Mary poppins and bert relationship questions

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mary poppins and bert relationship questions

When nanny Mary Poppins blows into the Banks household just as the “threads of understand the complexities of the relationships of the characters in the play, Mr. and Mrs. Banks are too busy with their own problems to engage with them. to Mary's rules, she introduces them to the delightful chimney sweep Bert, and . Mary Poppins is one of our favourites of the Disney classics. people of the time as well as the progression that was being made in relationships at the time, Bert, played by Dick Van Dyke, is an old friend of Mary Poppins'. Today the Disney classic Mary Poppins turns 50! Bert Never Questions Mary's Magic: Not when she's flying, not when she's turning a cloud of.

Everything happens so quickly that Mr Banks isn't even processing what is happening. He ends up hiring her on the spot kind of unknowingly, but being the man he is, he tries to play it off as though it was entirely his decision Question 18 What is the first thing Mary Poppins pulls out of her bag?

A mirror A hat stand A plant Mary Poppins is famous for her magical bag that has no bottom and seems to contain an entire universe within it. The children are amazed by the wonders that can be pulled from that bag. When Mary is shown to her room, she wants to add her own touch and put in some of her belongings to brighten up the place. She takes out quite a few things, but can you remember the very first item she surprisingly pulls from her bag?

mary poppins and bert relationship questions

Question 19 Why doesn't the magic work for Michael? He's too naughty He can't whistle He doesn't want to clean his room At Mary's first meeting of the children, they are disappointed by the fact that she's trying to get them to clean their room through pretending it's a game.

They see right through it and know that it's just a chore. Once Mary starts singing her song and doing her thing, the children quickly realize that it's not just a boring chore and that Mary is actually teaching them how to use magic to clean their room. Jane picks it up right away, but Michael has a little trouble. Question 20 According to Bert, how do you do magic?

You stop, you flop, you do a double hop, you close your eyes and run. You think, you wink, you do a double blink, you close your eyes and jump. You scratch your thinkers, snap your finger, you take a nap and that's a wrap. You say goodbye and eat some pie, then say hello and you're good to go. On the children's first outing with Mary Poppins, they are on their way to the park when they meet Bert as he is putting some finishing touches on his street art.

He is drawing pictures of the adventures he's had with Mary Poppins over the years. He tells the children that with a bit of magic, they can enter the world of a painting. Bert, however, doesn't really know how to do magic so an annoyed Mary Poppins must assist. Question 21 Who helps Bert sing "Jolly Holiday"?

mary poppins and bert relationship questions

The children Race horses Farm animals "Jolly Holiday" is a fun song that Bert sings about Mary Poppins when they are in the world of his artwork. He sings about how wonderful Mary is and how wonderful she makes everything around her it's really quite romantic. In the artwork we are introduced to a bunch of new characters that are part of the animated world, but can you remember who sings the song with Bert other than Mary Poppins, of course, who reciprocates the sentiment to Bert.

Question 22 Who waits on Mary and Bert?

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Turtles Animated waiters Butterflies In the world of Bert's artwork, Mary and Bert sit down for some tea while the children are off exploring. They are having a romantic little date in their fancy outfits while singing about how fond they are of each other.

These clumsy little waiters come out to serve them their afternoon tea and help Bert remember all the other women he's been with who could never fill Mary's shoes. They even dance with Bert, despite their clumsiness. Can you remember who they are? Question 23 What causes them to leave the world inside the painting?

Mr Banks is calling for the children The children wake up, it was only a dream It starts to rain The children must be home in time for dinner As we know from experience and every other movie, the fun can't last forever, it must end at some point.

And it does for Mary and children too, with no exception. Even in a magical world, there will always be something that brings us back to reality in the end. Mary, Bert and the children are having so much fun in the painting until they have to leave so abruptly and are forced to go home. What causes such a rushed exit? Question 24 What flavour is Michael's medicine?

Cherry Grape Bubble gum After being caught in the rain, Mary Poppins and the children must take some medicine so that they don't get sick. Mary, being the wonderful and magical nanny that she is, wouldn't dare give the children the sickening cough syrup as any other nanny would.

