Lexie and sloan relationship quiz

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lexie and sloan relationship quiz

Oh, look, another trivia quiz. Can you ace this one?. Feb 7, Can you keep up with the crazy dating pool that Grey Sloan Memorial is?. Take this fun quiz to test your knowledge about all your favorite doctors from all And while their marriage had lots of ups and downs (fertility Meredith has three half-sisters: Lexie Grey, Molly Thompson, and Maggie Pierce.

lexie and sloan relationship quiz

First, she and George get married but after he has an affair with Izzie that relationship is terminated for good. Then Callie starts to question her sexuality in which she starts seeing other women — one of those women being Erica, who kissed her in the elevator in front of Sloan to prove a point. And when pregnancies came into the picture, it made their relationship even more complicated.

lexie and sloan relationship quiz

Question 11 Why did Derek Shepherd and his first wife Addison split? He claims to have moved from New York just recently, and a few episodes in his little secrets start pouring out. And his wife has moved to town determined to repair their broken marriage. She and Alex got off on the wrong foot when he arrogantly made comments about a brain-dead infant in front of her, which she took a major offense to.

She reamed him out, demanding he leave her wing of the hospital for his insensitivity. Six months Twelve months Over two years Owen Hunt was first introduced on the show as an army trauma surgeon. He suffered greatly after his entire platoon was killed, to which he returned back home and began working at Seattle Grace hospital.

Cristina aborted their child and Owen could never forgive her for it. Question 14 What did Jackson and April name their son who passed shortly after birth?

For starters, Jackson nearly witnessed April get married to another man, until the very last moment he objects. One argument in particular was about how they would raise children, and while he thought it was merely hypothetical, April revealed she was indeed pregnant. Question 15 Which surgeon was constantly getting in between Jo and Jason?

Sloan Stephanie Meredith Jason Myers worked as a gynecologist at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and Jo started as in intern at the hospital shortly after the devastating plane crash. Their relationship appeared to have been moving rather quickly though, for she brought up moving in with Jason to this fellow colleague, who was less than impressed.

Question 16 Where did Arizona and Carina first meet? In prison At a bar In a grocery store Arizona has had a number of different relationships on the show, her most notable being with Callie with whom she married and is raising a child with. Unlike Callie, Arizona was very much open with her sexuality, and helped Callie deal with the fact that her father thought of her as a disgrace. Eventually, the two got a divorce. Time passed, and in season 14 Arizona met Carina. Despite the horrible reputation he had in the beginning of the series, he never tried to make himself appear differently than what he was.

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Question 18 How many children does Meredith have with Derek? They had to work at it — Meredith had to watch as his wife came back into his life and he also had to watch her date and be with other people. He did this because he saw enough of a future with her despite a serious illness. Which Grey's Anatomy guy jizzed in a cup for this girl? Question 15 This guy kissed this girl at a party for the first time? The girl was always a complicated person, when it came to relationships. She was known by the others as a robot who was less human than the rest of the interns.

The girl didn't love often and was a closed door when it came to her first relationship.

lexie and sloan relationship quiz

However, she was able to find love a couple times on Grey's. Which of these guys kissed this girl at a party for the first time? Question 16 Which Grey's Anatomy couple never had sex at all? Izzie and Denny Meredith and Finn Bailey and Eli This girl was trying to move on from what she thought was going to be her last relationship.


She was deeply hurt by something that he had done. In fact, her idea was to stay celibate entirely. She had even taken up knitting to void off the nagging urge. However, she met this guy, who kind of swept her off her feet. They became a couple, but nothing sexual ever happened between them. Which Grey's Anatomy couple never had sex at all? Question 17 Which couple began their relationship in season one and ended up with a wedding? Marriage isn't for everyone and Shonda Rhimes has made characters like this for us, even if they do make an attempt at getting married and finding happiness.

This doesn't mean that there hasn't been happy endings for the mushy people. We did see dark and twisty get McDreamy, didn't we? Which of these couples began their relationship in season one and ended up with a wedding? Question 18 This Grey's Anatomy couple broke up a long awaited relationship with a fling that didn't get far? Mark, Addison George, Izzie Owen, Teddy This couple broke up a long awaited relationship over a fling that didn't last long.

There was a kiss, unmeaningful sex, and a sharp, swift breakup. The couple put so much into this new relationship, but the truth was that they were never meant to be together. In fact, the long awaited relationship would have went on had a friend not overheard the new couple talking about their first kiss. Which couple broke up a long awaited relationship with a fling that didn't get far?

Question 19 Which surgeon fell in love with this dying patient? Attendings date and fall in love with their interns, residents do the same, and there have even been a couple of patient-surgeon relationships.

In this situation the surgeon fell deeply in love with a dying patient. They even agreed to marry the patient, which helped when it came to their medical expenses. The patient eventually died, leaving the surgeon heartbroken and unable to forgive their best friend. Who fell in love with this dying patient? Addison, Derek, and Meredith.

Izzie, George, and Callie Christina, Preston, and Colin Some of the most amusing storylines on Grey's Anatomy have been based on awkward, or bad sexual experiences. This was one of those times. To make matters worse, a phone call interrupted the bad sex. The call was made from a recognizable number, so one party answered and said they were in the middle of bad sex and hung up.

However, the call wasn't made by the owner of phone number.

lexie and sloan relationship quiz

Which couple was having bad sex when this ex called? They do get to have one, but not in the way you might have thought. Most would have done things the medical way.

However, this baby came during a break in their relationship. The parties who made the baby have always been close. In fact, they spent a lot of their friendship as friends with benefits. Still it was this couple who ended up with the baby in the end. Who fell in love with who, but had their baby with who?

Question 22 Which couple almost destroyed a new family bond twice? You've got your friends doing your roommates. Your roommates doing patients. Hell, it might even be you, who's doing the patient.

The point is that when someone on Grey's hooks up with someone else, it tends to cause a ripple effect. In this situation a sister was forming a family bond, but her coupling up with this roommate almost destroyed that family bond. Not once, but twice.

Which couple almost destroyed a new family bond twice? Derek, Meredith Owen, Cristina Izzie, Denny The beginning of this relationship started off with what seemed like more of an adrenaline-rush foundation, than with a crush. This person appeared at Seattle Grace Hospital and rescued the other from the sidewalk out front. The person who got rescued had been hurt in a freak accident while arguing with a friend.

This led to them forming a thing, then a relationship, but one of them was almost killed by the other in their sleep. Who almost killed who, shortly after they began dating?

Question 24 This was the first lesbian experience for both parties in this relationship. Erica, Callie Arizona, Callie Callie, Penny This couple decided to go on a date because one of the parties was extremely interested in the other. This party knew that she wasn't particularly into guys, but wasn't sure if she was into girls. The other party was definite that she loved guys, but the thought of being a lesbian, or bisexual had never crossed her mind. They went on their date, and followed it up with uneventful sex, but the second round went much better.

Maybe once, or when they were extremely distraught, but not often. However, there were some new interns, and residents brought in following the hospital's merger with Mercy West Hospital and one of the new residents was of extreme faith.

She almost got married once, but ended up having sex with someone else at a stressful time. Meredith called herself all sorts of ugly names because she felt guilty about it. It wasn't her fault that they hooked up because she was single and he never mentioned his wife Question 9 What type of band-aid did Meredith use on her face? She is sassy sexy, and super smart too! She really is such a lovely doctor who always fights for what is right and in the best interest of her patients.

Meredith also acknowledges that they don't do well with mothers in the hospital, but she actually turns out to be a wonderful mom. Meredith ends up having to put a band-aid on her forehead - which one was it? Question 10 Where did Ellis Grey do her fellowship? She was always at the forefront of medical advances, often taking the lead herself.

She won the Harper Avery Award twice and even named a surgical method after herself. She was not shy and very competent in her capabilities as a surgeon.

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She always got her way, although it wasn't easy. She may also be considered a tad mentally unstable she did try to commit suicide after all Question 11 What was Meredith's dad's name? Thumper Terrence Thatcher Meredith is the daughter of Ellis Grey - a world renowned surgeon who paved the way for women in the medical industry.

Meredith didn't really know her dad well, since he left while she was still very young. He remarried and had a family of his own. So, Lexie and Meredith actually share a father. Unfortunately their father confused Meredith with another one of his daughters in a photo of a young child and a red toy This upset Meredith deeply Question 12 Who was the other girl in the bar?

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Lexie Cristina Jo We all know that these witty Seattle doctors spend much time in Joe's bar - which is across the road from the hospital. Meredith used to be the girl in the bar, and Derek used to be the guy in the bar too.

Together, they made the perfect couple in the bar But there was also another girl in the bar. Do you remember who this girl was? She was gorgeous with long hair too. Select the correct answer below! Question 13 True or False: Richard was an alcoholic True False These doctors all enjoy a drink now and then - just a little something to take the edge off.

We know that Meredith's father was an alcoholic and eventually needed a liver transplant. Meredith, of course, was the only match and the only one who could help save his life. Pretty ironic don't you think? Richard also had some difficulty with his adult beverages but was he really an alcoholic? Was he really someone who over indulged in this practice? But who was she really? What role did she play in this master piece of a series?

Have you figured it out yet?