Long term relationship barbie picture and cartoon

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long term relationship barbie picture and cartoon

Constricted waist and broad hips have been known to figure importantly in Cartoon and cartoon-like figures, such as Barbie dolls, often push this ratio to and beyond. I would further hypothesize that there is a slight difference between what waist-to-hip ratio is targeted in a long-term versus a short-term relationship. i love barbies which girl doesn't love it? here are some great Barbie movie :) ;) this .. loading. Barbie plays Rosella in this new musical film. The animated series of Barbie that often plays on kids' channels not only . This picture celebrates the idea of long term friendship, which.

For some time now, our bathroom door has displayed an oddly punctuated, opaquely spelled sign scrawled in green texta on the back of a pre-loved sheet of office paper. My daughter, Alice, wrote this when she was five. But this is Barbie, right? The plastic, supposedly un-fantastic lackey of the capitalist heteropatriarchy? Barbie has long been framed as a turbo-charged vehicle for the transmission of oppressive, gender role-related ideology 4. Similar links are certainly made elsewhere. These problematics are posed partly to illustrate the oddness of the problematics themselves: As such, this essay will extend beyond the putative primary objects of analysis Barbie products and Barbie playersand engage in a meta-critique of Barbie critique itself.

This will follow my identification of two Barbie-related trends in scholarly and popular media discourse: As such, another set of research questions become cogent.

“No bos olib” – On the gynocentrism and sparkly separatism of the Barbie movies @ Fusion Journal

And finally—from a meta-analytical perspective—can this case study offer any insights into how best to orientate future research into serial commodities such as Barbie? I provide an overview of the 26 animated Barbie feature movies Mattel has released sinceand then engage in close readings of two of these films: This phenomenon is obvious in the way that many of the—particularly more recent—Barbie films depict fantasy worlds where power is exclusively or primarily the domain of girls and women, and boys and men are excluded or marginalised.

I then discuss the potential—and the limitations—of this gynocentrism, concluding that subtexts of many of the Barbie movies can be read as offering a vision of age-appropriate girl power. I discuss the limitations of the sort of scholarly a priori-ism that assumes a knowledge of new Barbie products and sense-making practices based on ideas and conclusions from the past, and make the case that it may sometimes be useful to reflect on and revise our ideas not only about new communication modes such as the Barbie moviesbut about our established analytical and theoretical modes, as well.

My hope is that this case study demonstrates that the former project may well assist the latter. Secondly, I have attempted to combine the genres of long-form, creative non-fiction and scholarly writing in line with my belief that the former could often benefit from more scholarly rigour, while the latter sometimes suffers from a rhetorical deficit. This experiment, of course, runs every risk of backfiring, and that rather than appealing to both audiences, I satisfy neither.

Thirdly, I have included a degree of first-person narrative and at-home ethnography that may well exceed even the significant degree of methodological and interpretative reflexivity welcomed in the qualitative research tradition Brennen As we will see, however, the attempt to make sense of Barbie is a research project which lends itself to—perhaps even demands—an emphasis on the individual, the intimate and the confessional.

Barbie back stories, Barbie blindness Modelled on a sexy novelty German doll for adults, Barbie was the brainchild of American businesswoman Ruth Handler, the youngest of 10 children in a family of Polish immigrants Hyman The early twenty first century has seen more changes to Barbie.

In JulyMattel was offering dolls in the Barbie section of its online shop. While some of these were indeed princesses, ballerinas and fantasy figures such as mermaids and fairies, there were also: Only four of the figurines on this page were male Yet the flip-side of this mass reproduction of feminine sameness is that, for the most part, the masculine is erased.

A committed Barbie antifan 12 may question the potential for an empowered reading of this phenomenon. She may argue that what we are seeing here is evidence of Barbie-centrism rather than gynocentrism; in other words, that this is an unpleasant and predictable over-abundance of Barbies, rather than an intriguing and possibly liberating absence of patriarchal power figures.