Instead, she gives them magical cough syrup that tastes like whatever the recipient wants it to taste like. Jane's medicine tastes like lime cordial, while Mary's medicine tastes like rum punch, but what about Michael? Question 25 What's a "pie crust promise"? Easily made, easily broken Long to make, quick to digest If kept, it rots Just an empty shell The children quickly realize that Mary Poppins is the best nanny they could ever have so they start to wonder how long she'll be with them.

Michael asks if she'll stay if the children promise to be good, to which she replies, "that's a pie crust promise Mary Poppins is not the first person to use this term, however, with references of the first use dating back to the s. Question 26 How long does Mary say she will be with the children? Until they can find a nanny to replace her Until the children learn to behave Until Mr Banks comes to his senses Until the wind changes Mary Poppins can be a little peculiar at times and we see that through everything she does as well as the things that she says.

She has a funny way of being vague with her responses, but specific with her requests, which adds a lot of comedy to the film. Just like the children do, we love Mary Poppins and we wish she could stay for ever, but all good things come to an end and so do all good movies. Question 27 What did Mary and the children need to get from Mrs Corry's shop? Cough syrup Gingerbread Butter We are first introduced to Mrs Corry at the beginning of the film in Bert's first performance.

Bert is entertaining and getting personal with his audience when he says to the tiny Mrs Corry, "Ahh Mrs Corry, a story for you: What is it that they need? Question 28 What's wrong with uncle Albert? He can't get out of bed He can't stop crying He can't stop laughing He won't leave his home Mary Poppins and the children are on their way to Mrs Corry's shop when they are interrupted by an unexpected trip to uncle Albert's home.

Mary warns the children that his condition is contagious and so it is indeed. They try to help him, but they just end up caught up in the mess. In the end, when everything is taken care of and they leave, Mary asks Bert to keep an eye on old uncle Albert so that he won't get into more trouble. Question 29 How much does one bag of crumbs cost? Tuppence One pound Seventy-five cents If you remember the song "Feed the Birds" you'll know the answer to this question.

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There is a lady that sits on the steps of hte cathedral who sells bags of crumbs to feed the birds. Mr Banks and most of the other men of hte city that pass her on the way to work just walk by not giving her any attention. This poor old woman is just trying to make a bit of money and help out the birds, but no one will give her the time of day. Question 30 What is Mary's bag made of? It doesn't seem likely that they would have randomly met on the street and Mary just happened to show her reality-bending, universe-jumping supermagic to some arbitrary stranger.

She's a magical demi-god who can bend reality to her whim. It feels like a person who can turn clouds of smoke into solid steps to travel around the rooftops of London and can fly with an umbrella might be able to make herself look perpetually young.

Dick Van Dyke plays Mr. Dawes as well as Bert. He's the only actor in the movie to play two characters. Remember that lyric from Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? Know who else is a real jerk? Dawes, the character who just so happens to be played by the same actor. They Are Both "Blue Bloods: Mary knows this because she was his nanny. She helped raise him and she knows his father was Mr. Floats When He Laughs: As we know, only people associated in some way with Mary Poppins float when they laugh.

Not sure if you know this, but people don't naturally float when they laugh. Dawes finally dies from laughing, he starts to float! This is proof, within the context of the movie, that Mary Poppins has been in contact with him during his life. Let's speculate that Uncle Albert is Mr. When Dawes had his second son, he named him in honor of his brother Albert. Or Bert, for short.

mary poppins and bert relationship questions

This is also why Mary Poppins knows him as Uncle Albert! He's not her uncle. If he was, why would Bert just be at the house waiting for her when Mary gets there? She calls him Uncle Albert because that's what she's used to calling him when she saw him often during her time as Bert's nanny.

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As we've established, only people who have come into contact with Mary Poppins float when they laugh. This has clearly been a recurring problem for Uncle Albert.

Bert says, "Last time it took us three days to get him down.