Kenzi and dyson relationship quiz

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kenzi and dyson relationship quiz

They are both at a bar where Bo is working at the time but what is Kenzi there for ? When Bo and Lauren were in a relationship, Bo was allowed to sleep with. However, Kenzi forced The Norn to return Dyson's love by threatening to cut down her Trick and Dyson have a close relationship that began in (La Fae. Kenzi is extremely protective of Bo and does not take kindly to anyone she Her relationships with Dyson and Lauren are friendly but more guarded, due to the.

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I think that speaking from the perspective as Bo, Emily brought so many great elements to the show. Michael is just picking up where Emily left off.

kenzi and dyson relationship quiz

What he has done specifically with Bo that I really love is we have a much more clear-headed Bo this season. She is on a mission and knows how to get what she wants. So that is where Michael is taking her. I think where we left off last season, so much happened last season to Bo in the Fae world she was feeling out of her element and out of control.

kenzi and dyson relationship quiz

You mentioned in Season 4 that Bo was a little discombobulated and bewildered by some of what happened, what then are the big themes for Season 5? Family is another theme for Season 5 for sure. That comes in many forms in our show. Her friends have become her family. So we definitely see more of that in Season 5. We have a lot of new, interesting players on the block. That certainly gets played out in different ways.

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But I think that people will be really, really happy. As a well established character, how much of you has bled into Bo and vice versa over the years? What has been nice is that, people ask me are you tired of playing her. But the thing is she had evolved so much from the beginning that every year, every season there are new sides of her to play because she has grown. Dyson and Hale have arrived by this point and tell this Una Mens lackey that he is mistaken and that Kenzi is Fae.

The lackey doubts that his intel is wrong, but leaves them be for the moment. In the conversation that follows, we learn that Kenzi's sparkly fae tricks are only temporary.

We also learn that Hale is pining for Kenzi but is acting like a lovesick school boy that has no clue what to do. Hale offers to take care of paperwork and Dyson says he'll make sure Kenzi is safe with another of my favourite lines: Kenzi and Dyson are chatting and the conversation shifts to the collection of thongs air drying all around them, and I notice Kenzi is wearing Bo's kimono.

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Next thing I know, Kenzi and Dyson are kissing. Was that as awkward for you to watch as it was for me? I've always seen their relationship as more brother-sister than lovers, but I found myself torn by their undeniable chemistry. Dyson and Kenzi discuss how it's not fair to Hale since he is smitten with Kenzi, but there's definitely some side action going on.

kenzi and dyson relationship quiz

Their little encounter doesn't go any further and soon they are interrupted by a knock at the door. It's none other than Bo's mama, Aoife! She's seeking out the help of Kenzi, PI. I nearly choked when Kenzi calls Aoife the one who "made Ash that talks like Batman go boom," referring to Aoife's attack on the Light Fae at the end of Season 1.

Back to the case at hand: Aoife thinks she had a daughter at some point and wants to hire Kenzi to help find the girl. What kind of crazy parallel universe is this taking place in? Their conversation moves to a diner, and it's established that the last time Dyson saw Aoife was at Taft's lab of Fae horrors. OK, so the whole Taft thing happened, but when Aoife shows Dyson and Kenzi a photo of Bo, there isn't an iota of recognition. Aoife then reveals a tattoo-like mark on her eyeball that proves there has been some Fae mind-wiping going down, and things are starting to make sense to me.

Dyson mentions Tamsin, who's missing after their literal cliffhanger at the end of Season 3. Dyson reveals that he survived the car going over the cliff and into the water because he wolfed out, and he's trying to find Tamsin to figure out why she went all "Thelma and Louise.

Aoife and Kenzi stay behind and Aoife offers to take care of the cheque, which is an interesting variation on the dine-n-dash -- using her Succubus powers on the waitress. When Aoife is touching the unsuspecting server, Kenzi briefly sees Bo in Aoife's place. Kenzi heads over to see Trick at the Dal Riata, and in his room under the way station, he can tell that something is off with the universe.

kenzi and dyson relationship quiz

In their conversation, Trick says that the Una Mens have come to restore order because things in the Fae world have "gotten messy. In some rather uncharacteristic words from Kenzi, she refers to Lauren as her only "human ally. Kenzi is asking Trick about Fae who have the power to remove memories, and he finds a Dr.

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Snook in his magical rolodex. He's a Fish Fae who works as an optometrist. Trick packs up some items. Among them, we see the Tarot-style Wanderer card as it was in the Season 3 finale, with Bo at his side. I still have my ideas as to who Bo's papa is from my knowledge of mythological beings that have been referred to as "The Wanderer," but I'm not certain if we'll be learning any more about that any time soon.

Kenzi and Dyson head over to Dr Snook's office and force their way into Snook's examination room, where they see Snook removing the memory of a cheating husband from the mind of a designer-clad Real Housewife of Fae County.

They ask Snook if he was the one responsible for removing Aoife's memories, and Snook tells them that Snook only takes away memories yes, Snook constantly and annoyingly refers to himself in the third personand doesn't restore them. According to Snook, Kenzi and Dyson are also missing memories, and Snook isn't responsible.

Lost Girl Kenzi in Dyson's

The mark in the eye is like a distinct signature that changes based on who is doing the erasing. Anyone else singing, "Memories As I suspected, this explains why they don't remember Bo! And the Fae responsible is someone far more skilled than Snook. Two totally different kinds of kisses, here. Bo tells everyone else to leave, but Hale just stays put and tells Kenzi to leave, and Kenzi stays put, too.

I came here to rescue you! Ianka sings a death note to kill Marcus, and Kenzi recoils in pain.

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The woman he loves!!! Ianka kills Marcus, sacrificing herself in the process, and Bo cradles her as she dies. The scene fades out to Kenzi stretched out on a bench, Hale stroking her hair as she comes to.

Hale tells her that Bo is fine and Marcus and Ianka are dead. The tight pants are still on, though.

kenzi and dyson relationship quiz

And then she decides to do just that.