Liu kang and kitana relationship help

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liu kang and kitana relationship help

In MKX, Liu Kang and Tanya are both aligned with evil. But i'm thinking if Kitana wasn't his love interest in the first place, then I suspect Tanya. Kitana is a character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series who made her debut in After helping Mileena kill yet another decoy, Kitana had a Jade's relation with Kitana is also never brought up, and there's nothing. So why did the writing team choose lesser relationships such as Cage/Blade Imagine if the end bad guy was Liu Kang and Kitana's son? . Good characters would help Kang/Kitana's son become an Elder God while evil.

Parentage wise, no they do not have relations to each other. Biologically, it is arguable. Kitana even calls Mileena her sister, so it is sort of true? That sounds familiar to another pair and it is the obvious Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Sure, the two ladies are not the iconic rivalry, but they are still memorable.

If you think about it, Kitana is pretty much the female version of Sub-Zero while Mileena is the female version of Scorpion. It is a simple way of saying it, but the similarities are uncanny and rather interesting. Probably for that reason, Kitana would be paired up with Sub-Zero romantically, but everyone knows that her heart belongs to Liu Kang. Still, Kitana and Sub-Zero fight on the good side and do what they think is right. They are highly trained assassins as well, so being the equivalent to one another fits them well.

As of now, she is a revenant and currently resides in the Netherrealm. It would be a miracle for Kitana to turn back to normal in her current state. The three even appeared in the Injustice games made by Netherrealm Studios.

liu kang and kitana relationship help

However, Kitana has one appearance that was shocking, but surprisingly cool. Seeing a famous person done the costume and look cool while fighting is not only amazing but pays off as an astounding tribute.

People who are fans of Mortal Kombat were probably surprised that they spotted a Kitana cosplay in wrestling, and they have every right to be.

liu kang and kitana relationship help

Even though AJ Lee is not exactly perfect appearance wise as Kitana, she looked fantastic in the costume. Kitana herself would be proud. Due to its violence, it created the ESRB rating system. However, we cannot help but enjoy the creativity in the fatalities. The one she is most famous for would be the Kiss of Death.

Kitana - Wikipedia

Judging by the name, it would be very scary of her to kiss someone she loves maybe Liu Kang? Would you still want Kitana to kiss you? If she kisses her opponent, their body begins swelling up until it could not handle it anymore. The result after that is a big mess. Watch a video of it and you will see how messed up it looks. However, she came from Outworld instead of Edenia. Despite how cheesy and outdated the film is, there was one thing that made Kitana one of the better characters in the movies.

That would be the actress Talisa Soto. She looked the part of the princess and was also very beautiful in-character and in other films. Talisa actually did the motion capture for Kitana in Mortal Kombat 4 and she might have looked a bit off, it was still very cool of Ed Boon allowing her to play as the princess again.

By the time they voice acted as Kitana, they captured the personality of the warrior princess greatly, even if some of them can be cheesy due to being outdated. However, this entry will focus on the one who is the current voice actress, and that would be Karen Strassman.

liu kang and kitana relationship help

Karen has done many voices other than the Edenian princess. Awakening, Poison from the Street Fighter series, and of course, Mileena. Karen does an amazing job portraying Kitana as a fierce and awesome fighter, but an unsure and conflicted lost princess. However, starting with Mortal Kombat II, he was given gory Fatalities as he was thereafter depicted as a renegade monk who decided to grow his hair back, and who had "strong Shaolin beliefs, but was no longer a part of the Shaolin monks. You don't do that.

Deception in the arena that shows his tomb. John Tobias originally intended for the character to be a traditional bald monk, but the actor refused to shave his head. In Mortal Kombat II, his outfit was enhanced with red stripes, and now included a red headband, black shoes, and studded wristguards the intro of MKII shows the younger version of the character defeating Shang Tsung in the background, while the updated character is in the foreground.

In Mortal Kombat 3, his hair was considerably longer, with the only alteration to his outfit being thin black leg strips wrapped above his ankles in order to give him a "sleeker" look for the game. DC Universe, he sported a slightly altered version of his third costume, in addition to a championship belt adorned with the Mortal Kombat dragon emblem. Although Liu Kang's design in Mortal Kombat: ScrewAttackindeemed the finisher "the most iconic Fatality of the entire game. A different kind of his signature abilities is the "Dragon Fire": Unchained, the PlayStation Portable port of Deception, as they noted that unlocking him in Deception had proved difficult.

Shaolin Monks, there were two versions; one where the victim explodes to pieces upon impact and the original, in which the opponent is torn to pieces upon falling to the ground.

In another signature Fatality, he morphs into a large dragon, chomping the upper body of his opponent. The series' composer and co-designer John Vogel noted it to be his favorite Fatality due to how much Liu Kang's appearance changes. He enters the tenth Mortal Kombat tournament in order to protect Earthrealm from being destroyed after having lost the previous nine tournaments.

He defeats Grand Champion Goro and the tournament host, the nefarious sorcerer Shang Tsungand emerges as the new Mortal Kombat champion. At the tournament, Liu Kang fights Shao Kahn, eventually overpowering the emperor. He once again defeats Shao Kahn, causing him and his forces to retreat back to Outworld. Deadly Alliancein which the titular partnership of Shang Tsung and fellow sorcerer Quan Chi join forces to kill him in the game's introductory sequence. Deceptionan unknown party reanimates Liu Kang's corpse and sends it on a murderous rampage, causing Liu Kang's soul to attempt to control it.

Though they successfully accomplish this task, [36] Liu Kang is still unable to fully regain control of his body in Mortal Kombat: Armageddonwhere he is playable along with the entire series roster and in which it is revealed that Raiden had revived Liu Kang's corpse in Deception.

As a result, Liu Kang's spirit was forced to pass on into the afterlife. The game is a retelling of the storyline of the events leading up to Mortal Kombat II, and features the two Shaolin monks traveling to Outworld to find and defeat Shang Tsung, later ending in a fight with Shao Kahn and rescuing Kitana along the way.

liu kang and kitana relationship help

In this game, Liu Kang appears as the protagonist of the first chapter of the Mortal Kombat story mode. When Shao Kahn is preparing to invade Earthrealm during the third game's events, all his allies are murdered by a soul-infused Sindel.

This, coupled with Raiden's failed attempts in changing the future, causes Kang to grow more and more disillusioned with Raiden, engaging him in combat.

In both timelines, Liu Kang meets the same fate.

liu kang and kitana relationship help

In the original timeline, he is killed by his nemesis, Shang Tsung, and his spirit lives as a force for good.