Kazuya and jun relationship quotes

What kind Relationship Kazuya with Jun ? : Tekken

kazuya and jun relationship quotes

Permalink Reply Quote like Jin n Asuka, they hav no family relationship at all story in Teken 5 or Tekken 5 DoR, it seems that Asuka hav Kazama's power to cure Jin from his devil power, like what Jun has done for Kazuya. do with him at all. Its almost like the Heihachi / Kazuya relationship. I always thought Kazuya impregnated Jun against her will? So Jin hates .. It comes with a neat little icon, colors, and proper quote lines. Of course, you. People say that: "Kazuya doesn't likes Jun anymore" - "Kazuya likes did it but that's all we know Namco has left their relationship a mystery.

When creating the illustrations for the characters, artist Kazuma Teshigawara said that he wanted them to complement one another. Nina was selected for the game instead of Anna Williams since her cold personality was similar to Kazuya's. The two characters were featured in the game's first trailer in a fight against Street Fighter characters Ryu and Ken Masters ; the trailer was intended to attract the audience with the game's main feature.

Completing the game with Kazuya and Nina unlocks ending scene where Nina is revealed as an agent who escapes from Kazuya's forces. Artist Toshio Ohashi described the ending as the game's most cinematic due to similarities between the characters. He was made more powerful, with his ten-hit combo easily taking down enemies.

kazuya and jun relationship quotes

Realizing how powerful the character had become, Namco decided to balance his moves before the game's release. Blood Vengeance, Kazuya's devil form from the film was added as an alternate version of the character for Tag Tournament 2. He saw Kazuya as a fun character due to how powerful he is.

As a result, Harada felt that gamers who lose while playing as him feel ashamed. The character's combo had a glitch in this game, which Capcom patched. Undefeated, he reaches the final round and battles Heihachi.

Kazuya then announces a second King of Iron Fist Tournament. He is the game's final boss, and his alter-ego Devil is a hidden boss. The Devil is said to appear as overpowered version of Kazuya who became one with him before the events of the first Tekken game. Kazuya was revived by G Corporation a genetics-company rival of the Mishima Zaibatsuand allows the company to perform experiments on him to learn the nature of his Devil Gene. Kazuya, influenced by Devil, knocks Heihachi out of the room with his psychic power and taunts Jin to wake him up.

He might just hate her now because she's just a hindrance and Kazuya may need to kill Jin to get all the Devil power back, which is something he knows Jun wouldn't be for. That's just my take on it all after following the story since first playing Tekken 1 to now.

I know Harada hasn't been very forthcoming about the relationship but that's probably because he either doesn't care or never really was part of developing the story. I think the Tekken anime movie probably did the best job in elaborating on the sort of relationship Jun and Kazuya had but not necessarily the fallout of it.

Because Kazuya did sell his soul to the Devil in Tekken 2 and Jun wanted to save his soul. It's clear Jun still loves him as shown in their special winpose together but Kazuya just doesn't seem to care at all about whatever they had. I come at the end of the long road - neither human, nor devil Although he lives on in his son Jin, who inherits Kazuya's "Devil Genes". Defeated by Heihachi and thrown into the mouth of a volcano twenty years ago, Kazuya was brought back to life by G Corporation, a biotech firm making revolutionary advances in the field of biogenetics research.

kazuya and jun relationship quotes

With G Corporation's aid, Kazuya investigated the mechanism of the Devil Gene that resides within his body by subjecting himself to genetic experiments. Kazuya believed that once he unlocked and controlled the power of the Devil Gene, he would be powerful enough to defeat Heihachi and destroy the Mishima Zaibatsu. Twenty years later, the Tekken Forces attacked a G Corporation research facility without warning and succeeded in stealing research data for the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Infuriated that Heihachi once again ruined his plans, Kazuya is determined to seek his revenge against Heihachi more than ever. Kazuya instantly recognizes the announcement of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 as a trap set by Heihachi to lure him out. Despite this knowledge, Kazuya enters the Tournament it is his chance to defeat Heihachi.

Please proceed to the final stage. A few hours later the two were deep within the Mishima Zaibatsu compound. A massive Temple stood in the midst of a forest shrouded in fog - the two stepped inside.

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He needs his cells back from Jin to become complete. He smashes Heihachi across the floor sneering that his science couldn't answer his power. He then tries to pull the purple devil material out of Jin but it won't come.

Jin drops down and they fight, but Kazuya beats him. He draws some white mist out of Jin and transforms into Devil Kazuya.

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Soul I'm not sure about the validity of this statement but hey! Actually, I'm pretty sure a bit of that's wrong. Kazuya was a kind young boy. Actually, he was disrespectful and cruel to animals. Kazuya was thrown off a cliff at the age of 8.


It was actually 5, and there's evidence to suggest that it was accidental, not purposeful like the anime suggests. Kazuya knew Jun before T2. This, I believe, is unfounded by anything from Namco, except the movie, which wasn't even Namco anyway. Kazuya met Lee during Tekken.

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Kazuya and Lee lived together in the Zaibatsu from the time they were 14 and Where would Kazuya have been, anyway, that he wouldn't be living with Heihachi and Lee? And one more thing: When exactly would Kazuya and Jun have spent time together fostering a relationship? He has a company to run, and she no doubt had superior officers to report back to.

Or was this just a one-night stand although Jun doesn't strike me as the type for one of those?

kazuya and jun relationship quotes