Martin melcher and doris day relationship

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martin melcher and doris day relationship

Martin Melcher (August 1, – April 20, ) was an American film producer and husband of Doris Day. consulting her, and that not only had he lost the millions she had earned throughout their marriage because of poor investments, . Soon into their relationship, she accompanied Jorden and some of the .. Doris Day and Marty Melcher were married on April 3, - her. Martin Melcher died in , and Doris never made another film, but she had been signed by Melcher to do her own TV series, The Doris Day Show (). . Her first marriage at age 17 to trombone player Al Jordan, whom she met while.

When I got there, I sang the song with the orchestra for the first time. When I'd finished, Ray called me into the sound booth, grinning from ear to ear, and said, "That's it. You're never going to do it better. Almost all of Julie was shot on location in Carmel, which is a lovely resort town a little south of San Francisco.

Martin Melcher

My co-star was Louis Jourdanwhom I liked very much. An amiable man, very gentle, very much interested in the people around him; we had a good rapport and I found talking to him a joy. We would take long walks on the beautiful Carmel beach, chatting by the hour. If there is a Heaven, I'm sure Rock Hudson is there because he was such a kind person. The succession of cheerful, period musicals I made, plus Oscar Levant 's widely publicized remark about my virginity, contributed to what has been called my "image", which is a word that baffles me.

There never was any intent on my part either in my acting or in my private life to create any such thing as an image. Bush ] I'm pulling for him every step of the way. Sex is not enough to sustain marriage. I have the unfortunate reputation of being Miss Goody Two-shoes, America's Virgin, and all that, so I'm afraid it's going to shock some people for me to say this, but I staunchly believe no two people should get married until they have lived together.

The young people have it right. What a tragedy it is for a couple to get married, have a child, and in the process discover they are not suited for one another! Nor would I have married George Weidler. But I was too young and too inexperienced to understand any of this. Now my heart was busted and I had lost my way.

Not figuratively, but nauseated! All I can think of are how many dog shelters those diamonds could buy.

martin melcher and doris day relationship

I was made to feel like an outsider, an intruder. Kirk and Betty [ Lauren Bacall ] had gone together once, and this picture brought them back together again, so I guess that had something to do with it.

Kirk was civil to me and that's about all. But then Kirk never makes much of an effort toward anyone else. He's pretty much wrapped up in himself.

Robinson in The Graduate but I could not see myself rolling around in the sheets with a young man half my age whom I'd seduced. I realized it was an effective part but it offended my sense of values. Of course, in the years since then, explicit sex has become commonplace on the screen-so commonplace that it is considered novel when a film appears without a few naked bodies thrashing about.

Now I really don't put anybody else down for doing such scenes. To each his own. Many actors enjoy doing these turns, and obviously many people enjoy watching them. I don't, either doing or watching. I can't picture myself in bed with a man, all the crew around us, doing that which I consider so exciting and exalting when it is very personal and private.

I am really appalled by some of the public exhibitions on the screen by good actors and actresses who certainly have the talent to convey what they are doing without showing us to the last detail of pubic hair and rosy nipple how they are doing it. Marty was cremated without ceremony of any kind.

martin melcher and doris day relationship

That's the way he wanted it. I knew this, not from his instructions about his own death, which he had not anticipated, but from his remarks about funerals of departed friends, none of which we ever attended. I shared Marty's antipathy to funerals. I think grief is a very private matter, and that the public nature of a funeral is barbaric.

I always said I was like those round-bottomed circus dolls - you know, those dolls you could push down and they'd come back up?

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I've always been like that. I've always said, "No matter what happens, if I get pushed down, I'm going to come right back up". They give us unconditional love and ask very little in return.

It was a great trip. Her mother and father were Frederick Kappelhof, a music teacher, and Alma Welz who both came from German immigrant parents. Doris had two older brothers named Richard, who died before she was born and Paul. Her parents eventually separated and this did not stop Doris from pursuing her interest in dance but unfortunately a car accident in caused her legs to be seriously injured and ended her dreams as a professional dancer.

While recovering from her injuries, Doris spent her many idle hours at home listening to the big band music on the radio and she soon discovered she had a talent for singing. Her mother quickly hired a music teacher, remember her parents were separated at this time, and after eight months of lessons Doris took her first professional job as a vocalist on a local radio program. He suggested that she change her professional name to the easier sounding Doris Day. Her professional singing career was taking off and she quickly recorded six more Top Ten hits before she left the Les Brown Band inat the time she was the highest paid female band vocalist.

The story goes that while she was in Hollywood, her agent arranged for her to attend a party at the home of composer Jule Styne. Inunder the advice of her third husband Martin Melcher, Doris did not renew her film contract with Warner Brothers. Now under the management of Melcher, Doris took on some more challenging parts in her movies.

By the end of the s the romantic comedy genre was not as popular with movie audiences.

martin melcher and doris day relationship

Then inDoris turned down a part of Mrs. Her popularity as a radio performer and vocalist, which included a second hit record " My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time ", led directly to a career in films. InDay appeared as a singer in three Soundies with the Les Brown band. Day got the part after auditioning for director Michael Curtiz. But he said he liked that "she was honest," not afraid to admit it, and he wanted someone who "looked like the All-American Girl," which he felt she did.

She was the discovery he was most proud of during his career. The film is a musical biography of lyricist Gus Kahn. It was Day's fourth film directed by Curtiz. It was broadcast on CBS in — Her dramatic star-turn as singer Ruth Etting in Love Me or Leave Meco-starring James Cagneyreceived critical and commercial success, becoming Day's biggest hit thus far.

The film was based on the Broadway play of the same name.

martin melcher and doris day relationship

Billboard's annual nationwide poll of disc jockeys had ranked Day as the No. Day received a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Actress. During and the to period, she ranked number one at the box office, the second woman to be number one four times. She set a record that has yet to be equaled, receiving seven consecutive Laurel Awards as the top female box office star.

Times changed, but Day's films did not. Day's next film, Do Not Disturbwas popular with audiences, but her popularity soon waned.

Critics and comics dubbed Day "The World's Oldest Virgin", [57] [58] and audiences began to shy away from her films. As a result, she slipped from the list of top box-office stars, last appearing in the top ten in with the hit film The Glass Bottom Boat. One of the roles she turned down was that of "Mrs. Robinson" in The Graduatea role that eventually went to Anne Bancroft.

martin melcher and doris day relationship

That same year, Day recorded The Love Albumalthough it was not released until From throughshe received six Golden Globe nominations for best female performance in three comedies, one drama Midnight Laceone musical Jumboand her television series. Day filed suit against Rosenthal in Februarywon a successful decision inbut did not receive compensation until a settlement in But he'd signed me up for a series.

And then my son Terry [Melcher] took me walking in Beverly Hills and explained that it wasn't nearly the end of it.