A simple thought experiment may be useful in showing that the counterintuitiveness of the latter is not because it is not a valid reading, but because we may be overly attached to the Barbie orthodoxies associated with the former. From a feminist perspective, the latter would likely be regarded as objectionably sexist and androcentric.

Why, then, is the extant Barbie version also objectionable in feminist terms? One possibility is that Barbie has achieved that paradoxical state of invisibility through proliferation. Perhaps we have seen so much of this skinny, white girl, we assume there is nothing new to discover: Binary Barbie versus Rorschach Inkblot Barbie Before exploring these themes further and declaring my own Barbie blindness, Barbie baggage, and Barbie biasI will offer a short guided tour of the various Barbie-related controversies that have raged since her birth.

This elides the possibility that she could be both—or neither. When Barbie was first released by Mattel inher main victims were thought to be men. Typical of feminist critiques are that Barbie represents impossible ideals of physical perfection: Over the years, Mattel has responded to criticisms with both aggressive litigation 14and savvy appropriation. As Lynn Spigel notes: The characters they watch in romantic comedies are women who make such exaggerated femininity seem aspirational, and the celebrities they read about…are often women who are well known to have chosen extreme regimes, from punishing diets to plastic surgery, to achieve an airbrushed perfection Walter 2.

Research has certainly shown that children play with Barbie in all manner of unexpected ways. Furthermore, many Barbie players are not children but grown women and men for whom Barbie operates as a powerful Rorschach inkblot.

Filmmaker Susan Stern made the documentary Barbie Nation: Her roll call of interviewees includes: Digital dolls Over the years, Mattel has deployed various marketing strategies with varying degrees of success 16 in an effort to continue moving Barbie units in a world of changing values—and changing childhoods.

In addition to those oh-so-analog 17 plastic figurines, Barbie has gone digital via smart phone apps and various interactive Mattel web sites. The first film release, Barbie in the Nutcracker proved to be a marketing success.

long term relationship barbie picture and cartoon

There are, however, thematic variations in the worlds Barbie inhabits. Another group involve fantasy worlds containing magical beings such as fairies, butterfly fairies, and mermaids. FairytopiaBarbie: Mermaidiaand Barbie Mariposa Titles in this group include Barbie: A Fashion FairytaleBarbie: A Fairy Secretand Barbie: Princess Charm School She was hesitant to do it.

A big part of her wanted to just tell Teresa how she felt, not play games or maneuver her. But then she remembered, she did not want to be Teresa's friend. Oh she loved the closeness they had, but she had already decided her course. Swallowing hard with her heart beating in her chest, Barbie went back into the other room and to her purse, pulling out a rubber band to put her hair up in a ponytail.

We need to go rent some dune buggies. Focusing on her own face she said, "I don't know…" "What's wrong? You liked the look in the store. It's not like you not to be confident. They were still friends, just not dating any more. Teresa had been consoling, but had said that if that was how Barbie felt then that was how it was.

Then she remembered her plan. Do you think my face is too sharp? Barbie reached up and lifted her breasts through her shirt. Don't you think I'm a little top heavy? She bent in half and touched one ankle, slowly sliding the tips of her fingers up her calf and thigh. When she reached her shirts she gently pulled at the hem of the leg, lifting it up over the curve of her butt a little, even though it was skin tight.

Your legs are perfect with just the right muscles and you could bounce quarters off your butt. From head to toe you are gorgeous and you know it. You don't need to grenade fish for compliments. I feel a little dowdy in comparison. You light up a whole room when you come in. The most beautiful person in the world really. Whenever I see you my heart leaps in my chest and every time I don't see you or hear your voice it's like I've wasted the whole day.

In her mind Barbie saw them all, only with Teresa missing from each. It felt like her heart was collapsing in on itself. Barbie turned around and looked at Teresa.

She was sitting on the couch wearing a blue t-shirt and black kakis over a pair of strappy pink shoes. She was staring at Barbie with her mouth hanging open in surprise. Her eyes searched Barbie's face, looking for some sign that her friend was joking.

