: Misato: That was a grown-up kiss. Here are 20 valid reasons why the relationship between Kaworu and Shinji can be viewed as a romantic one. Reason 1: In the movie poster for. Kaworu's interactions with Shinji and proclaimed love for him As the relationship is satisfactory, concern over.

Shinji feels unloved from his father, and unwanted. All he wants is for others to need him. Personality Shinji can be described as shy, timid, selfless, and depressed. Throughout the whole series, Shinji deals with his depression until he realizes that he wants to continue living on Earth.

kaworu and shinji relationship poems

He is scared to get close to people due to something that called the Hedgehog's Dilemma. The Hedgehog's Dilemma can be described as two Hedgehogs wanting to get close to each other, but the closer they get, the more they risk hurting each other with their spikes. That is Shinji's view on people.

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He doesn't want to hurt anyone with his personal troubles. Shinji prefers to keep to himself. Relations Asuka Asuka is constantly trying to compete with Shinji.

She often will express her hatred for him.

Kaworu Nagisa

But their relationship is a confusing one, because Asuka will also do things like tell Shinji to kiss her. Shinji likes Asuka, but because of how badly she treats him, he stays withdrawn.

And Asuka does like Shinji, but he doesn't show any affection towards her, so she treats him like scum. Asuka feels the need to be the best, since her mother never thought she was, and always chose a doll over her own daughter.

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In order to be the best, she has to compete with Shinji. Rei Rei is the 1st child. She is one of the first people Shinji allows himself to get close to. She cares about Shinji and even tries to bring him and his father closer together. They have each other's backs through it all.

kaworu and shinji relationship poems

Misato Misato becomes Shinji's legal guardian when he comes to Nerv. She welcomed him with open doors and made him feel welcomed. Misato grows on Shinji, and eventually makes him come out of his shell. Her position at Nerv is a Lieutenant Colonel, and her title requires her to act as a field commander to all of the pilots.

Rebuild of Evangelion[ edit ] Promotional materials for Rebuild of Evangelion showed prominent images of Kaworu in his plugsuit with the other Children. In the second film, Gendo and Fuyutsuki travel to the Moon to observe the construction of the Mark.

kaworu and shinji relationship poems

He turns towards them and calls someone a father. In the end, Kaworu comes down from the Moon with the Mark. Afterwards he says that the promised time has come and that this time he will bring Shinji happiness. The preview of the third film shows Kaworu confronting four other pilots in an unknown location. In the third film, fourteen years after the second film, he appears to now be working for NERV. During Shinji's stay at NERV, he forms a friendship with Kaworu, who teaches him how to play the piano, and stargazes with him.

Later when Shinji asked what had happened to the people he knew, Kaworu takes him to the ruins of Geofront and Tokyo-3, explaining that Shinji's awakening of Unit caused the Third Impact and further decimated the world. He also reveals the aim of the ongoing Human Instrumentality Project: On the day of the operation, Shinji is unsure whether to follow Gendo's orders or Misato's plea to not pilot an Evangelion again, so Kaworu takes the choker off Shinji and wears it as a sign of trust.

When Unit reaches Lilith's corpse, Kaworu realizes that both spears are similar and pleads with Shinji to not remove them.


The awakened Unit flies out of the Geofront and rises into the sky, starting Fourth Impact. Kaworu reveals he is the First Angel, now "cast down" to the Thirteenth. The choker detects Unit's awakening and activates.

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To halt Fourth Impact, Kaworu allows the choker to kill him before Shinji's eyes. Before dying, he states that he and Shinji will meet again. However, it is currently unknown if he will be returning for the fourth film.

kaworu and shinji relationship poems

In other media[ edit ] Kaworu makes appearances in various other media spin-offs of Neon Genesis Evangelionincluding various audio dramas and music CDs and Yoshiyuki Sadamoto 's adaptation of the anime.

Here, Kaworu is portrayed as being ignorant of human emotions and taboos regarding social interaction and personal space, creating some comic relief. His role is very similar to his anime counterpart's although some details have been altered, such as his friendship with Shinji not being immediate. In these manga appearances, Kaworu is typically portrayed in a lighter tone than in the series, with focus placed on his relationship with Shinji.

Kaworu also appears in video games based on the Evangelion franchise, including the popular cross-over franchise Super Robot Wars. In the game's adaption of The End of Evangelion, Kaworu's spirit returns to take control of Unit and aid Shinji in battle and help rescue Rei from inside Lilith.

He also visits Nekki Basara and voices his approval of his music. He makes his final appearance during the final battle with Kaiser Ephes where he encourages the Eva pilots not give up.