Layne and demri relationship quotes

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layne and demri relationship quotes

Demri died at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland and there were two . quotes Layne as saying, “Go and write a special chapter for Demri and. Layne Staley, lead singer of Alice In Chains performing on MTV Unplugged in .. from men, and that makes it hard to sustain a relationship. if anyone really wanted to know what Layne and Demri's relationship was like- . I read a quote by Cantrell that said Layne pretty much wrote Angry Chair all.

Staley remained with his mother, who married again.

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Layne Staley took temporarily the name of his stepfather and was called during the entire school time Layne Elmer. It was only when he began a career as a rock musician, he introduced the name of Layne Staley His biological father, he saw over the years that remained of life, a Central figure in the Staleys.

With 16 years he tried unsuccessfully to find his father. One day his family got a call in which it was said that the father was dead, which turned out to be an error. Only in the late s, as Staley was by the success of Alice in Chains is known, notified his father with him again.

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Staley took him in temporarily. Anyway, Layne tells Demri that she was wrong to blame him for something that she was equally guilty of, while acknowledging and regretting his own guilt. On the Unplugged album, you really can hear pain in Layne's voice at "Now the body of one soul I adore wants to die".

Layne Staley’s Haunting Wedding That Never Was Will Break Your Heart

Fridge Horror might set in when you remember the Unplugged album was recorded in Julywhen Demri's health had really nosedived, leaving her on the edge of death. She died about three months after the Unplugged album was recorded.

After all of their struggles, the frustration, the blame, Layne still loved Demri, desperately, and her death destroyed him. In the six years between Demri's death and Layne's, he never even began to get over her. It really does seem like it was Demri's death that pushed Layne over the edge, taking away his last reason for wanting to live.

What's even sadder is the parallels between Layne's death and Demri's death. Both of them obviously died from heroin use. Details around Demri's death are really vague, but the story that seems to fit with the report on her death certificate best says that she overdosed while in the back of her current boyfriend's car, while he nodded off on heroin inside a convenience store.

It was apparently hours before anyone noticed something wrong, and by then it was too late. In their own ways, both Layne and Demri were abandoned before they died Most people had almost forgotten Layne since he was so reclusive in his last years, and Demri was unwittingly left alone as she was dying by her boyfriend. Unlike Layne, who died from the long-term effects of heroin use, Demri died from "acute intoxication" according to her death certificate.

Meaning that she might not have been at the point where her body would have rejected treatment, and she might have survived if anyone had been paying attention. Although written by Cantrell most likely about a relationship, the fact that a song by that title with the lyrics "It's over now" is the last song on their last album gives it a very disturbing double meaning. But especially "Angry Chair", given how exactly Staley died, he was found slumped over and lifeless on his couch in his condo when police found him.

I think she was the most important person in his life during his latter years. Although nobody could replace Demri in Layne's heart, "Stephani was able to fill an emotional void that hung over Staley like a black cloud".

The song, "Angry Chair" was written about his father making him sit in a chair as a child when he was bad. Although this song was written prior to their initial meeting inLayne would regularly dedicate it to her in thanks for her support and friendship. Considering this song is about drugs and strained relationships, many question why this song was regularly dedicated to Stephani during performances between and Layne did defend his dedication and song choice by stating that she was his "one true friend" and unlike his father, never wanted a thing from him.

During one of his final professional appearances at the MTV Unplugged Concert, attended by Stephani, he dedicated the song to her and thanked her for her friendship.

layne and demri relationship quotes

His quote at the appearance, "I cannot thank my dear friend sweet Steph enough for her unconditional support. I know she will always be with me no where we rest our heads. I know she lives in Philadelphia and works in the field of education.

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I also discovered that she does not openly discuss her relationship with Layne. I found the Alice in Chains articles written by her and can only imagine the whirlwind she stepped into during Lollapalooza EVERY news article I have read states that his body was so decomposed at the time of discovery that 'positive' identification was delayed until the medical examiner reported.

Layne was found 14 days after his death, so it is true that he was decomposed and not identified at first. I would think after the cops came and busted his door down because of his family's for concern of his fleeting health, in his condo no less, that it was probaly pretty obvious who was lying on that couch. And by what nancy is saying she talked to him, obviously she knew it was her son. Also he had two tatts that would make him readily indentafiable. I think common sense can tell you what's true here.

I also don't know enough about Layne Staley to write the introduction myself, so I have little room to complain; this is intended as constructive criticism. But my first impression of the introduction is that it lacks objectivity and none of the statements of fact are cited.

The writing style doesn't match the rest of the article or Wikipedia in general.

layne and demri relationship quotes

It sounds as though it were written from the perspective of a fan, not a biographer. I don't believe that this article is the place for an idealized story of his life. If the information in the intro cannot be backed up by citations it should be removed or drastically condensed. I would prefer to leave this open for discussion and allow a more seasoned member to make the change, which is why I have not made it myself. I believe it falls under the fair use guidelines for a Promotional Photograph.

He also NEVER slept, didn't breathe, had four extra limbs he could expand and contract at will, and subsisted solely on watching humans eat.

Jesus, get your facts straight, people! References[ edit ] Is this a valid source [2]? I find it doubtful. It's also full of typos and grammer problems. Also someone needs to update [3]it's dead. Every line on that site is taken from Rubio's book. This book is not endorsed by Laynes family or friends.

Layne Staley’s Haunting Wedding That Never Was Will Break Your Heart

Many of them claim that the so called "final interview" is not authentic. Rubio claims to have the taped conversation but refuses to release the tapes to validate the interview.

Can you provide proof of this? I have no objections to it's removal. Much of it is speculation, some of it from fans and fan sites, and some of it comes from the questionable Angry Chair book which was denounced by Layne's family and can't really be considered totally canon. I think that section would have given further enlightment to the article. Besides I do believe the article is very interesting. If so, how long have you guys let that slip?

Please fix it NOW. And shame on you.

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