Kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship quizzes

When Kishore Kumar was paid more than Mohammed Rafi | Catch flashback | Catch News

kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship quizzes

Remembering Mohammed Rafi on his 38th Death Anniversary also has couple lines sung by another legendary singer Kishore Kumar. Kishore Kumar, the man with the golden voice, insists that it is time to return to his I had great regard for Mohammed Rafi: Kishore Kumar. Mohammed Rafi: Indian playback singer and most popular and successful singers of Hindi film industry. Limericks · Mathematics · Proverbs · Q & A · Quizzes · Quotations Famous music director Naushad and Rafi had a remarkable relationship. . Rafi reigned along with Kishore Kumar in the early 80s.

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Between his almost 24 hrs work schedule, he managed to take some time out. Go, enjoy and enlighten yourself. Since the advent of playback singing in Indian films in late 30s, many playback singers have attained legendary stature for their singing and have connected with film buffs and music lovers through their voice. The likes of Lata, Asha, Rafi, Kishore connected more strongly and had longer and stronger relationship with the fans through their voices than Dev, Dilip or Raj Kapur for that matter.

But being a MayaNagari, the filmdom has seen many unusual happenings! The second part of presentation features another interesting aspects of the singers, who were not actors but sometimes appeared on screen in songs.

Mohammed Rafi

As you might have observed many of the featured instances are of actor Kishore Kumar, borrowing voices of other singers, namely Mohammad Rafi, Manna Dey and SD Batish in different songs. This can surely sprung a surprise in viewers mind……why so?

kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship quizzes

If only Rafi, likewise, had so stood up for his place in the sun where it came to accepting a mere Padma Shri! It is all very well to argue that the State was not fair to Rafi in the matter of the extent to which it chose to honour him. Yet the fact remains that the Padma Shri was a citation Rafi could have politely spurned. Indeed Lata had quietly done just that until they bestowed her with a Padma Bhushan in After that, the powers that be knew that they could take Rafi for granted.

Rafi felt deflated as Lata's silver jubilee in films came to be announced by the state government of Maharashtra. Lata had first sung in All-India Hindustani cinema only after Independence in Aap Ki Sewa Meinso how could she be completing her silver jubilee in before Rafi?

But Rafi dared not say that aloud. This Lata silver jubilee was the turning point. After that big happening, Lata always seemed to have the drop on Rafi. Of course, Rafi should have won many more honours than he did, considering the scale of his achievement.

But his own humble persona became a bar to his getting his due -- beyond the Padma Shri Mohammed Rafi Chowk in the Bandra suburb of Bombay. For instance, Rafi could have been bestowed with the Padma Bhushan even after he became a Padma Shri. But I doubt if Rafi knew about this, whether he discerned that winning a bigger award involved no end of lobbying.

This was something at which Rafi was no good in any case. Shall we say that his own in-built sense of humility ultimately worked against Rafi? It won him friends, but it did not influence people who awards-mattered.

Or, who knows, maybe Rafi, ultimately, did divine how badly he'd been had. It caught Lata totally unawares.

kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship quizzes

Rafi just let himself go in that letter, only to get a rather escapist reply from Guinness. So that Rafi persisted, in a letter dated November 20,as he wrote: If only because it needs more elaborate treatment. Yet just take a re-look at this Guinness noting: Miss Lata Mangeshker b between andhas reportedly recorded not less than 25, solo, duet and chorus-backed songs in 20 Indian languages.

She frequently had five sessions in a day and has 'backed' films to Mohammad Rafi d 1 Aug claimed to have recorded 28, songs in 11 Indian languages between and April Also, inexcusably, Lata's year of birth wrong as instead of It even gets Rafi's date of death wrong - as August 1, instead of July 31, How much real store do you, in the circumstances, set by the Guinness listing?

Yet, the televised myth persists that Lata has sung 30, even 40, songs.

Show-biz doesn't suit me: Kishore Kumar - Profile News - Issue Date: May 15,

When Lata has still to touch 6, songs! Never forget that Mohammed Rafi, in a year singing lifetime, could aggregate but 4, Hindi film songs. Add to that non-Hindi film songs by Rafi. Plus private non-film numbers of Rafi.

The total, in a sturdy Rafi career spanning tocomes to but 4, songs. Likewise Lata, in reality, has yet to reach 6, Asha Bhosle it is, in fact, who occupies pride of place she completed 13, songs. And that must rate as the highest in Indian cinema -- Guinness or no Guinness. Most important -- Guinness itself expunged the Lata listing as early as Yet we are now told that Lata's tally has gone up from 30, to 40, Where poor Mohammed Rafi huffed and puffed, yet could not touch 5, Should Rafi, therefore, have disputed the Lata Mangeshkar tally so stridently?

Losing sight of the vital fact that Lata herself had never laid any claim to any record? Certainly I didn't supply it. I don't keep a record of the number of songs I have sung. Rafi performed his first stage show at 13 years of age in Lahore.

He started singing for the All India Radio in Lahore from the year The film released in Mohammed Rafi was married to his cousin Bashira Banu. But the marriage suffered due to the political tensions during the partition in Bashira Banu refused to accompany Rafi Saab to India after witnessing the horrors of the riots.

She remained in Lahore, now in Pakistan and their marriage ended. The couple had a son Saheed with his first wife, Bashira.

kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship quizzes

He was introduced to several producers and directors through friend Tanvir Naqvi. His work with Naushad continued through the s and s. Rafi saab catapulted into stardom after his work in the film Baiju Bawra under the directon of Naushaad. The two collaborated for another magnum opus Mughal-e-Azam in Rafi saab became the voice behind leading actor Dev Anand all through the s.

At the same time he worked on the musical creations of Sachin Dev Burman.

How Mohammed Rafi regained his confidence

Mohammed Rafi and S. Burman created magic over and over all through the 50s, 60s and 70s. Rafi worked with legendary music director O. Nayyar on several occasions and Mr.