Laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship trust

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laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship trust

Laura Govan Explains Her Beef With Her Sister Gloria Govan Woah, talk about a major girl code violation. Laura Govan Still Thinks Her Sister Gloria Smashed Gilbert Arenas. Posted on May 31, I don't trust her. And if I. Laura Govan Says She Would Return to Basketball Wives. love life to racism in the NBA to Laura's relationship with her ex Gilbert Arenas. $ she open that Boutique with that man's money trust and believe that store. Their relationship has been tumultuous at best, but now, Laura Govan and her ex -fiance Magic baller Gilbert Arenas look like they're done for.

And supposedly only proposed to her because he felt bad for putting her out numerous times.

laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship trust

In 9 pages of "confidential" notes to her family law attorney, Laura detailed her and Gilbert's crazy relationship. How did these notes get out? Apparently they showed up in an unrelated case filed publicly by the L. And yet they never had a nanny, Govan complains, according to the notes: But the notes -- which appear to be her version of their life together -- reveal lots of details about their relationship.

Arenas, 29, and Govan, 31, first met inwhen she was coaching basketball at a Golden State Warriors camp. In addition to their three young children the fourth is due in Junethey went through other pregnancies that ended in miscarriages. Along the way, there were lots of break-ups and make-ups.

Some of the meeting notes confirm what Arenas himself shared on his popular, now-defunct blog: It was a hard pill to swallow. On the aftermath of watching herself: Who did my makeup? I would prefer not too.

Gilbert Arenas Confirms Whether Or Not He Sister-Smashed Gloria Govan To Smithereens!

I really wanted to see this this time. On if her relationship issues with men, stem from her relationship with her father: I feel like now, looking at that, yeah. Its funny how I fell suit to my mom. On her biggest issue with her parents: And I feel like sometimes they go where the winds takes them, opposed to parenting.

One of the issues she had with her sister: There was a lot going on. In that situation, if she gave her sister permission to stay at their home while she was away: If she ever caught Gilbert and Laura having sex or if there were signs that she noticed: They actually sat and listened and understood.

Especially when it comes to business.

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On co-parenting with Gilbert Arenas: On the persistent court battles between the ex-couple: Gilbert Arenas On the status of Govan and Arenas relationship: I have no ill-will for him. I want him to move on and be happy.

laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship trust

And when I talk about him, I want it to be in good light. My parents are dope!


He wants to drown me of money and make sure I have none. He gave me an ultimatum, actually.

laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship trust

On the ultimatum he gave her: Like dude, you just got a court order to pay me child support. On getting a mediator for the Arenas and Govan: On if Arenas and Govan could meet with with Iyanla: I would love that.

Laura Govan Says Shaq’s Feet Reason There Was No Affair, Wants Gilbert Arenas Back

On why she thinks their relationship is so bad: I just think he has a vendetta. I always went back. Would he say that?

laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship trust

On her favorite part of doing Fix My Life: