Lina and naga meet

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lina and naga meet

I will be at Anime Expo on Saturday as Naga and Lina from Slayers! .. favorite line in Anime ever (from the movie): "Nice to meet you again. It is not known why they parted ways, but Naga was the one who told Lina to travel to Saillune to meet a prince. Unfortunately, Lina didn't realize who exactly this. Lina is a foxy, fun witch who, mR3>$§mM§W§NS>Q xii;- a, with her magic speIIs, Lina and Naga meet a young girl who tells them that her village has been.

Kanzaka addressed this by jokingly stating that he is not adept in writing romantic scenes. The final climax of Slayers Next, the second season of the Slayers TV series, the two characters share a kiss, though they cannot later recall the incident. However, both Gourry and Lina remember that something important had happened between them.

lina and naga meet

In any media taking place after the two met, they have been featured together and should they ever get separated, are never apart for too long. Lina is also the main protagonists through the entire official series of the uncanonical Slayers role-playing video games from the s, and further appears as a player character or an avatar option in the role-playing video game Heroes Phantasia[19] with Naga in the action video game Magical Battle Arena[20] with Gourry in La Tale[21] and with both Naga and Gourry in the role-playing video game Granblue Fantasy.

Derived characters[ edit ] In the science fiction themed Lost UniverseKanzaka's another media franchise, the traits and personas of Lina and Gourry were mixed together to create its male protagonist, Kain Blueriver.

In one story from the prequels, Lina and Naga are exposed to a mirror that creates an exact opposite of whoever looks in it. The wizard using it expects this to produce dark and violent version of the two that would side with him and destroy the originals, but the mirror copies turn out sweet, kind, generous, and extremely concerned about the feelings of each other and everyone around them.

A slightly adapted version of this story, which resulted in the mirror being destroyed without creating more than the initial copies, served as the bassis of the Slayers Special OAV episode "Mirror Mirror".

In the Slayers TV series, Gourry and Lina are both the subject of an attempt at cloning, which spawns a number of miniature, super deformed versions of them both. The clones fight to humorous effect, and after the mini Linas win, they all disintegrate. Abilities[ edit ] Despite Lina's mockery of Naga's magical skills, she is an exceptionally talented sorceress, and may, in fact, be Lina's greatest rival.

lina and naga meet

She is well versed in black magic and capable of casting healing spells and golem -forming and dragon-conjuring spells. She is especially proficient at white magicthough she only uses it when absolutely necessary, and also specializes in shamanistic magic, in particular spells of earth and water variety. Naga knows and can use the ultimate shamanistic and white magic spells Ra Tilt and Resurrectionis able to stop living-dead powered via necromancy with a powerful Flow Break spell, and has learnt Levitation by just observing its use by Lina.

Her swordsmanship is often the subject of question, as she carries around a large sword yet never uses it. Naga's uncanny potential to survive any peril [13] practically unscathed was at first very surprising to Lina, who has actually left her for dead on a few occasions, before she got used to it and began to take it for granted. Appearances[ edit ] Novels and drama CDs[ edit ] Naga has first appeared in the Slayers Special series of light novels, which was later from volume 30 onward re-titled as Slayers Smash an ongoing series since Like in the case of other Slayers novels, most of the Special series stories were first published in Dragon Magazine.

Some of them were first collected in the Slayers Delicious series and some are subtitled as "Slayers Excellent" or "Slayers Superior"; some were also later re-published in the series Slayers Select. The Special series, which axis are the joint adventures of Lina and Naga, serves as a prequel to the main series starting about three years prior to the first meeting of Lina and Gourry Gabriev and is less serious in its content. Naga is the main protagonist of Slayers Special 3: An exclusive side-story of Lina and Naga, "Slayers Gaiden", was published in the issue of Dragon Magazine in Hajime Kanzaka was originally going to make Naga appear in The Battle of Saillune volume 4 of the main novel series but had a trouble to implement this idea properly.

This led him to create the character of Amelia.

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When they first meet, Lina mistakes Naga for Gourry's mother due to their similar looks and guesses she is "about 40 years old. After Lina revives the choking Naga who meets her mother in a near-death experiencethe two recall their past but their versions do not match, leading Lina to challenge Naga to a final fight as to decide who is right. The battle ends in both of them trying to cast top-level black magic spells Naga's Dynast Brass and Lina's Dragu Slave but breaking their own hips in the process.

Anime and manga[ edit ] Naga is co-protagonist of the first four Slayers films from the late s: She has the same role in all episodes of both of the Slayers OVA series, Slayers Specialand Naga-centered [11] Slayers Excellent the latter of which takes place before the events of the first Slayers film, 's Slayers Perfect, and in fact details Naga's initial meeting with Lina.

A typical plot of a Lina and Naga anime story features them as mercenary companions-opponents that relationship being very fluid meeting strangers who hire them against each other for their own purposes. Nevertheless, the pair will often work together despite their differences, and when they do, they are a great team. Naga with Lina and Amelia. Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune: Although, Naga is the sister of Amelia, the pair have never met in the series when both were aware of the other's identity.

lina and naga meet

In the first season of Slayersepisode 17 "Question? He's proposing to THAT girl? In Slayers PremiumAmelia was blasted off shortly before Naga's appearance. Finally, assuming that the living armor called "Nama" is in fact Naga, the two also interacted in Slayers Evolution-R, however "Nama" neither looked like Naga being a suit of armor nor had the memories to confirm to anyone, not even herself, what her exact identity was. However, there were two times when they did meet; in Slayers VS Orphen.

Naga was wearing a mask that hid her face, and Amelia began to ask Naga a question, but Naga interrupted and told Amelia she was a friend of Lina's; in the epilogue of the Slayers Premium CD drama, Naga makes another appearance inside a big golem, but Lina blasted off her with the Giga Slave. Doubles Edit There are an unusual number of copies of Naga running around the world.

Ten of them are 'ordinary' copies, created by the sorcerer Diol.

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They are almost exactly the same as the original, minus the fact that they don't possess any of Naga's memories or magic skills. The other copy was created by the Shadow Reflector, a magic mirror invented by Shazard Lugandy that creates clones of people with the exact opposite personality.

In this case, the copy sometimes called "Shadow Naga" is a whiny, extremely modest girl. Although there is no explicit confirmation, it is strongly hinted in the series that Nama is in fact Naga's soul trapped in a suit of living armor, albeit without a majority of her memories. Both Nama and Naga are voiced by Maria Kawamura although Nama's manner of speaking is noticeably different from Naga's, as Lina points outhave the same laugh, and have similar mannerisms, as well as a preference for ice based magic.

Lina's attitude towards Nama is strikingly similar to her treatment of Naga.