Marty and doc relationship quiz

‘Back to the Future’: How Exactly Did Marty McFly and Doc Brown Meet? |

marty and doc relationship quiz

But their exact, ahem, relationship was never quite explained. 'Back to the Future': How Exactly Did Marty McFly and Doc Brown Meet?. How did Doc Brown and Marty first meet? What relationship does Superman have with the DeLorean? See how much you know when CBR. Back to the right guy is the test based on your relationship questions. Marty mcfly report: which disney guy is your first quiz, and doc brown time long term.

Through certain events, Marty finds himself playing guitar for the band at the school dance at which his parents are supposed to kiss for the first time. But once that's accomplished, he decides to really put on a show. He and the band perform "Johnny B. Goode," though his cover ventures too close to 80s rock for the crowd to like. Which artist performed the original song? Question 12 What is the name of the school principal? He chastises Marty at the beginning of the movie for being late to school, though Marty discovers that he was the principal at the school while his parents attended too.

And it seems he's never, ever been a nice person. What is the name of the school principal? Question 13 How many gigawatts are needed to power the time machine? Which is very lucky as it comes in handy when Marty is stuck in the past and has to rely on the 50s Doc Brown to help him. On the tape, he states there is a certain number of gigawatts to power the time machine. He uses plutonium to reach this amount, but in the past, the only thing that can generate that amount of power is a lightning bolt.

How many gigawatts are needed to power the time machine? Question 14 What future year do Marty, Doc, and Jennifer travel to? And while the filmmakers had never originally intended to make a trilogy, fan demand was so high that they felt the need to continue the story.

So Part II saw the three of them travelling to the future to fix the problem. The filmmakers had a lot of fun predicting what the future would be like. What year did they travel to? Question 15 Which 80s icon greets Marty as an electronic waiter in the 80s cafe? One of these items is an arcade shooting game that two future kids don't find too impressive. Customers can order from popular 80s icons, such as Michael Jackson, but who takes Marty's order?

‘Back to the Future’: How Exactly Did Marty McFly and Doc Brown Meet?

Question 16 What is the name of Biff's grandson? And perhaps one of the most famous movie bullies of all time is Biff, played by Thomas F. In the original movie, his antagonizing yet incredibly dumb persona led to some pretty memorable moments.

When Marty is in the future, he runs into Old Man Biff as well as his incredibly unstable grandson. And it's not too long after meeting that the two get into a fight. What is the name of Biff's grandson? Question 17 What is the name of this cool piece of tech?

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Part II" is the inclusion of this cool piece of tech. In a scene that mirrors one from the original movie, just in a futuristic setting, Marty borrows this from a little girl so he can escape some dangerous people. The item was featured in multiple scenes in the movie as well as Part III, and it has since become so popular that every movie nerd ever will crave one until it is eventually invented. What is it called? Question 18 What does Marty hate to be called? There's a particular thing that he hates to be called, and if someone calls him that he loses his cool and behaves recklessly.

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It gets him into a couple of fights with various versions of Biff, but it also gets him fired in the future. Marty eventually learns from this, not making the mistakes he learns about in the future. What does Marty hate to be called? Question 19 How does Biff earn his fortune? He killed Marty's father and stole his life's work After having Doc committed, he made a fortune selling his time travel technology He used a sports almanac from the future to place bets He killed his older brother to get an inheritance After their adventure in the future, Doc, Marty, and Jennifer return to But they soon discover that this version is nothing like the one they left.

Doc was committed to an insane asylum, Marty's father is dead, and Marty's mother is married to Biff, who is rich and powerful. A rich and powerful Biff is no good for anyone, especially Marty.

He confesses to killing Marty's father before trying to kill him too. And this messed up timeline is entirely his fault.

marty and doc relationship quiz

But how did he get rich? Part III" had the old west. After the time machine was struck by lightning at the end of the second movie with Doc inside it, Marty discovered that his friend had been sent back to the old west.

Without the technology of the present with them, the duo have to come up with a new plan to get them home. Once he gets there, though, he finds Doc asleep. Like any teenager, Marty walks to the fridge, pops out a Coke, and starts snooping around. This causes the machine to start sparking and making noise, which wakes up Doc Brown. Fascinated, Doc pours more into the experiment—which is the time machine, by the way—and it lights up, causing Doc to celebrate the end of his energy problems.

This is a very exciting premise, but do you know what is more exciting? In the movie, the flux capacitor needs a jolt of 1. A rad is a unit of radiation and is typically used to measure the amount of radiation absorbed by an object. The original draft of the script claimed the time machine required 4, rads, which is a huge amount—to give you an idea, a single dose of 1, rads is almost always fatal.

In fact, in the s, the only thing radioactive enough to produce 4, rads was a nuclear bomb. So, Doc—or in this draft, the Professor—decides that the only way to send Marty back to the future is to drive him and the time machine out into the middle of a testing zone and let them both get hit by a nuclear bomb. Which is exactly what they do. But as we know, 4, rads is four times a lethal dose.

So how does Marty escape without severe radiation poisoning? Universal Pictures The original draft of Back to the Future was written inlong before the first DeLorean was released. What could they possibly use? A different brand of car? He finds a refrigerator. Remember Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull?

Back to the Future did it first. They decided that the lead lining found in some refrigerators would be good enough radiation shielding to keep Marty safe. They strapped Marty into a lead-lined refrigerator and threw him into the middle of the Nevada desert to get hit by a nuclear bomb. Luckily, the whole thing was cut once someone became worried that kids would start getting trapped in refrigerators while trying to time travel. Universal Pictures The problem of how to get enough energy to travel through time has always been a big part of Back to the Future.

In the past, they tried nuclear bombs and lightning bolts, but in the s, they always used plutonium.

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In the final version of the screenplay, Doc Brown gets the plutonium necessary to travel in time from a group of Libyan terrorists. He promises to make them a bomb, but instead, he just steals the plutonium for himself. In the first draft, Doc cuts out the middleman entirely.

marty and doc relationship quiz

He sneaks into a power plant and steals the plutonium himself. Doc made a time machine out of a DeLorean car and some plutonium he got his hands on. But the terrorists he stole the plutonium from wanted it back and shot him, while Marty escaped in the time machine. Going back to the s, when his mom and dad grew up, is quite a trip. Marty goes to Hill Valley High School, the same school he attended in the 80s, but in the 50s the trees are smaller and there is no graffiti or broken windows.

Even in high school, his father is getting picked on by his future bully of a boss, Biff. Marty finds it funny how things haven't really changed. He's pretty good and wants to play professionally, but the kids in think his music is too loud. They have never heard of rock and roll, much less Jimi Hendrix or Little Richard.