Barbie was not smiling, her face as blank as a poker player with an inside straight. Then Barbie strode forward, her legs stiff with her determination, until she stood over Teresa. She inhaled deeply, her chest swelling. Then she moved forward and sat down on Teresa's legs, throwing her arms around the other woman's shoulders.

long term relationship barbie picture and cartoon

When Teresa's mouth opened a bit, maybe to talk or to pucker up or to tell Barbie to get off of her, Barbie struck. She leaned in and pressed her lips to Teresa's, hand cupping her cheek and the other running through her long brown hair. Kissing Teresa was even better than Barbie had imagined. Her lips were so soft and her skin was like silk. Despite her fears Barbie had not bumped her nose and though it was a first for her she loved the feel of the other woman's breasts pushing against hers.

Mostly soft and conforming to hers in such a way that the tiny hard points were even more noticeable as they seemed to share another kind of kiss at the same time. Barbie did not know if Teresa was really enjoying herself or if instinct had taken over, but suddenly her mouth opened a little more and Barbie was unable to resist matching her and slipping her tongue inside.

So warm and wet and soft. Barbie was breathing heavily through her nose and she could feel the hot wave of Teresa's breath on her face. Behind her she also felt Teresa's hands on her hips, gripping them hard and caressing before one broke away and slid up her back, under the edge of her shirt. Not to look for anything, but just rubbing her palm over Barbie's smooth back. Then that hand was gone and Barbie felt a tug on her ponytail.

Light at fir5st, but then harder. It made her melt and moans Teresa's tongue ran over her teeth. Barbie buried her fingers in Teresa's hair, running the tips of her nails over the other girl's scalp and moving the other to her neck to massage it. She wriggled her bottom in Teresa's lap and pressed harder, trying to get as much of her body in direct contact with Teresa as she could. In response Teresa's hand moved down and glided from her hips over the smooth skin of Barbie's leg.

They made out for a long time. Neither knew how long. Each had small smears of each other's lipstick on their cheeks, necks, foreheads, and collar bones. As if they had been marking their territory. There were even a couple of hickeys. Both were still fully clothed. Neither had risked breaking the moment by moving away from each other enough to break contact let alone begin working their garments free.

Now they sat staring into one another's eyes, neither speaking. Their chests rose and fell as they tried to catch their panting breaths. Where their bodies touched they had been pressed together so long that they were sweating.

Barbie had her hands on Teresa's shoulders. Teresa's were holding Barbie's waist. Cool air sending goosebumps over the places where they had touched.

What did she say now, Barbie wondered. Declare her love again? She had done the right thing and Teresa had shown no reluctance. Her friend was at least as strong as she was so if she had wanted to dump Barbie on the floor or hit her there had been little enough Barbie could have done. Instead Teresa had thrown herself into things with as much passion at Barbie. Standing up Teresa made a show of straightening her clothes and hair. Her fingers briefly ran over her lips where Barbie's prints overlapped hers.

She might as well have been a plastic doll. Finally Teresa said, "I need to think about this. Is… is that okay? How I don't mind you giving it time and thinking it through. That you can call me in a few days or however long you need… and that's all true. If you need it.

Longterm relationship barbie cartoon

But I can't say that. Because Teresa I love you. I know this could totally ruin what we have, but I have to risk that because your friendship isn't enough. I want us to go out on dates. I want to spend the night in your arms. One day I want to marry you and every day for the rest of our lives I want to wake up and go to bed seeing your face.

Dreams where we're mermaids or fairies or princesses. Oh our other friends are there, but they always revolve around you and me. Even if there are guys involved they're like background characters. Teresa I can't picture my life without you and I don't want to take the chance that someone else, guy or girl, will ever take you away from me. I'm in love with you, not him. Enough that I was willing to cut off my relationship with him and put in jeopardy my relationship with you to let you know how I really feel.

I passed nervous wreck a ways back. I'm about one step away from a nervous breakdown whether you say yes or no. Barbie nodded and took her seat. She did not look around. The sun was setting and Teresa turned on a nearby light on the end table. Then she rummaged around in her purse until she pulled out a hair brush.

