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merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction websites

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Drama - Morgana, Merlin When she glanced toward the bed, a surprising site met her eyes. Morgana. Merlin - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 17, AU in which Merlin is a prince, Morgana isn't evil, and they're forced to marry to. Here you will find recommendations to several Merlin fanfiction on other sites. I don't currently host any fanfictions myself as there are already plenty of other.

He doesn't want Uther finding out. Hopefully Gwen hadn't been up yet. She quickly closed the door behind her and breathed a sigh of relief.

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Looks like she had gotten off easy this time. I was out strolling the gardens. I should have left a note…" "No, no.

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction websites

I'm just a little surprised. You've never done anything like this before. I thought you were sleeping better. I was just feeling a bit restless this morning. I think the walk helped. And why do I need to look so special today in particular?

I see Uther every day. I was instructed that you were to see him as soon as your preparations for this morning were finished. I wonder what I could have done now," she said, smirking at Gwen.

She could only hope that her meeting with Uther had nothing to do with her lessons in magic. Uther led her to a chair to be seated.

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I was told that you requested my presence. But now that you mention it, there is a small matter I wish to speak with you on. She hoped it was anything but a passing rumor that she had been seen with Merlin. Where was this possibly going?

You're of age, and frankly I don't know what's been holding you back all these years. You're a beautiful young woman now, Morgana. No longer a child. You must think of your future.

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction websites

An alliance with a man of influential power would be of great importance to you. Morgana's hips began to shift of their own accord, unconsciously trying to relieve the tension building between her thighs.

As if sensing her movement he moved closer and nudged her knees apart, while still holding her against the wall. She felt something thick and hard at her belly and was impressed upon by the size of it. The hand at her side began to stroke the underside of her breast, making her whimper and buck again. He growled then lifted her up against the wall, setting her core against his thickness; even through the clothes she could feel the pressure of his manhood.

And instead of cooling the fires to give her some relief it only made her burn hotter as she writhed against him. He groaned against her neck and bucked back against her. Her sharp cry startled her as much as it aroused her partner. His dark chuckle was her only warning as he pulled her legs up and began to thrust against her. The place between her legs throbbed and beat with her heart, a heady thick liquid feeling started.

It felt like heaven between them and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his buttocks. His hands grasped her hips and the new position opened her even more to him, intensifying her pleasure.

The wall of her home thudded underneath them. The feeling between her legs began to grow and spin her tighter and tighter, her cries grew louder and louder, thrumming pleasure between them there was. A few strokes later and she came undone, her climax crashing into her.

Her core began to spasm against him, her nails dug into his shoulders, she threw her head back and screamed, eyes flashing gold as a vase shattered. Neither of the pair noticed as Merlin was on too enthralled with Morgana, his eyes dark as he kept going, watching the ethereal pale beauty against him. Her head was thrown back, the column of her neck graceful, her hair lustrous and curled. Her eyes were closed and lips parted and blood red.

She was the most magnificent sight he had ever seen.

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Every stroke kept the orgasm going, liquid pleasure beat through her, dampening through her undergarments and leaving her soaking, still convulsing and writhing beneath him, crying out in little breaths.

Her body was quivering, out of control, she couldn't think, wish, there was only him and her. His thrusts slowed, breathing harsh and fast. She began to come down from her high, going limp in his arms. She was panting, mewling, and grasping at him, saying his name like a prayer, "Merlin. She buried her head against his neck and clenched onto him again.

Morgana is devoted to the people she loves…until she loves someone else more. Beauty and charm and badassery are not a surefire recipe for heroism; ferocity and cunning do not automatically make a villain. Her arc of character growth and descent into a monomaniac power struggle just happens too damn fast. This is partially remedied in seasons four and five.

She wants Gwen at her side, even if brainwashing is the only way to keep her there. These are the kind of grace notes that give a character depth. No one in this show keeps their hands clean for long: Arthur was the sword hand in a genocidal regime, Merlin nearly destroyed Camelot by releasing a vengeful dragon, both kill countless times for what they see to be the greater good.

Even Gwen can be ruthless when necessary. The legendary Nimueh is given almost no backstory and wasted on just one season. And I delight in a well-crafted female villain. Colin Morgan gives Merlin a quirky, vulnerable charm, no easy task when Merlin is blasting his enemies away every other minute. Also, Merlin does his level best to get rid of anyone who so much as makes him sad. The initial passionate dislike between them rapidly gives way to a loyalty that is staggering and a little scary in its intensity.

Camelot is full of closet romantics. Were these events taking place between male and female protagonists, it would be almost certainly be the set-up of an endgame romance. Arthur and Merlin get the most screen time of any two characters, share an incredibly intimate level of domesticity, see the worst and best sides in each other.

In episodes where Arthur and Merlin are kept apart, they spend the entire time pining, sulking or searching for each other. That, right there, is unmistakably the arc of a romance. There are characters of colour in a variety of major and minor roles, including several knights.

Unfortunately, none of those knights make it to the end of season five. That could have been handled better. As for sexual diversity, well, there are no openly gay characters.

Instead we get deniable subtext: The characters most strongly coded as gay i. All the most positive relationships go under the official label of friendship. Stories about friendship are fantastic. We can never have enough of them. For the Love of Albion So where does this particular retelling take us? The Arthurian cycle is, at heart, a tragedy and Merlin holds true to its source material.

Each of the central four protagonists ends in heartbreak. Arthur falls on the battlefield at Camlann without having united the kingdoms of Albion. Merlin, for all his sacrifices, fails to save his beloved king and is forced to wait for his return from Avalon. Morgana dies bitter and unmourned. Gwen inherits a throne through the death of her husband, and peace through the death of a woman who was once her closest friend.