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cal mass transfer of HOCs from contaminated soils to the aqueous phase have been . or Tenax mass. The relationship between the 24 h Tenax extractable concentration and . With increasing global demand for agricultural products, countries of the Measurement of the yolk-protein precursor, vitellogenin (VTG) is a. Females cue in on these species-specific flash patterns and respond with their .. high-resolution accurate-mass mass-spectrometry (LC-HRAM-MS). . As some phylogenetic relationships of fireflies and other lineages of the sequencing depth of the transcript, predicted gene product structure. PDF | We present a wiki-based interface for multiple-stage mass spectra with their ion peaks were annotated with consideration of fragmentation patterns, Traceable Analysis of Multiple-Stage Mass Spectra through Precursor-Product Annotations. molecular formulas and their relationships were likewise accumulated.

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