Standing behind the chair she pulled away the rubber band, letting Barbie's ponytail fall around her shoulders. She ran her fingers through it a few times to make sure there were no tangles, twirling one satin strand of gold around her finger for a moment.

Then she began combing it, running the brush the whole lengths until it hung down the back of the chair in a curtail that fluttered in the smallest breeze. No matter what the outfit you always look great. Which one would you like? And those black stiletto heels? She belt over to search through them and then glanced over her shoulder.

“No bos olib” – On the gynocentrism and sparkly separatism of the Barbie movies

Barbie was staring at her. There was no shame in those blue eyes. No desire to hide how she felt or what she wanted. Barbie was who she was and knew what she wanted. The courage that represented amazed Teresa. She was unsure how she felt about what was happening, but she knew that she was even more impressed with her friend than she had ever been before. Considering the amazing things Barbie had done in her life that was saying something. She owed it to Barbie to be just as brave. To follow her example.

long term relationship barbie picture and cartoon

Gathering her clothes she went into the other room and changed. In direct competition with their squeaky-clean rival, the Bratz not only toppled Barbie, they buried her. An ill-advised marketing ploy in which Barbie and Ken broke up after a year relationship backfired miserably, and a poll found Barbie ousted as top doll by the Bratz.

The battle spilled over into animation; indeed, how could it not? Barbie certainly had a luxurious lifestyle. What the lovely doll lacked, however, was animated exposure. The mavens at Mattel, Barbies manufacturer, changed all that in the mid s. A series of TV commercials featuring a CGI Barbie and her buds brought the golden-haired girl to life, and another computer-generated version made a hilarious appearance in Toy Story 2.

It did not take long for execs at Mattel to see the bright possibilities.

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Rather than expose Barbie to the rating wars and the rigors of network deadlines especially when working with pixel-based technologies Mattel decided to lavish time and care on their meal ticket.

Little did Mattel know that Barbie was about to lose the animated battle as well. Beginning inBarbie began appearing in direct-to-video movies, and she has done so on a yearly basis since then.

It is important to examine Barbies forays into animation to date: Each successive video cast Barbie in either a ballet fantasy or a fairy tale setting. The appeal of Barbies computer-animated videos was limited to the younger set and did not greatly appeal to the coveted tween market. The major reason why? None of her videos featured shopping, hip tunes, modern fashions or realistic romances. Female tweens are into music, clothes and boys.

Her videos are closer in spirit to Disneys Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, and fewer female tweens romanticize in this manner today.

In fact, they are stripping the store shelves of Bratz dolls. Barbies OAVs are of good quality, but the messages in them seem to be outmoded, uncool and, frankly, boring to millions of girls who have immersed themselves in the Bratz lifestyle.

The dividing lines could not be clearer -- Barbie would never make a video clad in the Bratz fashions. The Bratz would have Swan Lake as a locale where they could go stylin in their winter togs while skatin around attracting Bratz Boyz. MGA Entertainment launched its counterstrike in with its animated video, Bratz: It is a video for the age of reality TV and American Idol, one in which every living American has a birthright to 15 minutes of fame and everyone gets it simultaneously.

In this video, the plotline which has something or other to do with a prom, a gossipmonger and a school project is trivial. The real point is fashion, shopping, style and the importance of looking slammin. A fashion mall game is included as an extra, but this is almost a redundancy; the video is a fashion mall game, one that helps train young females to be conspicuous consumers of clothing, makeup and accessories.

How better to reel in the Boyz? As Larry Sarnoff, senior creative director for Bratz Ent. Thus, TV animation will serve as a conduit for transmitting the Bratz values to a generation of tweens, just as Mattel is transmitting their version through Barbies animated video adventures.

At present the Bratz seem to own the bling, but this does not mean that one message is inherently better or worse than the other one. One can deride Barbie as an unreachable ideal and her animated videos as outdated and jejune.