Kirito and suguha relationship poems

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kirito and suguha relationship poems

"Asuna is gone. Kazuto is now lost in his own maze of emotions. But Suguha is there to light up his life once more. A sibling relationship turns. The first is that Suguha and Kazuto never have any form of sexual relations, they hug like once but that's the closest they get to anything. However, her character is defined by her relationship with Kirito, which where her role is quickly usurped by Suguha whilst she becomes an.

kirito and suguha relationship poems

Oddly, he didn't use his bike. He was running as fast as he could. It was raining really hard. I already had my umbrella but I couldn't help getting wet a little.

kirito and suguha relationship poems

But Onii-chan didn't seem to care at all. I noticed that we were heading straight to the hospital where Asuna-san was being held at.

What's wrong with Asuna-san?

kirito and suguha relationship poems

We were going to find out soon. I could barely keep up. You might-" I spoke too soon. Onii-chan slipped, and landed hard on the wet pavement, back first.

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Something really serious is definitely going on with Asuna-san. We finally made it inside the building. It was about 9: There were nurses and doctors walking around the place. I guess a doctor's job is never done. Onii-chan ran up to the counter and asked for Asuna's room.

kirito and suguha relationship poems

With a nod, he ran to the elevator, and I followed. He stared blankly at the elevator doors. I could tell he was nervous.

I saw it in his eyes. His fists were clenched. I looked up at him and grabbed his balled fists in an attempt to calm him down. He looked at me and placed a kiss on my forehead. That made me blush a little…But now's not the time for that!

The doors opened and we ran to Asuna-san's room. He opened the door and rushed inside. Shozo Yuki, Asuna-san's father, stood before the bed.

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While Kazuto was riding his bike to the hospital, he narrated that it had been two months since he defeated Heathcliff. He learnt that Asuna and three hundred players had yet to awake.

Many people believed that the still-missing Kayaba Akihiko was behind it. Kazuto noted that the SAO incident was not over yet. Kazuto, Yuuki Shouzou, and Sugou Nobuyuki are at the hospital.

Kazuto visited Asuna who was still wearing the Nerve Gear, but he was not the only visitor. Kazuto told Shouzou that he was sorry for bothering him, but Shouzou encouraged Kazuto to come whenever he liked because it would make Asuna happy.

Shouzou introduced Kazuto to Nobuyuki who was a family friend's son.

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Nobuyuki was overjoyed to learn that Kazuto was the hero who saved everyone in SAO, in addition shared news with Shouzou that he wanted to make it official. Shouzou is shocked but asked if he was certain, since he was so young. Nobuyuki reassured him that his heart had always been set on one thing and wanted Asuna to wear the dress while she was still beautiful, surprising Kazuto.

Shouzou then left the room to attend a meeting. Nobuyuki, now showing his true colors, grabbed Asuna's hair and starts to sniff it, angering Kazuto.

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Nobuyuki told him that the chat with Shouzou was about Asuna's marriage to him, shocking Kazuto even more. Nobuyuki informed Kazuto while touching Asuna's face that she never liked him, and it was likely that she would reject his marriage proposal, so he was taking advantage of the situation to marry her.

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Kazuto grabbed Nobuyuki's arm to stop him from touching Asuna, but he pulled back. Annoyed, Kazuto asked if he was trying to take advantage of the fact Asuna was in a coma.

Nobuyuki told him that it was his right. Nobuyuki worked under the Full-Dive Technology Research Division, concluding that he was the one who is keeping Asuna alive and thought he can ask for a repayment. Sometimes, his fierceness is up to the point where he loses control of himself and is even unable to recall what he had done. However, Kirito is actually a kind person who is just misunderstood. Despite the general population opinion towards Beta Testers in SAO, he refused to abandon another player in trouble.

This is only strengthened after the Moonlit Black Cats's demise.

kirito and suguha relationship poems

He also comforts others who are scared or down such as Silica after she lost Pina. He claims to help some female players in SAO because they remind him of his sister, who he feels to have forced into kendo and feels guilty for that. These kind of acts have earned him respect and affection from many girls. Kirito, unlike usual male heroes, is not very dense as he was able to tell that Lisbeth was going to confess to him, before Asuna interrupted them.

Kirito is also a very emotional person and lets his emotions control him from time to time. Sachi's death in particular had a huge affect on his personality, and motives; making him very distant from others for a while. This worries his friends and allies as Kirito is someone who would let guilt ruin his life, if not comforted.