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Haruhi and Kyon Hyouka, Gurren Lagann, Love Illustration, Manga Couple, . Haruhi Suzumiya & Kyon & Itsuki Koizumi & Yuki Nagato & Mikuru Asahina. And I believe that Kyon gives Yuki the individualism that she has the relationship between Yuki-Mikuru, seeing that Kyon regards her .. Along with Nagato, Mikuru's sole purpose is to observe and aid Haruhi's development. [Kyon is talking with Haruhi before homeroom the day after Haruhi got her hair cut.] Kyon: . A couple of bunny girls hanging around the school's main gate. . After all, our goal each year should be to increase the NUMBER of goals we set for.

In order for any world to exist, they must be together. I speculate that the feelings he experiences with Mikuru is purely physical. He's a year old boy and he's in front of a big-chested, yet timid girl - of course you'd like that. In contrast, Nagato's character is more difficult to read, and I would need to re-read and re-watch the series to get a full grasp on their relationship.

However, it should be noted that Yuki only steps out of her role as the passive observer to the active member when Kyon's life, or her interests come into jeopardy. And I believe that Kyon gives Yuki the individualism that she has desired since birth, so in a way, the two compliment one another and serve as mirror images to each others characters. I could support this by analyzing the relationship between Yuki-Mikuru, seeing that Kyon regards her as a loveable sex object, whereas Yuki regards her simply as an object.

So Koizumi is definitley out of the running. Even though, Kyon was the one who appeared in his room. He also appeared in Haruhi's and Nagato's room, though. Speaking of Nagato, Kyon feels a deep connection to her, and she is someone who he has built an absolute trust with.

He can confide in her, and know that she'll be there to help.

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She's like a comfort blanket. His feelings for her aren't romantic at all, but I've heard people mention that there's a possibility of Nagato liking him. How silly, I know. She can't even feel emotions.

Mikuru Asahina

After sending Kyon multiple notes about random odd jobs that eventually lead to the invention of time travel and preventing the original Mikuru from getting kidnapped, she appears in person to Kyon and tells him about predetermined events.

Kyon begins to show resentment towards the older Mikuru from forcing her past self to witness history and become depressed as a result.

In order to differentiate between the older and younger versions, whenever the older self is present in the same time span, Kyon refers to her older self as Asahina-san Big and to the younger Asahina as Asahina-san Small. Kyon states himself that the reason he does not try to develop Mikuru into a more mature and strong person is because he has already seen her as a mature person, namely this future Mikuru.

According to Itsuki, this older Mikuru cannot be trusted. Kyon often wonders if the "superiors" Mikuru often refers to are actually the older Mikuru. Asahina confronts Fujiwara Kyon notes in The Dissociation of Haruhi Suzumiya that the original Mikuru is coming to resemble the older Mikuru, signifying that they must part soon.

He used his esper abilities to get him and her into the combined closed spaces of Haruhi Suzumiya and Sasaki. Once there, Asashina confronted Fujiwara. Both Fujiwara and Asahina agreed that the TPDD could not be used to change the future, but Fujiwara planned on using Haruhi's powers implanted into Sasaki to bypass this restriction.

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He would be able to change the time plane completely this way, in order to restore an alternate future where he and his older sister existed his sister was "lost" somehow. He said that his older sister was Asahina, but Asahina said that she didn't have a younger brother.

If Fujiwara's plan succeeded, Asahina would effectively become "his" Asahina, and not be someone from another future. Asahina said Fujiwara's actions were "unforgivable" and "time crime".

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Fujiwara couldn't get her agreement, and Koizumi used his esper powers to confront Fujiwara. Kyon himself vanished from that time period temporarily, due to an unusual interaction with a celestial while trying to rescue Haruhi.

Fujiwara's Continuity In one alternate reality or future, Fujiwara is the younger brother of Mikuru Asahina.