Lara croft and alex west relationship

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lara croft and alex west relationship

Throught the Tomb Raider Series, Lara Croft had a lot of relationships, although You can help Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Wiki by expanding it. Alex West · Edit. The relationship between the recent Tomb Raider movie and the old ones that Daniel Craig played Alex West in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Alex West Real Name Alex West Birth - Status Alive Death Still Active Gender Male Nationality American Profession(s) Treasure hunter Portrayed By Daniel.

She held her breath for a moment, thinking about what could have possibly awoken her, only to come to the annoyed conclusion that it had to be an unexpected guest.

She had always had a sixth sense for them. Love is stupid that way, she thought. I wish I knew why the hell it's like that, but I am not in the mood to go searching for those answers.

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Like clockwork, a gentle knock sounded on her bedroom door. The door opened and her trusted butler and friend stuck his head in just far enough to be able to see her. They are most definitely armed, but not of the hostile kind. Hillary moved even further away as Lara left her room, running a hand through her hair in order to detangle it as best she could on such short notice. She was barely five steps out of her room, though, when she stopped.

Hillary reached into the pocket of his flannel robe and wrapped his fingers around the item he knew she needed as she turned to look at him. He removed his hand from his pocket and held it out to her, a simple hair clip lying in his palm.

She smiled at him. Lara paused for a moment, gnawing on her bottom lip in thought. Hillary had to think about her words for several moments before his tired mind finally caught up with her line of thought.

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She took one look at the sleeping figure in the backseat of the Jeep, their disheveled curly blonde hair almost glowing in the fluorescent light of the garage, and nearly threw a nearby screwdriver at her guest.

Tell me you didn't drive all night to get here. His lazy, easy-grin was nowhere in sight. Instead, he had the grin of a tired man who just wanted to collapse. He worried her some days. The American man studied her for a moment, one hand still on the handle of the suitcase he was struggling to free.

Then, with one final tug, he pulled the tiny, pink suitcase free and handed it to Lara. It doesn't look like anything anyone's discovered before in that area.

And," Lara rolled her eyes as she accepted the suitcase, "my employer is paying me up front.

A lot of it too. I no longer take the same risks I took when I was a bachelor. The butler needed desperately to head back to bed for a few more hours. Responsible, a contender for Dad of the Year. In perfect harmony with her ex-husband's actions, Lara leaned into the Jeep, unbuckled Mira from her car seat, and lifted her out of the Jeep, cradling her daughter's head against her shoulder like she had done a thousand times before. Lara turned around and Alex had to fight down the urge to hold her in his arms.

Mira Elizabeth West looked like an angel sleeping against her mother's shoulder. The toddler was the perfect mix of Lara and Alex, with Alex's hair color and her mother's pout. She had, of course, also inherited her grandmother Croft's dark gray eyes and her grandfather West's "cute" nose, so Lara and Alex were never without the reminder that Mira came from a long line of warriors.

Though, her gentle nature, love of animals, and constant smile could overwrite that reminder in a heartbeat and added to her cuteness factor.

Alex in that moment made a silent promise to Lara and Mira that this was the last job; when it was over he would return to England. He would be returning to the only two people who mattered to him. Of course, that promise was identical to the others he had made since the divorce.

lara croft and alex west relationship

For both he, and Lara, there would never be, "one last job". It was their life, not a job, and they could never stop.

lara croft and alex west relationship

They loved it too much to do so. Alex Hillary watched the former couple squabble quietly as they climbed the staircase, Mira's tiny bags in Alex's arms while the girl herself was safely in Lara's.

Lara's trusted butler shook his head as he tugged on his robe's belt, a nervous habit. He had been there for nearly all of the critical moments in their relationship. Did such vicious criticism have a negative effect on the careers of the actors who starred in the films? From the ascension of a new Bond, to the A-list star who wasn't tarnished by the silliness of Lara Croft. Stay tuned for Where Are They Now?

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West was meant to act as the male lead of the movie, but he spent most of his time being upstaged by Lara Croft and needed to be saved by her on multiple occasions. He would later find his true calling as the most famous fictional spy of all time. Daniel Craig would go on to redefine the role of James Bond and help modernize the character in a way that Pierce Brosnan was unable to do.

She represents the growth of the video game industry from its infancy and symbolized the capacity for games to feature more adult content; for good or ill.

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While Lara Croft is a well-known character, she also symbolizes some of the more cringe-worthy aspects of sexualization in video games, which didn't really change until the series was rebooted. Playing the role of Lara Croft in a movie was a risk for Angelina Jolie, as it is the kind of move that can derail the career of an actress who wants to be taken seriously.

Jolie has remained an A-list celebrity for years now and has won numerous awards for both her acting roles and the movies that she has directed.