Motivation and productivity relationship

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motivation and productivity relationship

Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Indu Bhargava and others published Relationship between motivation and productivity. Always stick to the rule that motivation increases productivity. Motivated employees are It fosters mutual growth in an employer-employee relationship. Indeed. It has been studied many times and proven that with increased motivation you will increase productivity. So my question is why are so many.

It involves the provision of an attractive compensation and benefits package.

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This includes salary, health and personal insurance, and bonuses. There are also performance credits given in the form of a quarterly bonus, performance bonuses, gift checks, paid vacation, etc. Intrinsic motivation is simple and practical. It is an advisable practice to bring out the best in every employee.

Motivation & Productivity in the Workplace

It can be done through providing effective systems for promotion, training and development, and recognition. The act of praising employees for a job well done is one way to do so. These are priceless tools to motivate them because employees are more motivated if what they are doing interests them. This is much more beneficial if the task delegated to the employee coincides with his interests.

Quantitative and Qualitative Productivity Standards are set to align performance. They comprise objectives against which actual output is compared. There are two prominent performance measures.

motivation and productivity relationship

These are quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods. Both measures are inimical to the assessment procedures. As motivation increases productivity, the latter should be gauged accordingly.

motivation and productivity relationship

Quantitative measure is done with the aid of statistical and numerical tools. These entail some calculations to arrive at a rate or percentage. The results are then interpreted as either acceptable or not acceptable.

Motivation Increases Productivity: The Ladder to Top-Notch Performance!

Favorable performance is either at par or above par. Unfavourable performance is obviously below par. This is likely reliable, being objective in nature. Qualitative measure is done through testimonials. There are many sources to consider such as customers, co-workers, and the immediate head.

motivation and productivity relationship

Their statements are relevant to the expected functions of the employees found at the job description and specification. This is subjective in nature; careful scrutiny is advised. Employers recognize workers by tracking progress and providing feedback about how they have improved over time.

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Public recognition is also a motivating factor that drives worker productivity. Self-Motivation and Confident Employees Some employees are motivated through feeling a sense of accomplishment and achievement for meeting personal and professional goals. Many workers are self-disciplined and self-motivated.

Incentive and rewards have little effect on employees who feel motivated only when they are confident in their abilities and personally identify with their role within the organization. These individuals perform productively for the sake of the personal challenge work provides.

Implementation Strategies There are several ways to motivate employees and drive worker productivity. Because different factors influence workers in different ways, utilize motivational strategies that encompass several techniques.

For example, to influence workers who are money motivated, an employer may implement a daily "spiff" that pays cash instantly to employees who meet short-term production goals. To achieve long-term production goals, an employer could implement a program that encourages friendly competition between workers to meet production numbers.