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mckenna shoots for the stars ending relationship

American Girl McKenna comes to life in this modern-day adventure about a determined gymnast who must focus on her strengths to overcome challenges and. McKenna Shoots for the Stars () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. My daughters are American Girl fans & we watched the movie this summer the night it aired on NBC. It was a nice movie with good messages.

An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars

McKenna yells at them saying they must be happy she broke her ankle as she would have nothing to do, but study, and hobbles into her room. She tears down most of her posters about the Olympics, and cries. The next day, McKenna comes to school, and Mr. Wu tells McKenna that he's sorry about her accident. McKenna keeps meeting with Josie, and is soon found out by Toulane. Toulane is very upset that McKenna lied to her. McKenna still goes on a camping trip with Josie. Afterwards, Josie invites McKenna to go to a horse riding place for kids with disabilities, as Josie is going to ride a horse.

McKenna first agrees, but then remembers she gets her cast off the same day. Josie is very upset that McKenna can't go. Soon, McKenna realizes that she should go and does. There, she is surprised to see Toulane.

Toulane says that McKenna showed Josie their secret handshake on their camping trip. Toulane and McKenna have a talk and make up with McKenna's apology. In the end, McKenna's grades improve. Toulane has a talk with her mother, and is allowed to do rhythmic gymnastics. Sierra takes Toulane's place on the team with McKenna. McKenna makes the regional competitive team, and does well during her presentation at school. Cast[ edit ] Jade Pettyjohn: McKenna Brooks, the yer-old protagonist of the movie who has a passion for gymnastics.

Kathryn White was Jade's gymnast double Ysa Penarejo: Toulane Thomas, McKenna's best friend who even though she does gymnastics, doesn't enjoy it. Sierra Kuchinko, the new girl in both McKenna's class and gymnastics team.

mckenna shoots for the stars ending relationship

She moved to Seattle from California after her parents got divorced. Her and McKenna become good friends. Even the seasoned actors like Nia Vardalos aren't really giving it their all. I also cringed at some of the dialog, which is written to feel very artificial, not at all sounding like anything any 9-year-olds I know would say.

I could have gotten over all of these flaws because children don't notice bad acting I can attest to that, some of my favorite movies as a kid feature unbearably wooden performances and wouldn't give a second thought to the writing. The biggest flaw for me is that the film doesn't really have any bite to it.

mckenna shoots for the stars ending relationship

It just wraps itself up really clean, has humor that might make adults chuckle once in a while but is really only meant for little girls and feels like an after-school special.

It's completely harmless and you might even learn something, but unless your little Princess demands that you sit down and watch this with her, there's no reason to.

Some people will say that I should consider the audience for this film and to them, I'll say this: Of course little girls will like McKenna's adventure.

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They'll probably love it and watch it over and over while brushing their McKenna doll's hair. But at a certain point, children will like anything they can follow and somewhat relate to, and they don't have the kind of exposure to see the flaws in movies.

Tasha did not go to the Olympics in the books. In the books, Josie rides a horse named Pumpkin while in the movie she rides Snowflake.

Dora, Elizabeth and other characters are not in the movie. McKenna's dad was not in a band in the books. Coach Isabelle was supposed to be a brunette, and was not as hard on the girls. In the book, Sierra is very good at gymnastics, while in the movie she has a bit of trouble. In the book, Sierra is an average student.

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In the movie, she is very smart, and seems to take the place of Elizabeth. Josie has blonde hair in the books but has brown hair in the movie. However, in the books, Toulane and Sierra found out about the tutor before McKenna got her cast and they both got mad, and the broken ankle helped them forgive her.

In the movie, McKenna cheated by looking at Sierra's paper. In the books, McKenna took her take-home test to Elizabeth's house to get the answers, but was forced to tell her parents because Elizabeth's mom caught McKenna cheating.

Several of Josie's reading techniques were not in the movie. The movie left out the Shooting Stars' visit to Hearts and Horses. In the books, McKenna's disobedience did not cause her fall. Instead, she was doing exactly as she should and fell. Also, she did not feel as if she was in "baby gymnastics. In the movie, Toulane was angry and sad that McKenna showed Josie their secret handshake. In the book, this never happened.

mckenna shoots for the stars ending relationship

In the books, the Brooks' trip to the Olympic Peninsula was spontaneous. In the movie, this is a planned annual event. There are three spots on the Regional competitive team rather than two. Originally at the end, McKenna, Toulane and a girl from another club got the spots.

In the book, Toulane, Sierra and McKenna were the top three finishers at the qualifying meet.